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From Reagan’s Shining City to Sheepistan

Written By | Dec 26, 2015

WASHINGTON, Dec. 26, 2015  – Afghanistan. Pakistan. Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. These Islamic country names follow a convention in which “stan” signifies a place settled and governed by a tribe—here, Afghans, Pakis, Kazakhs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Turkmens.

Add to these “Sheepistan,” for Europe and North America are no longer a shining city on a hill but the abode of sheep bent on denying, appeasing and capitulating to radical Islam.

David Grossman, a U.S. Marine psychologist, explains Western security failures by conjuring a metaphorical world wherein sheep are the masses, sheepdogs the warriors, and wolves the evil malefactors. Sheep, 98 percent of the population, are gentle and productive, but defenseless.

Sheepdogs, fanged and clawed but only 1 percent, direct their innate violence exclusively at wolves.

Everything in moderation, except in Islam

And wolves, the final 1 percent, are instinctive killers kept from savaging sheep solely by the vigilance and exertions of sheepdogs.

Sadly, sheep deny the wolves lurking about and hate their protectors for exposing this fiction. Rather than hail sheepdogs, sheep mock their wolf-paranoia and huddle, chewing cud, fat and happy. When wolves come hunting, the sheep blame sheepdogs for wolves’ rapacity and offer up sacrificial lambs.

Only when appeasement fails and mass slaughter begins do desperate, terrified sheep turn to sheepdogs for salvation.

Liberals, and in particular their policies that gut the military and cultivate weakness, are the sheep in Grossman’s metaphor. Conservatives and their policies of military strength, frank acknowledgment of evil and deterrence or defeat of enemies, are sheepdogs. Islamist radicals, who exist solely to eat our civilization, are wolves.

And with the sheep to sheepdog ratio so high, Western democracies are often saddled with sheepish national security policies that, under wolvish pressure, collapse into appeasement.

The most spectacular example was Munich 1938, when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, the epitome of a sheep, offered German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, a wolf in human form, “peace in our time” for the latter’s promise that a Czechoslovak sacrifice would slake Nazi land hunger.

Chamberlain’s successor Winston Churchill, the 20th century’s pre-eminent sheepdog, knew appeasement would fail, as it did when the German dictator, strengthened by Chamberlain’s vainglorious folly, unleashed his wolfpack. Only a herculean six-year effort by Allied sheepdogs rescued the bloodied remnant of Western sheepdom.

Eight decades later, Munich’s lesson has faded. Despite more than 25,000 Islamist attacks since 9/11, the nations of the West, collectively “Sheepistan,” are led by pathetic sheep who leash their sheepdogs and ignore, appease, and embrace aspects of radical Islam in the foolish hope that radical Islamists—modern-day wolves—can be pretended away or contented with sacrifices laid upon the lupine altar.

First, the sheep leading the West deny the Islamist threat. That imams in Western mosques preach jihad, and that nearly all global terrorism is Islamist, are inconvenient truths. Attacked in New York, Madrid, London and Paris, Western sheep decry the bloodshed as workplace or gun rather than Islamist violence, deny “radical Islamic terrorism,” and pray that bleating these lies will earn them respite from the most violent of the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims.

And the U.S., political and military leader of the West, feminizes, weakens and shrinks its military while sending Iran nuclear technology and $150 billion.

Western denial leads not only to a refusal to fight radical Islam, but tolerates the admission of millions more Muslim “refugees” to join deliberately unassimilated coreligionists. When Muslim men kidnap, rape, and traffic Western women in majority-Muslim suburbs, sheepish politicians pressure police, who already mark “no-go” zones on city maps for fear aggressive policing will trigger Muslim riots, to abandon Western women to their misery. Thus Sweden, its gates opened to Muslim “refugees,” is now the rape capital of the world.

The Islamic Civil War is America’s war now

Western sheep brandish the charge of “Islamophobia” to self-censor all whose cognizance of the Islamist threat survives Orwellian fictions. A Department of Defense instructor was fired for the thought-crime of asking whether threatening Islamic holy sites might deter Islamist attacks—a proposal outrageous to Muslim organizations designated as terrorist groups, but with highly placed members in the Obama administration.

Not content to cry Islamophobia, the Defense Department, FBI and Homeland Security scrubbed curricula and policies of all mention of radical Islam. This author, then a law professor at West Point and previously at the National Defense University and Coast Guard Academy, was fired by the Obama administration for an article, since “retracted” by its cowardly publisher, warning that liberal academics saddle U.S. forces with dangerous legal constraints and undermine Americans’ will to fight radical Islam.

And when Ben Carson illustrated tensions between Islamist precepts and the Constitution and Donald Trump demanded Islamists’ eviction from the U.S., sheep declared these conservative politicians unfit for office.

Fear of an “Islamophobia” charge paralyzes even liberal interest groups. The gay lobby is silent when ISIS tosses homosexuals headfirst off buildings. Children’s advocates do nothing as a decorated U.S. war hero is cashiered for protecting boys from Islamist rapists.

Feminists are mute on Islamist practices like female genital mutilation, “honor” killings and pedophilic marriages.

Despite outrage at the Charlie Hebdo attacks, U.S. media, cognizant that half of U.S. Muslims would criminalize criticism of Muhammad, refused to republish cartoons that might provoke Muslims to murder in defense of their prophet’s “honor.”

And teachers’ unions were AWOL when “Clock Boy” garnered full scholarships to elite universities, a meeting with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and a White House invitation for bringing a mock bomb to school even as his teacher, who “saw something and said something,” earned death threats for her “Islamophobia.”

When self-censorship fails, the sheepish West criminalizes criticism of Islamists. Norway did that, and many European nations treat criticism of Muslim immigration as hate speech. Rather than admit the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya was a battle in an Islamist jihad, the U.S. jailed the maker of a sparsely viewed film critical of Muhammad.

After the ISIS attack on San Bernardino, the U.S. Attorney General threatened to prosecute an “anti-Muslim backlash” and grab citizens’ guns, threatening First and Second Amendment rights instead of radical Islamists.

Having neutralized Islamist threat heralds, Western sheep self-Islamize, extending appeasement by sheering themselves of Judaeo-Christian culture and the rule of law.

To mollify Islamic invaders, the bishop of Stockholm suggests removing crosses from churches. U.S. commanders burn Bibles given to troops deployed to Islamic nations. U.S. schools recite Islamic prayers in lieu of the Pledge of Allegiance and jettison Veterans Day for Eid al-Adha. Universities strike the U.S. flag and prohibit 9/11 remembrances for fear of offending Muslims, yet discipline Jewish student “Islamophobes” who express pro-Israeli views.

Civil rights commissions excuse Muslim taxi drivers’ refusals to transport blind passengers whose guide dogs Muslims consider “unclean” and allow Muslim cashiers to refuse to sell alcohol and pork. Muslims proclaim Sharia law, which stones adulterers, amputates hands for theft, flogs consumers of alcohol and coddles murderers of brides who marry contrary to familial wishes and rapists of ex-wives, supreme over national constitutions.

Yet political and religious leaders laud its application in Western courts as a cultural accommodation and cheer appellate judges for striking down anti-Sharia referenda. Meanwhile, European and U.S. law enforcement agencies are frozen as Sharia-compliant financial institutions remit profits to Islamist terrorist groups overseas.

Finally, sheep within Western opinion elites blame sheepdogs for Islamist wolves. Although radical Islam has inspired barbarians to murder, rape, enslave and destroy for over a millennium, Western support of a state created in 1948 (Israel) and refusal to kowtow sufficiently to Muslim immigrants are blamed for Islamist depredations.

Islamic pressures are major concerns in Michigan and Sweden

Scholars, including this one, have been denied tenure and smeared for refusing to sign petitions like that promulgated on behalf of faux-Indian Ward Churchill, author of an anti-Semitic rant claiming 9/11 victims deserved death since as citizens they bore responsibility for U.S. Middle East policy and merited the epithet “little Eichmanns,” a reference to the architect of Nazi genocide executed by Israel.

And media elites and politicians like Hillary Clinton who brand Donald Trump and other sheepdogs as ISIS recruiters for demanding a more vigorous defense of national security also commit the sheepish sin of victim-blaming.

Ultimately, sheepish delusions that Western sheepdogs birth Islamist wolves and that a mutton feast will save Western sheepdom are foolish. The perversity of Sheepistan exists with radical Islam its principal threat. What can be done?

Sheep cannot become sheepdogs. Wolves will never quit being wolves. Natural essence is immutable, yet sheepish policies of denial, appeasement, and victim-blaming that perpetuate sheepdom’s vulnerability, muzzle sheepdogs and invite slaughter are not. Sheep policies must yield. Sheepdogs must be unleashed so wolves may be vanquished, the flock preserved, and Western security restored.

Only if the West reclaims the principles and courage that guided it through darkness before will its warriors march forth to reclaim our honor, destroy radical Islam, and consign that evil ideology, along with the shameful Sheepistan that appeased it, to history.

Our fangs and claws must overcome their fangs and claws if we are to reclaim our shining city on a hill. We must cry havoc and let slip the sheepdogs of war.

William Brute Bradford

Dr. William C. “Brute” Bradford, PhD (Northwestern), LLM (Harvard), is Attorney General of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, a former intelligence officer, and an academic with more than 30 published articles on strategy, national security, terrorism, the law of war, radical Islam, and Native American affairs. Dr. Bradford has presented his research worldwide to civilian and military audiences at universities, think tanks, and other public forums, and he is a frequent commentator in U.S. and foreign media. The existential threat of radical Islam, the financial instability of the U.S. political economy, and the erosion of traditional American moral values form the basis of his research, scholarship, and advocacy. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Shoshana Bradford. He enjoys hunting, fishing, traveling, cooking, and singing.