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Fighting against the Biden Democrats’ plans to destroy Trump and America

Written By | Mar 24, 2021
power, Cabal, Democrats, Insurrection, Southern Border, Biden

Top Image: Federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin with inset of Jan. 6thth insurrection. CBS’s “60 Minutes” screen capture.

WASHINGTON. The bipartisan, Deep State cabal in Washington fears little these days, with one notable exception: those patriotic Americans who stormed the US Capitol last Jan. 6th following the big presidential election steal of 2020. Federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin told CBS’s “60 Minutes” he’s leaning toward filing sedition charges against President Donald Trump for “inciting” the protestor insurrection. (Former top prosecutor in Capitol riot case faces internal review after ‘60 Minutes’ interview – Washington Post)

power, Cabal, Democrats, Insurrection, Southern Border, Biden

A rally protests the fraudulent election of Joe Biden. CBS News screen capture.

Deep-State Washington needs to make examples of Trump and his followers before a movement forms that no number of troops bivouacked in the nation’s capital can stop.

Remember, the old Soviet Union collapsed despite having 6,437,755 Red Army troops, a 480,000-member KGB secret police, and 45,000 nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

You see, it’s impossible to lead a nation whose people refuse to follow.

As dejected Soviet Premier Mikhael S. Gorbachev told the Russian people upon the dissolution of the ruling communist oligarchy in 1991:

“The old system collapsed before the new one had time to begin working.”

power, Cabal, Democrats, Insurrection, Southern Border, Biden

Soviet leader Mikhael S. Gorbachev signs documents dissolving the Soviet Union. ABC News screen capture.

The “new system” Gorbachev mentioned was Soviet communism after his Perestroika reforms. But you can’t fix what never worked, to begin with.

Here in the US, the socialist wing of the Democratic Party now in control of the nation has Gorbachevian reforms in mind for America.

But unlike failed Sovietism, Americanism works like gangbusters. A system whose founding principle is the protection of individual liberty notwithstanding the machinations of the political majority and their elected (or fraudulently installed) representatives.

The current crisis at our southern border is really the first transformative reform policy of the illegitimate Joe Biden regime. While Deep-State Washington roundly condemns last January’s storming of the US Capitol, they warmly welcome the storming of our southern border by illegal migrants, though many are underage children.

Like the coyotes who profit from the children’s transport into America, the Biden regime and fellow Democrats hope to exploit them and their parents for their future votes. All this in exchange for the multi-generational trap of subsistence federal benefits at US taxpayer expense.

power, Cabal, Democrats, Insurrection, Southern Border, Biden

illegal immigrants flood across the US border. ABC News screen capture.

As chaotic as the storming of our southern border may seem, the White House’s positive response to the event indicates a calculated move to overwhelm the political power of native “fly-over country” Americans through the illegal importation of a replacement electorate.

Replacements for those who voted for Trump, many of whom joined with him last Jan. 6th to protest the massive voter fraud which occurred last November.

President Trump must emerge as a leader, and his social media platform is the first step, and it must be stopped

And with most of Washington’s Republicans joining Biden in condemning the Capitol Hill revolt, it’s up to Trump to rally patriotic Americans to keep the pressure on the Deep State and its bipartisan enablers. To amass power over those they wish to rule.  Complacent immigrants used to iron fist government rule over a perfect “populace” to ensure that power is forever.

With Trump said to be forming a social media empire outside the reach of Google, Facebook, and Twitter censors, could federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin’s impending prosecution of Trump for incitement, with a likely conviction by a corrupt federal judiciary, provide a post-conviction pretext for banning him from his own social media site? What would Sherwin and Democrats do if Trump puts that platform out of their reach?  Like an offshore bank account for the future of America?

The fear in Washington is understandable. What if the riotous and carnival-like disrespect of their corrupt “institutions” displayed last January takes hold in American society at large? What if, like the Russian people of the early 1990s, Americans refuse to be governed by a corrupt Washington? (Read also: What will be the spark that ignites war between socialists and patriots?)

power, Cabal, Democrats, Insurrection, Southern Border, Biden

Henry David Thoreau circa 1856. Photo: colorized image by Daniel Hass via Wikipedia,

In his 1849 book “Civil Disobedience,” Henry David Thoreau says,

“There will never be a really free and enlightened state until the state comes to recognize the individual as a higher and independent power, from which all its own power and authority are derived.”

And to those who feel the loneliness that comes with a determination to disobey illegitimate authority, Thoreau adds…

“Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already.”

And so, resist.


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