Gay marriage, climate change, and other white leftist movements


LOS ANGELES, April 7, 2014 — The ouster of Brendan Eich as Mozilla CEO allowed leftist “gannibals (gay rights cannibals)” devour another carcass. Eich was punished for his beliefs, since no actionable behavior warranted a dismissal. No discrimination or hostile workplace environment claims were filed against him.

In 2008 he donated to Proposition 8, the initiative banning gay marriage. The measure passed with 53 percent of the overall vote and 70 percent of the black vote.

While Eich will soon be a footnote, the larger issue surrounding his removal begs a larger question: Why is every leftist movement so overwhelmingly white?

Democrats love to portray Republicans as wealthy Caucasian plutocrats. Former Governor Howard Dean of lily-white, liberal Vermont called Republicans a “white, male Christian party.” Yet almost every liberal cause is led by white aristocrats.

The pro-gay marriage movement is not even eggshell or creme. Blacks are far more likely to be against gay marriage than their white counterparts. The left denies this because it risks fracturing their loosely held coalition of disparate groups with disparate grievances.

The climate change movement is more white than green. White hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer yanks the leash, and Senate Democrats heel. The Senate held an overnight talkathon after Steyer announced he would donate $100 million to politicians emphasizing climate change.

Legalizing drugs is the obsession of white Hungarian billionaire George Soros. When not reminiscing joyfully about helping confiscate the property of his fellow Jews before they went to the gas chambers (“I would say that’s when my character was made,” he mused on 60 Minutes), Soros funds most leftist shadow groups in America. Liberals obsess over the Koch Brothers, but without Soros money many leftists would have to find gainful employment. The job market for unfunded think tanks and other navel-gazing pontification centers remains sparse.

The labor movement started by white Samuel Gompers eventually led to white union protesters in Madison, Wisconsin exploding in violence over Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining law. Joined by bored, white college students, ultra-white leftist Madison went berserk. Protesters demanded more free benefits. Governor Walker was trying to keep Wisconsin from going bankrupt.

Sometimes, the left does not need an actual issue. With white leftists, protesting for the sake of doing so is sufficient. Decades ago, whites including Jack Kerouac and Timothy Leary convinced white America that beatniks, hippies and beat poets contributed positively to society.

The 21st century brings Occupy Wall Street, another overwhelmingly white movement. OWS was not spearheaded by the downtrodden. Many protesters were upper-middle class white college students funded by their parents. More than a few white trust-fund babies helped break windows, commit sexual assaults, and rage against the man. They are the man, which was lost on those surfing the internet on their smartphones during breaks in anti-capitalist rioting.

Why are leftist rebels often without a cause or a clue whiter than the famous painting of Snow White caught in a snowstorm?

At the risk of inventing “positive slander,” blacks and Hispanics have better things to do with their time

Blacks and Hispanics have been marginalized in American. Marginalized people do not have the luxury of obsessing over white pet projects. Marginalized people focus on survival.

Fairly or not, the gay community is seen as affluent. There is wealth in gay-friendly enclaves San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Palm Springs. Blacks were once slaves. Hispanics not born in America sneak across the border to pick lettuce. People enduring real hardship are not concerned about rich white gay marriage ceremonies.

The last thing blacks and hispanics want is the legalization of illegal drugs. Drugs have devastated inner cities. The crack epidemic that began in 1986 is still causing disproportionate pain in minority communities. While plenty of blacks favor reducing the disparity in sentencing laws for crack and powder cocaine, outright legalization of hard drugs is not a black priority.

Blacks attend college often to escape rough conditions. They want to get an education. If they get thrown out of school for protesting, they are less likely than whites to have daddy’s money get them a top notch lawyer. Most blacks cannot afford to get arrested protesting over bunny rabbits, trees or snail darters.

White leftists obsess over climate change, which may or may not affect people in 1,000 years. Blacks and Hispanics want to feed their families right now. They want a better life. They want to work hard so their children can reach the American middle class and their grandchildren can reach the upper class. New money has to be earned. Old money can sit back and hold tea parties to provide free contraception for lesbian vegan spotted owls. Old money is white. There is no black old money in America.

Liberals have spent decades pointing out that whites have more money than minorities. Overall, these liberal whites are not wrong. They are just detached.

Black inner city children worry about getting shot to death on the way to school or beaten up once inside the building. White liberals confiscate the sodas in the school vending machines because the children may get diabetes in a few decades. Until bullets are made of high fructose corn syrup, white liberals may wish to rearrange their crusades from a prioritization standpoint.

Black Republican Frederick Douglass said that, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Blacks and Hispanics still have to struggle, which causes them to frequently focus on what actually matters. Issues such as taxes, spending, crime, and terrorism matter. Those with too much money and far too much free time continue to prove that if the idle mind is the devil’s playground, wealthy white liberals are America’s amusement parks.

The war on women, climate change, getting everybody hooked on drugs, and worrying about trees and animals over people are all great social causes for billionaire tea parties. Wealthy whites focus on this stuff because they can. For these people, trendy social causes are the political equivalent of Summer camp without the S’mores.

Blacks and Hispanics, like the rest of Americans, do not have this luxury. The real world needs to be dealt with.

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  • Li Tyler

    Not to mention the very man who called for Eich’s head to roll was OkCupid’s CEO Sam Yagan, who himself donated to a candidate who was opposed to same sex marriage. So by Sam Yagan’s own standard, shouldn’t he be fired as well? In 2008 Obama believed that marriage was between one man and one woman, should he be fired as well?

    • Fredrick Neal Rehders

      Yep! In THE NEW WORLD ORDER, all who have a thought that is not approved by the powers-that-be must receive hard punishment. That is the society we are creating.