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For Christmas, America wants Democrats’ hands off their Republic

Written By | Dec 17, 2019
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The Blue Room of the White House is decorated for the Christmas season Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

WASHINGTON:  Democrats like to crow about their Constitutional knowledge. They spent hours channeling the founders knowing what they meant and how they would apply that knowledge to today’s Impeachment proceedings.  However the one founding father we should be remembering is Benjamin Franklin.  Franklin who warned one American that those founders created a Republic – if we can keep it.

Now some 2— years later, we are in danger of losing that republic to the socialist agendas of a heavy Government driven Democrat rule.  Because behind all the hearings, the lawyers, the hearsay witnesses – what we have here is a power grab. Democrat’s want power in order to destroy the gains of President Trump.  The economy. The Military. Jobs. Efforts on behalf of African-Americans, women, and children.  Against anti-Semitism, animal cruelty and rising prescription prices.

Mr. Trump goes to Washington, upsetting the Deep State’s powerbase

Democrats do not believe you should have these gifts in your stocking.  They want to give you not a shiny penny to wish future prosperity or sweet orange and peppermint stick to represent health and bounty. They want to give you the dung of the donkey.  Not even a chunk a coal to warm your hearth.

The people are beginning to revolt against Democrats

And they are doing so very loudly (Elissa Slotkin’s (D-MI) town hall provides stark example of nation’s partisan divide)

A recent Adam Schiff Town Hall erodes into the chaos that is a micro image of what is happening across America. Only the pro-Trump – anti-Impeachment crowd is getting louder. After the Russia Hoax and Mueller Report, the release of a transcript and the assurance of President Zelensky that no pressure, coercion, bribery, or quid quo pro existed, America has one nerve left.

And today is the day that it frays.

While the Rules Committee process hearing today was billed as the most boring, it is actually the most interesting, this said after listening to an easy 80% of all the hearings. Rep. Collins, the ranking minority member on the House Judiciary Committee, is explaining just how duplicitous Nadler, Schiff and the Impeachment proceedings have been.

Republicans are “damned if they do, damned if they don’t”

Democrats are putting party over country.  They hate Donald J. Trump for no other reason than he beat Hillary Clinton. They hate roughly 50% of the country that voted for Donald J. Trump.  Their hatred of Donald J. Trump and for American’s who voted for him far supersedes their love of this country or the Constitution that makes us so unique amongst all other countries in the world.

In the Guardian (On impeachment, Democrats are damned if they do, damned if they don’t) Cas Mudde writes on Impeachment:

“This is not to say that it [Impeachment] will necessarily benefit the Democratic party. Sure, it will free up some space to push core Democratic issues and policies to the top of the political agenda, but it is doubtful they will get the space and time to really make a difference. Trump and the media have developed a mutually beneficial relationship that prioritizes scandals over substance and there is little reason to assume this will change substantially in the run-up to the 2020 elections.”

Newt Gingrich says “It’s a coup d’etat not an impeachment inquiry”

Apologies to Mr. Mudde, it is Democrat’s pushing party over America.  The mutually beneficial relationship between the media and a political party is the Democrats and CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post – all those outlets that the President points to as “Fake News.”   Conservatives on cable are dominated by Fox News alone.  If you want to know the impact of Liberal media on America, travel out of the country and watch the international news coverage.

A difference of night and day.

Will we lose the Republic fought so hard for?

The biggest damage being done to our Consitution and government is that not only will impeachment not hurt Trump, it will hurt the power and weight of Impeachment for future administrations and presidents.  And that might just be part of their plan.  Erode the power of the Senate over the Executive, steal back the White House and then do whatever they damn well, please.

Because the threat of impeachment has been rendered meaningless and because screaming at the sky has not worked out for the liberals.

Moreover, I doubt it will hurt Trump’s campaign or chances at re-election. The only person Impeachment might sway is the so-called Moderate Republican. A person who, like the Yeti, has yet to be found.  Republicans are widely coalesced, with the few exceptions that no one really pays attention to (George Conway, Republicans Launch Effort Aimed To Take Down Trump).  But there are the Independents out there and they have regularly not suffered any fool, which is why they are independents.  They vote not a party, but policy.

And Democrat’s only policy is Impeach President Trump

Let’s stop playing elven magic Make-Believe.  If the Democrats had a crime under which to impeach the President, it would be listed in the Articles of Impeachment.  And there is nothing there. It is not listed.

Now they want the Republican Senate to aide and assist in their ongoing search for a crime, and to steal the Republic, by holding a trial in the Senate Chamber.  Republican leaders, regardless of how much fun it would be to put people like the Bidens and Schiff under oath, need to channel Nancy Reagan and just say no.  Because the only way to deal with a person with an abusive addiction is to not play the game with them. Be honest.  Tell them they failed and America just says no.  No more.

Let’s move forward with our families and have a joyful holiday.  Move forward to the 2020 election as defined by our founders and let our processes, including the Electoral College, work.

America will strike the last word on Impeachment, have the last say in 2020

Only that is the fairy dust dreams of optimists.  Because as Rep. Al Green says, if this impeachment does not work, we will just move on to the next person.  And in typical Democrat fashion, taxpayers will be the ones left holding the check. When President Trump is re-elected, the screams at the sky will create a hurricane in Australia.

We will go through another four years of the Democrats pretending Russian interference.  Fanciful high crimes and misdemeanors. It is a fraud, they will scream.  Abuse of power they will cry.  Jerrold Nadler will mumble that the President has stolen this election.  Nancy will stand up and repeat the lies of Adam Schiff while rolling marbles around in her mouth.

And Schiff, well he is proof positive that aliens (the ones from space, not Mexico) are taking over the Democrat elite, one at a time, in their quest for the Republic and ham-fisted control over America.

Republic, Democrats, Republicans, Impeachment, Rules Committee, Donald Trump, Trump

President Donald J. Trump arrives back to the White House Saturday evening, Dec. 14, 2019, (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)


And through it all, Donald Trump will continue to be the President. America’s economy will continue to grow.  Fathers will find jobs, proud to return to their families. Our Military will be the best and strongest in the world, so we don’t have to use it. The elderly will have better lives. Our health care system will improve. Our drug prices will reduce.  The world will find new ways of peace and prosperity.

Your children, for the first time, will have a better future outlook than your generation. (Young people are doing WORSE than their parents: Just a THIRD of 30-year-olds are earning more than their dads)

And what more can we ask for at this most special of times?


Lead Image: The Blue Room of the White House is decorated for the Christmas season Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

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