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Has feminism become just another Liberal advocacy group?

Written By | Feb 28, 2018
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Kate Nash on Feminism

WASHINGTON, February 27, 2018. – Feminism, for years, has been a movement of empowering woman. Not just one set of women based on politics or skin color, but all woman no matter what. It was a movement to advance equality for women, not a political advocacy group movement. But what has happened since the turn of the century, and possibly a little before that, feminism has become an exclusive club.

A club that no longer admits all women, but a club that admits women whose politics only align with the liberal base.

Feminism’s definition is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”  Nowhere is political affiliation required to join the club.

Where has modern-day feminism gone astray?

How can the powerful movement that has brought so much to the betterment of our homes and society get back to their fundamentals of speaking for all women?

Annually, women from all over the country join together in Washington, as well as other places throughout the country, to participate in the Women’s March.

Kathy Griffin shows feminism’s anger is as sharp as a guillotine.

Instead of marches and rallies about women’s issues throughout the country today, these marches become political circus shows. Celebrities from near and far speak on subjects that they frankly have a very narrow view on.


Because they hate conservatives, especially Donald Trump and all that his presidency stands for. They rail against policies having nothing to do with women in particular.

Yes, it is true that they hate conservatives, but what is the underlying reason that they feel they must make these marches political? The reason is that today feminism is a political movement. It is no longer a platform for all women to speak out.

They have been infiltrated by opportunist Democrats. Feminism has become a co-opted wing of the Democratic party.

What is next for women and feminism?

The question is where do conservative women turn to when they want to fight for their rights?

The answer is the Republican party, and in particular, conservatism. Conservatives, unlike Liberals, want free and open discussion.


Because conservative women know when their views and values are put to the test, they can offer true substance. They know that an open and free discussion is the best disinfectant to lies and anger.  They know that liberals women’s lack of defined values, and an overabundance of hate for the President and his supporters, means feminism has become a wing of the Democratic party.

The March for Life vs. the Women’s March: Which will stand the test of time?

Democratic policies have done nothing to help women.

From its liberal inception, the only free speech tolerated by the Democrats is speech that protects their own power. This is as clear and evident today as it has been in the past.

So, why do liberals and the feminist movement perfectly align?   According to Psychology Today:

Do you believe that men and women ought to have social, political, and economic equality? If so, you are a feminist by commonly used definitions [1]. Yet, if you want to be accepted by mainstream, contemporary feminism, you must identify as pro-choice, reject the reality of innate or biologically based gender differences or the concept of human nature, condemn traditional relationships and family dynamics, and subscribe to specific avenues for achieving gender equality and justice.

What a tall order if you differ in values but nonetheless.

The liberal feminist movement eschews pro-life, second amendment support. They shut down ideas by suppressing conservative women’s speech.  We see this all the time, specifically on college campuses.

Now back to the question, what do conservative feminists need to do?

Conservative women must start their own movement. Not a movement that only adheres to their viewpoints, but a movement that gets back to what feminism is truly about. A platform for free thoughts and ideas for all women, whether they are liberal, conservative, or anything in the middle.

This new movement scares the left tremendously.  They know when conservatives challenged their ideas, which are mostly about the right to abortion on demand, they can rarely back these ideas up with any substance.

This country ‘s foundation is the idea of freedom of ideas and speech. Unfortunately, through infiltrating various movements, including feminism, much of the Democratic party only adhere to certain ideas.

Those ideas that are their own.

Moshe Maryles

Moshe Maryles currently attends Baruch college where he is a Political Science major and a history minor. Maryles currently interns for Congressman Dan Donovan (11th Congressional district of New York) in his Staten Island office.