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Liberal Looniness leads in Washington DC

Written By | Mar 3, 2015

PHOENIX, March 2, 2015 — Refund. It’s a fairly easy word; it means to give back or to make repayment. Someone returns money to you that you had previously paid.

The IRS seems a bit confused by the word. The tax collection agency says that under President Obama’s executive amnesty, illegal immigrants can claim up to three years’ refunds, even if they have never paid any income taxes in the first place.

Entering this country without official permission is still illegal, and so is not paying your taxes. So, we’re really going to throw the book at them by letting them stay in the country, then by paying them for being tax cheats.

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The Obama Administration is essentially saying to illegal immigrants, “Come out of the shadows. Oh, and, by the way, here’s some cash.”

Refund: It used to be such a simple word.

State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf recently cleared up the whole problem of violent extremism. It is jobs, she said; they just need jobs. That’s a surprise to those of us thought ISIS was influenced by the Koran or Islam.

Then the Heritage Foundation released a report that indicated that, thanks to Obama’s EPA regulations, 586,000 manufacturing jobs will be lost in the United States by 2023. That’s more than a half-a-million people out of work, or as Marie Harf might call them, half-a-million would-be violent extremists.

According to the Obama Administration’s own logic, the EPA causes terrorism.

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation, aptly called the Clinton Foundation, received millions of dollars from foreign countries during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were among the countries contributing vast amounts. It looks like these countries are “Ready for Hillary.” Let us hope that America is not.

Should the money be returned? Realistically, expecting a Clinton to return money is like expecting Al Sharpton to properly read a teleprompter or Joe Biden to stop giving women massages.

Nicholas Maduro, president of Venezuela, is cracking down on U.S. citizens who want to visit his country. He will implement a $160 visa policy for any U.S. citizen coming to Venezuela. He certainly sees this to be an economic windfall as the new visa requirements will rake in—$160. (Sean Penn, call your travel agent.)

Should you actually visit Venezuela, it would be wise to pack your own toilet paper.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the Obama Administration should be given the benefit of the doubt in its negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. Yes, he said that. You just can’t make that kind of thing up.

So why not? It’s not as if Iran has ever lied to us before. Or as if the Obama Administration (“if you like your doctor”) has, for that matter.

Kerry is so confident that the Iran negotiations will be successful he will soon be bringing James Taylor with him to sing “Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha.”

Obama announced that he wants new rules for financial advisors who handle retirement accounts for Americans. Because who knows better how to manage money than the federal government?

Obama said, “Middle class families cannot afford to lose their hard earned savings after a lifetime of work. They deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.”

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Of course, what he really meant was middle class families can’t afford to give up their hard earned savings to anyone other than the government. We’ll treat them with fairness and respect—until we take what should be ours anyway. But we’ll give some of it back, honest! You know, sort of like a refund. That is, if there is any left after we’ve given refunds to illegal immigrants. If you like your savings, you can keep …

A tearful Obama bid farewell to outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, who got a bit choked up, too. In a line clearly stolen from Joe Biden, Obama said, “It’s hard to let you go.” I fully expected him to add, “You had me at hello.”

With a lot more free time, Holder is expected to spend much of it practicing how to quack like a duck, which will certainly please a certain MSNBC host.



Curtice Mang

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