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First domino to fall: Never-Trumper Rep. Liz Cheney deposed

Written By | May 13, 2021
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GOP Rep. Liz Cheney. MSNBC screen capture.

WASHINGTON. Last Tuesday, GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming lost her party’s House conference leadership position. Republican House leaders believed Cheney’s outspoken, never-Trump rhetoric threatened to dash the GOP’s chance to seize control of Congress in the 2022 midterm elections. What was once the “conservative” base of the GOP has morphed into an “America First, MAGA” clenched fist.

Rep. Liz Cheney speaks to Republicans after her ouster from leadership role. NBC News screen capture.

Last Monday, sources close to President Donald Trump said he will begin holding Make America Great Again rallies around the country. And he has some scores to settle with Republican lawmakers who allied themselves with Deep-State Democrats in promoting the Russia-collusion hoax, as well as voting to convict him in two fruitless impeachment trials.

But most Republican House members truly love Liz Cheney. After all, most of them elected her to the very leadership post she lost on Tuesday. How deep is that love, you ask?

Well, she received a standing ovation from the Republican House conference after saying, among other things:

“I will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president’s crusade to undermine our democracy.”

In fact, Cheney invoked the word “democracy” five times as though it has sacred meaning. Getting fifty-one percent of people to vote in favor of someone or something is no great feat.

Hitler came to power in Germany, not through violence but democratic votes. A year later, the German legislature voted to allow the new “Fuhrer” to rule by dictatorial decree. Germany’s experiment in direct democracy and its indirect legislative incarnation ended up killing, well, democracy.

Did you know the US Constitution has an enemy clearly outlined in its hollowed text? The original amendments to the Constitution (Bill of Rights) say “Congress shall make no law” abridging free speech, our right to bear arms or to be secure in our privacy and property. You see, the Founders clearly understood the enemy of individual liberty to be direct and indirect democracy.

What makes America great is not the fickle outcomes associated with one-man one-vote, but our unabridged, Creator endowed, unalienable rights. That is the true meaning of the phrase “American exceptionalism.”

That’s why you’ll never find the word “democracy” in the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution. That’s because democracy is no more sacred an ideal than rearranging furniture.

Most Republican lawmakers, not just the feebleminded Liz Cheney, have no idea what America is about. They think, like Democrats, their job is simply to “bring home the bacon.”

So, how about these Republicans read the words of the man who would be the first Republican to sit in the White House.

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln asked and answered this question:

“What constitutes the bulwark of our own liberty and independence? It is not our frowning battlements, our bristling sea coasts, the guns of our war steamers, or the strength of our gallant and disciplined army. These are not the reliance against the resumption of tyranny in our fair land. All of them may be turned against our liberties, without making us stronger or weaker for the struggle. Our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms. Our defense is the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere.”

Today, America’s institutions have turned decidedly “against our liberties.” This is understandable since these institutions are the outgrowth of American Democracy.

In the coming GOP midterm primary elections, those America-First voters Donald Trump brought into the party in 2016 and again in 2020 have it in their control to use the power of democracy to tame the power of democracy.

And that holy crusade begins by sending Republican Party political hacks like Liz Cheney home forever.


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Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area, and now resides in South Florida. A cigar and bourbon aficionado, Steven is a political staff writer for Communities Digital News and an incredibly talented artist.

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Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.