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For President Trump, a corrupt World Health Organization is WHO’s on first

Written By | Apr 16, 2020

WASHINGTON. Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced the US will withhold funding for the World Health Organization “while its mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic is investigated.”

World Health Organization, WHO, Virus, Pelosi, Democrats, Trump

World Health Organization emblem. Photo: United Nations.

The White House cited WHO’s decision that “on January 22 that the coronavirus did not pose a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, all while praising China’s response” and that the organization “put political correctness over life-saving measures by opposing travel restrictions.

You could see it coming

Trump’s logical move triggered the usual responses from the usual suspects.

World Health Organization, WHO, Virus, Pelosi, Democrats, Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff. C-SPAN screen capture.

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of “Trump/Russia-collusion” fame Tweeted,

“International cooperation on public health has never been more critical. Freezing funding for the WHO will only make it worse.”

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump’s decision is “dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged.” Some House Democrats said Trump’s move violates the same laws that triggered – wait for it – the Ukraine quid-pro-quo impeachment farce.

World Health Organization, WHO, Virus, Pelosi, Democrats, Trump

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof . Photo: World Economic Forum.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof mentioned just a few of the WHO’s many shortcomings before Trump Derangement Syndrome finally kicked in.

“Yes, some of the complaints about the W.H.O. are valid, and I’ve made them myself. It has been too cozy with China, it made some wrong calls on the coronavirus early on (such as doubting on Jan. 14 that there was human-to-human transmission), and it should stop blocking participation by Taiwan. But it has still managed the coronavirus crisis far better than the Trump administration has.”

The re-opening of America: President Trump vs. a confederacy of dunces

Communist China’s foreign ministry, meanwhile, is just as outraged over Trump’s defunding of the WHO as Democrats and the US media. Spokesman Zhao Lijian said,

“This US decision will weaken the WHO’s capabilities and undermine international cooperation. China will as always support the WHO in playing an important role in international public health and global anti-epidemic response.”

If there is one, overall theme uniting Democrats, the US media, and communist China, it’s their fear and loathing of President Trump.

Gone but not forgotten

In early February, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on how impromptu social distancing by tourists and locals alike was affecting business in that city’s Chinatown:

“Last year, Chinese visitors spent $1.3 billion in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties. Shuttered factories in China, vanished customers from local Chinatown restaurants and stores, and canceled flights all have bruised this region’s tourist attractions and scrambled family plans.”

At the time, the four confirmed coronavirus cases in the Bay Area was “more than any other region in the US,” said the Chronicle.

San Francisco’s CBS affiliate KPIX noted on February 24 that coronavirus news had adversely reduced Chinatown’s business by as much as 70 percent.  In a bid to help struggling shops and restaurants, Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared in Chinatown to, as KPIX stated, provide an “injection of confidence from a national leader.”

World Health Organization, WHO, Virus, Pelosi, Democrats, Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco’s Chinatown. CBS News screen capture.

“You should come to Chinatown,” Pelosi told a gaggle of local press on February 24th. “Precautions have been taken by our city. We know that there is a concern about tourism throughout the world. But we think it’s very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come.”

One month later, Pelosi told CNN’s Jake Tapper,

“We should be taking every precaution,” adding that the president’s “denial at the beginning was deadly.”

When asked if she was saying Trump’s handling of the health crisis resulted in needless American deaths, Pelosi said,

“Yes, I am. I’m saying that.”

We will never know the exact number of San Franciscans and foreign tourists needlessly infected or killed as a result of Pelosi’s pleas to put Chinatown’s profits ahead of their lives and those if their family.

What goes around

The prospect of a coming reckoning has China, its WHO lackeys, and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi scrambling to deflect blame.

And who can blame them? Fox News reports that US government sources say it is looking increasingly more likely that the deadly coronavirus escaped a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And the coming days will prove the president’s critics among Democrats and the fake-news media are, like WHO officials, sniveling Chinese apologists at best or oily gasbags of pure evil at worst.


Top Image: World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo via Wikipedia,
President Donald Trump inset, Jackson A. Lanier via Wikipedia,,_NC_Rally.jpg.

Steven M. Lopez

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