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Football and Black Minds, which don’t seem to Matter to Black Lives

Written By | Sep 15, 2020

Even a dumb dog knows that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Among many, the concept that a dumb dog is smarter than a football player is a “no-brainer.” Was that subtle or what? Forget that without football, many, if not most of these “professionals,” would be hard-pressed to do anything productive from among God’s multitudinous opportunities. Remember, professional is a tag only because money changes hands. So, these boobs can eat.

But now, with the kickoff of the NFL season, these same boobs must, naturally, insult the flag, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the fans. As well, they probably insulted their family members, for those who know their families. Some, well may. (NFL Opens Season By Honoring Black National Anthem, Disrespecting Star-Spangled Banner | Todd Starnes)

The Houston Texans remained in their locker room during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner and some song called “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The Kansas City Chiefs were on the field and holding hands or linking arms or kneeling or hugging or whatever you do in idiotic situations. Of course, they were in clear violation of whatever “law” applies to social distancing and mask-wearing. But these are professional boobs. (NFL kicks off 2020 season with Chiefs, Texans showing unity after Houston sat out anthems. And yes, there were boos. – AOL News )

They know how to prevent the spread of diseases when playing football; unlike, of course, the non-football boobs who go shopping at Kroger or Walgreens, etc. who are not “professional.”

Football players get paid for handling a football well.

For the most part, muscle-bound meatheads chasing and hitting one another over a leather ball. Some Black, some White though we are told that only the Black players matter. Although, the White ones can earn “mattering” if they beg for forgiveness for their awful white privilege and such sins. Or, as we say, down South: “kiss up.”

And some do. Drew Brees, Troy Aikman—thanks guys (guys, not men) (Troy Aikman makes highly critical comments about FOX, anthem – NFL News – The Football Feed)

But black or white, for the most part, most sound as if they are incapable of writing a ten-word letter with more than twenty syllables. Nor balance their checkbook with simple arithmetic without an agent guiding their hand.

The (White) left’s racist appropriation of Black Lives Matter: Black like me?

Leading one to wonder how most get a driver’s license? There is a test, after all. And they all have big expensive cars. These of course are paid for by “the hand that feeds them.”

Since the White meatheads don’t matter, they must ally themselves with the Black meatheads who matter. They must spout apologetic sycophantic drivel as if honesty had exploded in their little meathead hearts, a result of God’s implanting justice (to keep the peace, of course) there. (Notre Dame distances itself from Lou Holtz after RNC speech)

Where does this hapless, thankless bunch come from? These masters of the kneel and fist-raise crowd?

Below the ranks of the (admittedly), professional ranks are the rah, rah for the old college alma mater. The “amateur” ranks of players who just want an education, they often say. Yeah, right, in “studies of environmental happiness” or some such nonsensical slop.

Promoted high school players who know nothing because they learned nothing—nothing except how to piddle and twiddle with a leather ball for money. They know nothing because most came out having been taught in public high schools.

So they enter college knowing little and enter professional football knowing perhaps less. Forget about, any decent knowledge of the arts or sciences. The deeper sadness is that these ultimate professional boobs and rubes know nothing of just plain good manners.

But these are just more meatheads, some Black, some White who don’t matter– except when they beg for forgiveness. They have begun the learning process of on-field kneeling, fist-raising, etc. hoping to be a first-round kneeling pick. And with a fat happy bonus, a new expensive car.

The Big Twelve

The Big Twelve, as a conference has decided to join in with patches on uniforms decrying racism and bigotry and all the usual pity-pot nonsense.  The Dirty Dozen may be a better name? But who cares any more for “amateur” football than the Professionals?  (Big 12 football teams could enter national anthem controversy)

But if history is any indication the other conferences will come along. They will kneel, they will raise their fists. And you better believe, they’ll do it in that order.

BLM says, first you kneel. Then you are one of us.


Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.