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Fredo flops, Tesla fails, Antifa falls, Fiona fizzles, as flatulence rules in DC

Written By | Nov 23, 2019
Fredo flops, Tesla fails, Antifa falls, Fiona fizzles, flatulence rules

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with

WASHINGTON – Due to dental surgery, I’m woefully behind on everything from news and commentary pieces to performing arts reviews. So, to start remedying this week’s content deficit here’s a quick and mostly funny compendium of the week’s most idiotic news items. Notable clips and videos include failed demos by CNN’s Fredo Cuomo and chief Tesla nutcase Elon Musk; epic fails by Fiona Hill, Antifa and the Schiffgate crew; a great GQ gaffe; and the stunning fartistry of failed Democrat presidential hopeful, Eric Swalwell. Political flatulence continues to rule in DC.

Let’s get started.

Fredo phones home and Fredo flops: Chris Cuomo’s epic mom fail on CNN

Via the rarely reliable Daily Beast – spot on, this time – we discover Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s latest fake news blunder. It happens when the Clinton News Network’s own double-plus dumb Fredo phones home.

“CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Thursday called his mother on live TV to debunk a Trump claim. Cable news, everyone!

“Ahead of diplomat David Holmes’ testimony that he overheard President Donald Trump’s July 26 phone call with U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, Trump took to Twitter to claim that it was impossible to overhear a full conversation if it wasn’t on speakerphone.

“And during a break in impeachment testimony on Thursday, Cuomo attempted to give a live on-air demonstration to debunk the president’s assertion, [which] completely backfired on him.”

And how. Here’s the video evidence.

More Musk and Tesla fails

Potty-mouthed Elon rolled out a new Tesla truck this week that makes the Ford Edsel look like a work of art. Even worse, its bulletproof windows of this bizarre Tesla beast proved a bit less than bulletproof. I wrote a bit more on this latest Tesla fail in my business column yesterday, so check it out here. Meanwhile, have a good laugh at the following video of an epic Elon Musk Tesla fail. Who the hell would buy one of these? And when will Tesla, a taxpayer subsidized fake auto charade, finally file for Chapter 13?

GQ offers a hilarious correction

Like most magazines today, onetime fashion rag GQ went pretty much all-politics all the time several years ago. Making matters worse, it also seems that they, like most online and dead-tree publications these days, fired all their copy editors in the process. That leads us to the following tweet, which rectifies the kind of hilarious error a copy editor used to catch.

I have to give GQ credit here, however. Unlike the WaPo, where facts that don’t fit “the narrative” die in darkness by getting quietly disappeared, GQ fesses up and fixes its goof.

Gordon Sondland, Fiona Hill flop in Hill impeachment testimony

On a more serious note (sort of), Ace of Spades’ crack political analyst, the acid-penned J.J. Sefton, provides an excellent wrap on this week’s Schiffgate clown show right here in The Swamp. Starring Soros-funded creature Fiona Hill, here’s an excerpt to get you started.

“Good morning kids. The weekend is here and after the Gordon Sondland fiasco on Wednesday, Fiona Hill’s testimony was a complete waste of time, if not also revelatory of inconvenient facts and truths about the former administration’s neck-deep ties to Ukraine as well as the original Russia collusion hoax to take out Trump. But before we get to that, for weeks we have been hearing Nancy Palsi’s dentures clatter out unmitigated horseshit about how somber and prayerful and regrettable the impeachment process is. Meanwhile, her henchman, including the execrable Daniel Goldman, the prosecutor and MSNBC analyst who is Schiff-for-Brains’ lead prosecutor, among other staffers were spotted in a packed DC pub playing beer pong, scarfing down sliders, laughing it up and having a merry old time….

But are they so self-deluded as to not see the unmitigated disaster these hearings have been to their cause, or is it we, who live in the real world, who don’t see a deck stacked against us?”

Italics are mine. I’ve lived here in The Swamp long enough not to agree with J.J.’s sixth sense. The Deep State, international in scope, is wider and deeper than even the deepest Conspiracy Theory can imagine. Hill is just one of many tips of the iceberg. The corruption is incredibly widespread. Read the whole thing – including a ton of relevant links – by heading for Ace and scrolling down to:

The Morning Report – 11/22/19

How do you handle an Antifa thug?

It’s way past time that at least some of us start slugging a few of these mostly masked millennial Antifa thug-cowards back. Twice as hard, as a great American once urged. The following video, via LiveLeak, shows you how it’s done.

Brave Antifa Blocks Car Angry Man Knocks Him Out

A few dozen more knuckle sandwiches delivered to these Soros-funded Antifa brownshirts might help turn the tide for our side. Of course, our guys will get arrested by the cops, while the Antifa thugs generally won’t. At least in no-man’s land towns like Portland, Oregon. But we’ve got to start somewhere.

Chik-Fil-A sells out its legion of supporters

Moving on from Antifa, one of this week’s saddest stories involved a formerly brave fast food chain once admired and beloved by both conservative and libertarian food fans alike. Not to mention those few, proud Christians who still hold on to their religion and their ammo. We’re talking about Chik-Fil-A, which has bravely defied the left’s legion of SJW brownshirts by donating to Christian charities and closing shop on Sundays. Until now.

Someone or something got to them last week, as they suddenly decided to cave to the LGTBQWTF fanatics and cut two key groups off from the company’s charitable support.

Not surprisingly, the lefty fanatics instantly proclaimed the company’s move doesn’t go nearly far enough. Problematically, these clowns will never be satisfied until Chik-Fil-A is driven out of business, sending its many employees to the unemployment lines.

Frontpage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield reports.

“Chick-fil-A’s [CFA’s] announcement that it was dumping the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which have come under attack by gay activist groups, caught Christian fans of the fast food chain by surprise. It shouldn’t have if they had been paying attention to CFA’s corporate structure.

“The donations were coming out of the Chick-fil-A Foundation. The Executive Director of the CFA Foundation is Rodney D. Bullard, a former White House fellow and Assistant US Attorney. Some may have mistaken him for a conservative because he was a fellow in the Bush Administration, but he was an Obama donor, and, more recently, had donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign while at Chick-fil-A.

“Like many corporations, Chick-fil-A branded its charitable giving as a form of social responsibility. Bullard became its Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility. Unlike charity, corporate social responsibility is a leftist endeavor to transform corporations into the political arms of radical causes. Like other formerly conservative corporations, Chick-fil-A had made the fundamental error of adopting the language and the infrastructure of its leftist peers. And that made what happened entirely inevitable.”

Click the link above and read the whole thing.

Once you’re done, assuming you want to chill a bit after this latest, useless corporate cave, check out the invaluable Babylon Bee’s

Twittering pictorial commentary.

Chick-Fil-A could still retract this serious business gaffe. They’ve  just betrayed – and lost – a ton of their conservative supporters. Even without an assist from Antifa. And, since the LGBTQWTF crowd will never buy one of their sandwiches anyway, business will suffer and the company will live to regret this cowardly decision. The quicker they turn this idiotic decision around, the more likely they are to regain their conservative and religious customers.

But we won’t hold our breath. Once you give in to leftist extortion, you’re generally done. Like the old mafia neighborhood enforcers, once your business starts paying the extortionists, the cost of that insurance continues to go up.

Let’s not despair. Fartgate will brighten the spirits

Rather than end on a fairly gloomy note, let’s brighten up again with this slightly too long and rather fatuous clip from ENews / Daily Pop. The three young, likely overpaid but attractive commentators introducing this funny clip give a bit too much air time to their fatuous observations. But that’s the kind of channel this is.

On the other hand, the already brainless Congressman Eric Stalwell’s non-verbal talking point offered here is probably the most insightful comment yet on The Swamp, which is currently dominated by his fellow Democrat Fools on the Hill. Along with most of The Swamp’s Deep State, far left bureaucrats.

Let’s wrap this with a pithy, anonymous YouTube Comment on former Democrat presidential hopeful Swalwell that follows the video:

“The fart lasted longer than his campaign.”

So adios Fredo, Fiona, Tesla, Antifa, Fiona, Eric et. al. We’re sure we’ll see you here again real soon.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with


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