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WASHINGTON, May 29, 2014 — There are many people looking for someone to blame in the wake of the UCSB shootings last week. The actual perpetrator is dead, but someone has to be to blame. For Senator Dianne Feinstein, that someone is the NRA and the entire gun lobby.

In a speech made Sunday shortly after the killings — we are tempted to say “shootings,” but half the victims were stabbed to death, undoubtedly with an assault knife — the longtime anti-gun senator made some remarks that demand a closer look.

Feinstein had some questions. “We must ask ourselves if an individual whose family called police with concerns about mental health, who is receiving therapy and who has had several run-ins with police should be allowed to own multiple firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.”

What if?

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If someone calls the police, concerned about a son’s mental state and afraid he may be a danger to society, is it the job of the police to respond? Did the mental health system in California allow this boy to slip through the cracks? This is an important question, because in California, mental health records are examined when someone tries to buy a firearm. If a therapist believes the person is a danger, he may be barred from purchasing a firearm. In addition, multiple firearm purchases in California are automatically reported to the ATF.

How is it possible that authorities in a state that ties mental health to gun ownership allowed this boy to own a firearm? The police in his hometown seem to have failed in their job to investigate his parents’ concerns about his mental health.

Feinstein went on, “When anyone, no matter their mental health or history, can so easily obtain any gun they want and as many as they want, we must recognize there is a problem.”

This is a scare tactic. Feinstein is using Friday’s killings as a platform to scare the public into supporting further gun control, despite the fact that California has some of the toughest laws in the country, and she’s doing it with a lie. Again, in California, if the therapist has done his or her job and is not incompetent, a mentally unstable person should not be able to get any kind of firearms. Feinstein’s claim that a person with a mental health history can get any kind of gun at any time is false. California requires permits and fingerprints, and there are restrictions on the kind of weapon you can own — not just in California.

“Unfortunately the NRA continues to have a stranglehold on Congress, preventing even commonsense measures like universal background checks that have overwhelming support.”

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The target of Feinstein’s hatred and of her strongest efforts in the Senate is the gun lobby. A background check, linked to mental health records, did not stop this boy from buying one firearm, let alone three. Background checks are already the rule of law. You cannot go into any gun store in this country and legally purchase a firearm without a background check. Only sales between private individuals are uncovered in most states. The overwhelming majority of gun sales and transfers involve background checks, and Feinstein knows it.

To Feinstein, “NRA” means “gun lobby.” They stand in the way of her campaign to disarm the entire country. In 1995 she tried to get an outright gun ban. “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them … Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in, I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.” She uses the word “commonsense” to make her campaign reasonable by definition. She uses the term “overwhelming support” — without evidence that she has it — as a sanitized form of “might makes right.”

“Americans need to rise up and say enough is enough. Until that happens, we will continue to see these devastating attacks. Shame on us for allowing this to continue.”

Feinstein’s home state is home to the most stringent gun laws in the country, and to two of the 10 most violent cities in the nation; their violent crime rates are among the 10 worst almost every year. But the problem nationwide for Feinstein is that violent crime is on the decline around the country. Despite the best efforts of Democratic politicians and the Liberal media to suggest otherwise, preliminary reports from the first half of 2013 show a drop in violent crime in every region of the country.

The incidence of “mass shootings” is neither up nor down. We are not in the midst of a violent crime epidemic, nor in the midst of a surge in mass shootings. We are in the midst of a media blitz from people who wish for you to believe that we are.

Feinstein is right: Americans need to rise up. Rise up and wise up; trust but verify. Feinstein has made her living sneering at the gun lobby, deriding gun owners, and damning the money that they spend to send politicians to represent them in Washington. At the same time, Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety get $50,000,000 from Michael Bloomberg to donate to anti-gun politicians.

Feinstein won’t admit that every single day Americans do rise up, every single day Americans use their firearms to protect themselves. Earlier this week in Orosi, California the eldest brother of four successfully defended his siblings, with a firearm, from three armed men attempting to enter their home. Earlier this month in Sacramento two senior citizens defended themselves against two individuals trying to break into their home; they did so with a firearm.

California is already considering new gun control legislation, as are several other states. Aside from an outright ban, there is not much wiggle room for them to go in terms of new restrictions. Instead of California looking at guns to blame and passing new gun control measures, perhaps they should look into how the therapist failed to report this man, and why the parents’ cries for help to the police amounted to nothing.


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  • ericpedersen

    What if we serve you with an eviction notice?

  • jb80538

    Looking for someone to blame in the UCSB case?

    • AlexisJaime

      He killed 3 with a gun and 3 with a knife. He was a “shooter” as much as he was a “knife wielding maniac”.

    • Daniel the bruce

      and the parents, and his mental health person who is more interested in headlines than doing good work. {claims lots of things on his CV that are untrue, implies he is an MD,is a DO etc.} AND why didn’t the parents tell the Police about the videos, and IF they did, why didn’t they WATCH them, THAT would have given them the right to do a 72 hour lock down

  • carl arasi

    Dianne Feinstein,needs to be arrested,and charged with Insurrection,and Treason!

  • AlexisJaime

    I said this before and I will say it again and again. Self-defense is a natural right. The constitution’s 2nd amendment says, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT be INFRINGED”.

    Any regulation in regards to guns is an infringement. Cowards like Feinstein put enormous effort into circumventing the 2nd amendment with regulations and law that are in violation of the 2nd amendment and our individual right to self defense.

  • Randy

    Where did he get the knife ? A 60,000 car killed people , than the guns, they better ban knifes , guns , hammers , cars , if they are dumb enough to blame the gun, not the person pulling the trigger !

  • Don

    should be the first to surrender her personal firearm. The one that she carries with her everywhere.

  • SgtWD

    Things I know; Guns do not kill people, pencils do not cause spelling errors, cars do not cause drunk driving, and the Mayan calendar did not cause the end of the world.

    Please consider the following; what a gun, weapon, or firearm looks like does not make it an assault weapon. Just because you say so does not make it true. Having spent considerable time in the Military Service I know what a true assault weapon is, and the weapons you
    say should be banned are not assault weapons.

    Of course we could always say anything is an assault weapon. If a person hits you with a fist
    you have been assaulted. Would that mean they had an assault fist? If they hit you with a baseball bat does that bat get classified as an assault bat? Would being kicked mean someone has an assault foot? This stuff sounds silly just like your proposed ban.

    A Left Wing Liberal Progressive might reply by saying it’s for the safety of kids. I agree we need
    to ensure kids are kept safe. So what kills more kids than criminals with guns? Last year there were approximately 12,500 crimes in the United Stated involving guns wherein people died including kids. Last year in California alone there were approximately 250,000 abortions. Which of these things kill more kids, guns or abortions?

    I don’t have an assault rifle as you would call it, but I want one. Yes I think having one would
    be fun. Is there a need you ask? No there isn’t until such time as a tyrannical government tries to take rights away from the people. Of course there was a news story just a few days ago wherein a 15 year old boy used an AR-15 to protect his little sister from a real criminal who broke into their house.

    Why does there have to be a need. You live in a very elegant and expensive house. There is no need for that. You could live in a small house like Joe Average. You have ample amounts of money and there is no need for that. You could live like Joe Average and survive on the median income. You have a huge retirement account based on the position you hold as a Senator. You are already wealthy so again there is no need. Why do you and your fellow Senators feel you need such a retirement considering all of you are all basically rich?
    Having a weapon is like money, it’s not about need. It’s about desire and security. You want to ban weapons based on appearances or whether or not they have a large capacity magazine. Well you have a large capacity house, a large capacity bank account, and a large capacity retirement. Maybe those should be banned.

    You have security people with guns ensuring your safety. The American public doesn’t have
    such luxuries. No, we have to wait for the police to arrive and guess what? The police always arrive after the fact. The police are great people and they do a wonderful job, but they don’t protect, they respond afterwards. If you think otherwise, how come the police didn’t protect all those kids killed last year in Chicago? That city has one of the most stringent gun control laws in the country and those laws don’t work. If they did, there wouldn’t have been all those deaths. If you think police provide protection, you might have to read the local newspapers or watch a little local television news. There is story after story about women being raped or abused yet the police didn’t protect them. There are stories about people being robbed by bad guys with guns and the police didn’t protect them. So go ahead and pass another law. It will not do any good but you will feel good about yourself won’t you?

    Ask yourself if prohibition did any good. How about the war on drugs? That went so well the Left bought off on medical marijuana and now California is leaning towards following Colorado and Washington and allowing recreational usage. Your proposed ban will mean honest taxpaying citizens will be precluded from having the weapons they want. Some will disregard your ban thus making them criminals, but that’s no big deal in California. With AB109 if they got
    caught the penal system would just let them go.

    Why don’t you go after the real problem with guns instead of going after guns? The real roblem with guns is the criminal and not the gun. Criminals should be dealt with accordingly. Example:
    The criminal who set up the ambush on those firefighters and killed two of them. He should have never been let out of prison from the first time he killed someone. He had killed a person by beating them to death with a hammer. That is something that takes effort to do. That was a
    purposeful act and was in fact murder yet he was only sentenced to manslaughter. Instead of being killed for his actions he got a slap on the wrist and served a few years in prison. Then he was released and we know what happened, he killed again. He just chose a different tool to do his killing with.

    Why do the vast majority of those on the Left support killing innocent babies by abortion yet you don’t support the killing of condemned and guilty criminals? You don’t truly deal with the criminal element yet you propose bans on objects like the gun. When did a gun ever wake up,
    load itself, drive down to the corner market and shoot someone? It has never happened yet the left blames the gun instead of the criminal who used it.

    Anyone who would remove, restrict, or infringe upon your Rights presumes to be your Master. If you allow them to be your Master, that makes you their Slave. You have a choice; you can be a Slave or a Free American Citizen. Choose Wisely.

    • Amria Ahmed McGillivray

      Amen, God first, then our military…..

    • But forks do cause obesity!

  • Ruth Phillips

    What politicians need to understand is, REAL psychology. If someone is mentally off and determined to kill, they will try to do so with whatever means is available. Guns are not the killers!! People are!! And until our psychology laws catch up with reality, you are fighting a lost cause. You would have to ban knives, guns, scissors, acid, bows and arrows, etc., etc., etc!!!!! And then the crime rate would go sky high because you will have taken those things from ONLY the well intended citizen!!! How can you politicians be so stupid!!!

  • Gary Iampaglia

    TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charlie Campbell


  • People with problematic mental health histories are NOT allowed to be licensed fire arm owners. They are apparently allowed to speak in public and hold public office.

  • rcerke79

    Feinstein is being intellectually dishonest and she knows it. California has universal background checks, and every other gun regulation, that the anti-gunners want, and yet a nut was able to obtain firearms legally. She is dancing on the dead bodies before they are in the ground.

    • amongoose

      Intellectual and Feinstein really shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.
      She is deflecting, trying to cover up the fact that Commiefornias strict gun laws which include mental health restrictions should have kept him from buying those pistols.
      They don’t even enforce what they have on the books but call for new restrictions.
      Sounds a lot like her calls for immigration reform.

  • Skiroy


  • Vikodlak

    The NRA is to guns what the ACLU is to free speach. Does she blame the ACLU every time some neo-nazi group wants to march in a parade? Any any gun they want?! Hell, in CA you can’t even buy a gun that’s available in 49 other states unless it’s been modified to meet CA laws. What a bunch of malarkey.

  • steve wieters

    Blame the murderer and the cop’s for letting this crazy go. The cop’s are not mental health experts. the mental health crisis people told the cop’s this guy needed to be in 48hour lock up. The cop’s ignored them and let the guy go after talking to him. How in the world is this the NRA’s fault? Anyone can see this thinking is skewed.” Don’t let ant tragedy go unexploited. “

  • TBC81

    And we shouldn’t forget Leland Yee, who was running for Secretary of State. And running guns at the same time. Of course they want stronger gun laws, because it’s OK for them, but not for us. This criminal is still being payed by the way. I live in Sacramento and go speak in opposition to many of the new guns laws they try to put through. It’s disgusting to have to sit and listen to the Brady Campaign and their scare tactics. Regardless, I hope they realize how much opposition there will be when time comes.

  • Highlanderclan

    How is this…person, still in office?
    She was first elected from the court of Ramses.
    Ca people wth?
    What’s the obsession with the walking dead, Feinstein and Pelosi?

  • Deborah Feathers

    She another ole’ clueless fart that needs to go.

  • harvey kaylor


  • harvey kaylor

    She is so full of shiite. Mental records I bet are not checked, I think those are private. Police did investigate as far as they were able, talked with suspect, he seemed normal. I doubt many therapist would report thier clients as in counseling. Its the courts who should report an individual problem. Ok, report multiple purchase, but then who monitors that record.

  • Edgar DeCanniere

    Yes Dianne, enough is enough!! Now shut the hell up!!

  • K R

    Why isn’t anyone blaming his family? If they knew he was a loon he should have been in an institution. What could the big time movie director not afford it? The problem was the liberal progressive marxo-socialist upbringing he had.

  • Tumbleweed

    If Feinstein hates guns so much, perhaps she should dump her armed security detail and turn in her CCW permit! It seems that those responsible are the State and the legislators who created a gun free zone state that allowed the perpetrator access to guns!

  • Daniel the bruce

    I would love to watch her tazered every time she says GUN CONTROL, kind of a behavior modification treatment for liberals. Sadly the more progressive and nasty they are the longer they seem to live….

  • Scottie La Botte

    Only the good die young. Her and Hillary should live for ever.