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George Soros gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa over $100 Million dollars

Written By | Jun 13, 2020
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WASHINGTON, DC: George Soros has given Black Lives Matter and the Antifa related revolutionary movement more than $100 million dollars. The Soros run Open Society Foundations is on record with giving Black Lives Matter $33 million dollars this year alone. This is in concert with an array of funding for a variety of  Democrat and DNC related left-wing groups across the country.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are effectively the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party. They are acting like  North Korean brownshirts. Domestic terrorists. Bolsheviks.

Black Lives Matter: A Marxist group funded by George Soros

The murder of George Floyd has served as the excuse, not the reason, to launch a nationwide assault on the nation’s cities. The protests seen across the nation and around the world are not spontaneous movements of a grassroots movement.  No, this is a $100 million dollar Marxist  PR campaign designed to disrupt the American political system. To label all white people as racists.  To defund the police.

Black Lives Matter is an extension of its Democrat allies who refuse to denounce it.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are hijacking George Floyd’s death to advance a rabidly anti-American, anti-police, and operationally anti-black agenda. They have emerged pursuing the Prairie Fire strategy of opportunistic violence taken from the Marxist views of Saul Alinsky and the violent 70’s political radical group The Weather Underground.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, funded by Soros, are grossly damaging the very people they claim to represent

Black Lives Matter: The revolution will be bought and paid for

This is a cynical and destructive game. Black Lives Matter has actually set back race relations by years. Looking at the protests and responses, that may have been their intention. Worse, they have set back the economic prospects for minority businesses in riot-torn areas by decades.

Black businesses are kindling to the ANTIFA agenda. Disposable collateral damage.

For Democrats, riots signal the dying of their liberal light

The riots and looting have reinforced the worst stereotypes of black America, the police, and America itself. All in order to stop Donald Trump from being reelected President in November. Sowing chaos and discord across America with coordinated planned violent attacks that receive no condemnation from Democrat officials..

$100 million dollars will buy you a lot of organizing. How else do thousands of signs, marchers with bullhorns, and calculated media strategies take effect in Portland, San Francisco, and other cities?  (Louisville police say protesters have attacked officers with bricks, baseball bats, mason jars filled with urine, vomit)

It also buys you a lot of money hungry Democrat allies.

Black Lives Matter: The paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party

These are highly organized. Extremely well funded.  Coordinated with the full acquiescence of Democrat politicians. Supported by a rapidly eager media establishment. It should all be counted as political contributions to the Joe Biden campaign.

Mainstream Democrat politicians and the full array of the Trump-hating media are all in on the charade.

Defund the police, cries Hillary Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon on Twitter.

AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashaida Tlaib all took up the call. America is systematically racist. Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness. Defund the police. Are they out of their minds?

What about the 7000 blacks killed by other blacks last year?

Last year 28 unarmed people were killed by the police in America. 19 white, and 9 black. During that same period, 7,000 black people were murdered by other black people. 7,000 people died at the hands of their own people. Nine dead at the hands of police.

From the US News Report Deaths From Police Harm Disproportionately Affect People of Color:

MORE THAN 1,000 UNARMED people died as a result of police harm between 2013 and 2019, according to data from Mapping Police Violence. About a third of them were black.

What should be of greater concern is the number of black lives lost to black-on-black crime (The Need to Discuss Black-on-Black Crime

In his book, Bleeding Out, Thomas Abt says that

“race matters when it comes to urban violence.” He points out that homicide-victimization rates for black men were 3.9 times the national average and that 52 percent of all known homicide victims were black (2017 data). He might have added that the perpetrators of these crimes were overwhelmingly African Americans.”

Where no one should lose their lives by police action, where is the concern for those black lives destroyed by black-on-black crime? Why don’t their lives matter? What will happen when you cut police protection to those communities. You will have more crime. More murder. More armed robberies. It will turn our cities into bigger war zones than they already are.

Once the burning is done, what follows the riots? History offers some clues

Looting has consumed our major cities. Historic St. Johns Church is torched. The Mayor of Washington DC openly endorses Black Lives Matter. She attacks the police and then complains when the President restores law and order.

Mayor DeBlasio surrenders New York City to the mob, while the media applauds. What about the rest of us. Don’t our lives matter?

Who is Black Lives Matter?

Their website describes them as Marxist revolutionaries who want to overthrow the capitalist system and replace the police with community organizations run by Black Lives Matters. That sounds comforting. They are openly reactionary, violent, racist, armed, and threatening.

They are the antithesis of Martin Luther King. And they want to be police, jury, judge, and executioner of everyone else.

In the first week after George Floyd’s murder, almost every “peaceful” demonstration was accompanied by violent looting, widespread fear, and open ANTIFA terrorist intimidation. We all watched the 3rd precinct burn down on live TV and then it was off to the races.

Democrat-controlled city after Democrat-controlled city erupted in chaos. In spasms of wild looting.

Macy’s was destroyed in New York City.  The New York Post has an interesting article – How NYC looters pull off ‘well organized’ scheme to target high-end stores:

The looters ransacking luxe stores in Soho appear to be large, rival groups engaged in a “very well-organized looting scheme,” according to a local who has been watching them across several days.
The resident told The Post he has monitored two groups — one of which has a caravan of luxury vehicles including Bentleys and Mercedes — as they prowled the neighborhood and broke into high-end stores amid the chaos of unrest over the police custody death of George Floyd.
“This is a real business. This isn’t angry protesters in any way shape or form,” said the man, whose name has been removed because he was receiving threats.
“This is organized crime happening really, really well.”

Every high-end store on South Broadway in Soho, the Rodeo Drive of NYC, was looted. Every major store on 5th Avenue was completely boarded up. The upscale 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica was looted. Just three blocks from the hundreds of “peaceful protesters” at Santa Monica Pier.

The police could do nothing.

Fear and Loathing in Sherman Oaks, California

In the San Fernando Valley near my house, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA warned on Twitter that Sherman Oaks and Studio City, upscale middle-class neighborhoods, were next.

Hundreds of businesses just getting out of three months of forced lockdown were forced to spend thousands of dollars to board up and supplicate to their local Marxist anarchist terror group. Business after business boarded up and sprayed with “We love Black Lives Matter” and “We support Black Lives Matter” on the plywood.

#SayHerName: Black women on the systemic racism destroying America

What they really were saying, no begging, was “Please don’t burn down my business.”

Where are we? North Korea. What is that but terror tactics and intimidation. There never were any riots that day in Sherman Oaks or even demonstrations on Ventura Blvd. Just the power of twitter and the threat of violence was enough.

Defund the Police. Occupy Seattle.

Now we have the aftermath and a two-pronged offensive. Defund the police, which is being chanted by everyone around Joe Biden except Joe Biden. And an Antifa uprising in Seattle.  Defunding the police is first and foremost on the mind of Black Lives Matter, George Soros, and The Open Society Foundations.

Soros gave the Open Society Foundations $38 Billion dollars.

The bulk of his fortune. He still has $12 billion or so of personal wealth to keep him going so don’t worry about him. His son Alexander Soros runs the Foundation. A $38 billion dollar behemoth funding radical anti-American organizations in the United States and around the world. Apparently the crazier the better.

From the Open Foundation website:

Under George Soros’s leadership, the Open Society Foundations support individuals and organizations across the globe fighting for freedom of expression, accountable government, and societies that promote justice and equality.

Watch a video of the rioters destroying lives and businesses. Read the signs they hold.  And then re-read the Soros’ mission statement above.

So Black Lives Matter gets at least $100 million dollars.  Just from Soros. That doesn’t count the millions they also get from the Ford Foundation and a vast collection of deluded Hollywood celebrities. Check out this in-depth survey of Black Lives Matter donations streams, and how public donations mostly end up in the hands of Act Blue, a Democrat party funding apparatus.

Serious Southern Poverty Law Center levels of corrupt money

$100 million dollars is serious money. You can pay a lot of community organizers for that kind of money. That’s the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) kind of left-wing radical money. The SPLC has $400 million dollars parked offshore in the Cayman Islands to fund their radical hate group.

Yet, like Black Lives Matter, the SPLC is somehow acceptable and mainstream.

Laird Wilcox: Southern Poverty Law Center extremist politics explained

This is a cabal of extremely lavishly funded front groups for a coordinated Soros, Democrat, Obama campaign to undermine the country. They will stop at nothing to destroy Donald Trump. Including a literal violent national uprising. Regardless of the consequences.

This is the ongoing coup against Donald Trump extended into open street riots to disrupt the November election. To sow chaos. To destroy what’s left of our country.

Memo from Soros: Defund the Police

Last week a coalition of 35 left-wing groups funded by Soros sent the following letter that that known stalwart of civil liberties Judiciary Chairman Jerry “the Penguin” Nadler:

“We write to demand that in this moment, Congress permanently end and cease any funding to local law enforcement in any form, whether it be money for training, equipment, hiring, re-hiring, overtime, etc. including all programs under the so-called Community Oriented Policing Services’ [“COPS”] program, and fully fund community-led public safety efforts.”
“Congress allocating any resources, even with strings attached, towards policing — an institution that already receives over $100 billion of public resources annually — particular in the wake of our current economic crisis and police violence epidemic, is both illogical and stands to inflame an already tense situation”
Here are some of the Soros connected groups on this insane letter:

Center for Popular Democracy 215 People’s Alliance (PA)  Action NC  Action Now Chicago  Advancement Project – National Office  Alaskans Take A Stand  Arkansas Community Organizations Black Leaders Organizing Communities (WI) CASA (MD, VA, PA) Center for Coalfield Justice (PA) Center on Policy Initiatives (CA) Churches United for Fair Housing (NY) Communities Creating Opportunity (KS) Communities United (Maryland) DelACA (DE) Flint Rising (MI) JustLeadershipUSA LUCHA (AZ) Make the Road Connecticut Make the Road New Jersey Make the Road New York New Florida Majority New Georgia Project New York Communities for Change Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OH)

A crucible is coming

In Seattle, ANTIFA has set up an autonomous zone in the center of the city. They have taken over 6 city blocks and a police precinct. This is an armed insurrection in one of America’s largest cities. Shockingly it has the support of both the Mayor of Seattle and the Governor of Washington. The American citizens of Seattle and the residents of the ‘autonomous zone”be damned.

But Soros’s efforts don’t end there.

He has successfully elected a string of District Attorneys in major American jurisdictions whose emphasis has been on setting criminals free and subjugating the rule of law to a political agenda.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, and Philadelphia, PA, and St Louis MO, and most visibly in Chicago with Kim Foxx. Soros backed DA’s are decimating the rule of law, advocating against police departments.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter: Paramilitary threats to America

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are effectively acting as the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, with all that that implies. They are interconnected through interlocking funding mechanisms. All of which end up coming back to the Democrat Party, the DNC, Open Society Foundations, or entrenched Biden partisan operatives and Clintonite Trump haters.

Their messages are in lockstep. Of course, they are. They are all the same entity.

All the events of the last two weeks, from setting fire to St. Johns Church to the looting of Macy’s and Soho. To the seizing of the “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle. All of it has been planned and coordinated with Marxist and anarchist Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA groups with direct connections to Democrat partisans, Democrat politicians, and the unlimited pockets of George Soros and the Open Society Foundations.

No wonder the demonstrations are still going.

Open Society money has a global influence

Do you wonder why London and Paris had such a huge turnout for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd? Because ANTIFA and Soros are even more organized in Europe than in the US.

🚨 #BREAKING – 🇬🇧 BLM / Antifa rioters hunting veterans in London. Not a single police officer in sight. #UK #London #londonprotest

— ISCResearch (@ISCResearch) June 13, 2020

Ask the Ukrainians how much of a negative pernicious force Soros is in their politics. Someone ask the Hungarians if they appreciate the subversive activities of the Open Society Foundations. This is a well funded globalist radical group with an overtly anti-American agenda.

Americans need to understand how badly they are being played.

#antifa #blacklivesmatter. You people are puppets for the system. Thanks for playing. Keep resisting mother fuckers

— Adorable deplorable (@Adorabl24100695) June 13, 2020

Decent people know that America has made enormous strides in the last 60 years.

It is not lost on anyone that the only riots are occurring in Democrat-run cities. That the problem started in Democrat cities like Minneapolis and New York. In Seattle particularly it is being perpetrated by a Democrat Mayor and State Governor who are showing just how incredibly stupid and viciously offensive Trump-hating elected officials can be.

None of this can be playing well with white suburban women. There is nothing in this scenario that helps Joe Biden. But George Soros has too much money, and Black Lives Matter matter more than America, democracy, or decency. Its a sham. Don’t fall for it.

George Soros and Black Lives Matter are about to find out that America can’t be bought. Or hijacked by a radical Marxist agenda. Even if the Clinton’s and Obama’s and the Democrat Party can be.


Lead Image: By Hungryogrephotos – 20200529-_DSC8322, CC0,



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