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Fauci funded Wuhan lab “gain of function” research to create COVID 19

Written By | Feb 4, 2021
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Dr. Anthony Fauci at White House coronavirus briefing.

WASHINGTON, DC:  Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins spent $2.5 million dollars to fund “gain of function” research into deadly viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2014 through 2017. Roughly $700,000 a year was funneled by Dr. Peter Daszak through his Eco Health Alliance directly to the Wuhan lab. To specifically fund research to enhance the transmissible characteristics of a specific bat virus captured in the Hunan caves in 2011.

The stunning revelation was that the NIH and NIAID provided the funding that produced the altered COVID 19 virus. The virus has now devastated the lives and economies of the entire planet.  (COVID-19—Reckless ‘Gain-of-Function’ Experiments Lie at the Root of the Pandemic)

China and the USA bear responsibility for the Covid 19 pandemic

The inescapable conclusion is that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab. Its aftereffects were then certainly weaponized by the Chinese government to infect the West and the world. Just as the emerging pandemic and its effects were then weaponized politically in the United States.

Chinese Pearl Harbor: Xi’s CCP deliberately infected West with COVID-19

But the United States bears the responsibility for pursuing and funding the research that led to the current pandemic. Both the US and China are responsible. This stunning expose was revealed in a series of broadcasts by Steve Hilton on his Sunday Fox show The Next Revolution.

It is the most specific piece of investigative reporting on the actual science of the subject thus far. Hilton produces specific invoices and follows the chain of events that he concludes was the genesis for the Covid 19 pandemic.

NIAID and NIH funded banned “gain of function” virus research

It seems that NIAID under the direction of Doctor Fauci and the National Institute of Health under Dr. Francis Collins initiated a series of grants to study “gain of function” research. This is taking an existing deadly virus and making it more deadly. Transmissible from human to human, for example. The idea was to try to understand the next potential pandemic by enhancing a virus and trying to counter its enhanced properties.

This is controversial, because of the possibility of a “Frankenstein” virus escaping from a laboratory.

Imagine that.

This may be why Dr. Fauci has seemed to have been predicting a pandemic for many years.

In the process of taking steps to potentially treat or prevent its emergence, he was actually helping to create it.

The concept was so controversial that the Obama administration banned the practical application of the research into it. Undeterred by the ban, Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci continued grants for this specific prohibited research for another 4 years. The NIAID/NIH grant for “gain of function” research was given to the Eco Health Alliance and administered by Dr. Peter Daszak. Daszak subcontracted the specific work on the virus to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

We know that for a fact because Steve Hilton produced the invoices. Close to $700,000 a year in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

From a bat cave in 2011 to the Wuhan Virological Institute

We know that they were using the Wuhan lab because it was the repository for a collection of COVID viruses gathered in the Hunan bat caves in 2011. One of these viruses would become their principal focus. That year, during the collection, 6 workers became very ill with SARS-like respiratory symptoms. Three of them died.

Connor Reed’s Flu diary: China’s virus originates in October 2019

None transmitted the virus they had caught from bat droppings in the cave to other people. That virus was one of 152 that were collected and identified by the Chinese. It is also the specific Covid strain identified in the paperwork regarding Eco Health Alliance and their “gain of function” research.

That Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins had knowingly funded such research in spite of the prohibition and their own knowledge of the extreme risks is both shocking and dangerous. That the virus escaped and wreaked havoc on the planet is a catastrophe. The very idea, given this fact set, that Dr. Fauci would then be the point man for fighting the pandemic in America is not only cynical. It is reprehensible.

The lack of transparency and honesty here is unforgivable.

Accidental or deliberate: A catastrophe

To be fair, any country with a level 5 Virology lab is using it for defense and military means as well as medical and civilian purposes. At one point the United States and Russia had enough biological and chemical agents to destroy humanity many times over. Smallpox. Anthrax. Nerve agents. North Korea, China, Syria, and many other bad state actors maintain both chemical and biological warfare stockpiles. Forget North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Biological agents are the great equalizers.

Research on deadly viruses is constant and ongoing. But the alteration and advancement of those viruses to make them more deadly is what we are looking at here. As far back as February 2020, this writer reported how receptor cells on the initial Covid 19 virus had been altered to make them more transmissible. How the spike protein had been edited with a SARS spike protein variant that evidenced human to human transmission. This is now confirmed by Hilton’s expose.

Did the Coronavirus escape from Wuhan bio-warfare research lab WHCDC

That the origins of the virus may come from an American research grant, however,  changes the entire story of the COVID 19 pandemic. That it was done against official policy doesn’t mitigate the severity of the consequences.

The fact that Dr. Fauci, one of the founders of the research project, who had to have known the truth, was chosen to be the public voice of the pandemic isn’t just a scandal. It’s a tragedy. A cynical joke. As for transparency and truth, it destroys any veneer that the last year has been anything but a calculated disaster made worse by bad faith public health and policy choices.

Dr. Fauci and the cynical war on HCQ with Zinc

Dr. Fauci was one of the leading voices in the war on HCQ. In spite of the initial 2005 NIAID and NIH study that he also funded, which showed it was highly effective when combined with zinc, in combatting CPVOD viruses. He knew this. Yet HCQ was attacked and vilified because President Trump had mentioned it. It was forbidden by Pharmacies, even though it is sold over the counter in half the world.

Now, two weeks into the Biden administration HCQ is now fully approved as an effective treatment. Sorry folks. Guess we were wrong. HCQ with zinc is highly effective after all. But the damage is done. American society is destroyed.

Millions of lives around the world could have been saved. Hundreds of thousands of Americans would possibly be alive today if they had been taking HCQ with zinc. Hospitalizations would have been minimized.  We didn’t need to close our economy. The lockdowns were an act of national self-mutilation. We didn’t need to close our schools. Didn’t need to spend trillions of dollars trying to prop up our closed economy.

A disastrous response to a diabolical catastrophe

We wouldn’t have had to endure the trauma of a rigged election. The deluge of unverified mail-in ballots. The abolishment of signature verification. Or any verification. The open thuggery against Republican poll watchers. The use of Covid as an excuse to remake and destroy society and life as we know it. That was the dystopian nightmare of 2020.

Rep. Eric “Russia Hoax”  Swalwell caught in Chinese Honeypot Spy scandal

At the heart of it was Doctor Anthony Fauci, who was integral to the existence of the virus in the first place. Fauci vilified the completely safe and highly effective HCQ when combined with zinc as a prophylactic, and combined with Azithromycin as a treatment in early-stage Covid. The media piled on. Where is their responsibility? Their disinformation cost lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives. Their deliberate lies cost America its economy.

Steve Hilton exposed an ugly truth about the origins of COVID 19.

China is responsible for allowing the virus to escape the Wuhan lab and deliberately allowing it to infect the West while closing domestic travel within China from Wuhan. But the United States ‘ordered” the research that produced the virus. Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci bear the responsibility, to be honest about their involvement.

The links between Dr. Daszak and the Eco Health Alliance with the Wuhan Virological Institute are indisputable. The dishonesty and lack of transparency that surrounds every aspect of the pandemic lead to greater public suspicion and mistrust. That mistrust is well warranted.

Ask the people who weren’t given the option of taking zinc and HCQ. Think of the traumatic effects of both the pandemic and the failure to properly and adequately address it. A compounded sin from the very man who as we speak still is the principal medical advisor on the Covid pandemic to the President.

Dr. Fauci has done enough damage. It is long past time for him to go. I won’t hold my breath.

Steve Hilton and The Next Revolution have done an enormous public service with this brilliant reporting. Hilton deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his work. Actual journalism is a breathtaking rarity. We should all thank him.



Rick Johnson