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FBI Terror Watch List: Democrat’s latest scam to erode gun rights

Written By | Dec 8, 2015

WASHINGTON Dec. 7, 2015 – Last week, in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, Senate Democrats attempted to push through a slew of gun control legislation, seeking to capitalize on the fresh waves of fear roiling through the United States.

Their argument was that even the extreme gun control measures in place in California were not enough to stop two radical Islamic sympathizers from carrying out a mass shooting on a soft target. Extra measures needed to be taken, and those extra measures included barring anyone on the FBI’s “no fly” list from purchasing a firearm.

The proposed legislation will drastically expanded the reach of federal background checks as well.

Senate Democrats and other gun control proponents are seeking to circumvent the law to violate both the Second and Fifth Amendment rights of Americans who have not committed any crimes.

President Obama’s police state answer to ISIS

This sets a dangerous precedent. Essentially, gun control advocates are urging the government to enact legislation which would restrict the rights of Americans without due process.

This is the politics of fear hard at work.

It is extremely dangerous and irresponsible to allow the government to restrict the civil liberties of any American without first going through the process of trial and conviction.

But that is not the troubling issue; no, that distinction goes to the fact that finding oneself on that list is not entirely difficult. A person can find himself on the FBI terrorist watch list after a secret grand jury decision.

According to the ACLU, over one million Americans are on the terror watch list. At this point you may be asking yourself, how can there be so many people on the list and so few examples of individuals either committing or being convicted of committing acts of terror?

The answer lies in the criteria for inclusion on that list.

According to the Huffington Post, it is incredibly easy to find oneself on this list.

“You could raise ‘reasonable suspicion’ that you’re involved in terrorism. ‘Irrefutable evidence or concrete facts’ are not required.”

These include actions like posting “suspicious” things on Facebook, knowing someone who might be a terrorist or part of a category of individuals who, under current legislation, can be upgraded to a more serious list with minimal discretion.

The Huffington Post also published an article condemning the GOP for blocking the proposed legislation, despite the above mentioned article they wrote discussing how easy it is to be put on that list.

Let us review. The Democrats and the liberal media, who decried how easy it is to end up on the terror watch list, have fully endorsed legislation that would bar both due process and the right to bear arms for individuals who found themselves on that watch list.

There is ample danger in granting this much power to the government.

President Obama’s misleading call for sensible gun control

Under the current watch list criteria, entire categories of individuals can be added to the list. If the firearm legislation pushes through, that means that at the drop of a hat entire sections of the population could have their rights restricted based on the government’s definition of terrorism and its not even reasonable suspicion that those individuals may or not be terrorists.

What is to stop the government from labeling every gun owner in the country a terrorist? That may sound paranoid and tin foil to some people, but that is how concerned citizens are supposed to think.

What happens if there is a party change and the GOP is at the helm, and overnight its political enemies are terrorists?

If you do not think that will happen, you are not paying attention. Richard Nixon wiretapped two journalists and he was impeached; Barack Obama and George W. Bush used the cloak of patriotism to wiretap the entire nation and it was accepted, en masse, as a necessary sacrifice to fight terrorism.

Remember John Adams once said “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever,” and then he went and deported foreign- born individuals who spoke out against his government.

Standing on the brink of America’s second Civil War

In the end, this move is nothing more than an attempt to smear opponents of gun control in the media as pro-terrorist, and introduce back door gun control under the guise of fighting terror.

Take the time to look at the criteria for the FBI terror watch list.


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