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Explaining the fraud that took place during Election 2020

Written By | Dec 6, 2020
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Understanding the Trump Campaigns’ challenges to the 2020 Election results is confusing.  Because it is multi-faceted. There is the issue of the Dominion Tabulation Machines and Smartmatic/SCYTL software.  Reports are coming out that China is most likely behind the software that Democrats used to “swap votes” from Trump to Biden using integers anywhere from 1.3+ for Biden to .3- for Trump to larger numbers.  (Revenge of the Nerds: Statistical experts prove Biden loss, Trump win)

The actual integer used is based on the number of votes necessary to push Biden’s count beyond Trump.

Then there is Ballot Fraud.

Ballot Fraud is as confusing as vote integers and inexplicable spikes in Biden’s count.  It can take many forms, some of which, but not all are:

    • An individual who votes more than once, from different states or votes another individual’s ballot, which is much easier with mail-in ballots.
    • Harvested ballots (in some states) where individuals collect ballots from large groups, from a neighborhood to an assisted living group. (How Dems Plan To Use Ballot Harvesting To Steal 2020 Election)
    • Buying votes (Democrats buy votes in Nevada)
    • Ballots cast that are not registered or that have addresses – from P.O. Boxes to vacant lots – that do not match a verified voter.
    • Fake ballots that look like the actual ballot, but are not. These ballots will have variances, as was explained in the Georgia legislature hearings (Georgia Legislature on vote-fraud: “We have a mess on our hands”). Variances may include a different paper stock, consistent unexplained marks, and pristine “mail-in” ballots that show no folds. These ballots are often cast as “military” ballots.

How Much Fraud is the President claiming?

Not all states or all precincts in all the states are suspected of fraud, either electronically or via actual ballots. Not all election workers encountered harassment from Democrat workers and supervisors.  Where the fraud is most prevalent and proven via thousands of affidavits, testimony, cyber-security and statistical analysis experts, are Democrat strongholds.  Such as Philidelphia, PA, Maricopa, AZ, and Fulton, GA.  Statewide fraud has been found in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Democrats behavior over the past 4 years makes vote fraud believable

The Trump Campaign is proving that in Arizona who gave Biden the win with 10,000 votes, some 300,000 fraudulent ballots have been identified.  Michigan, which gave Biden the win with 154,000 votes, has 500,000 found fraudulent ballots. In Nevada, 15,000 ballots had vacant lots as an address, 20,000 ballots were from persons living in another state, and 42,000 ballots were counted twice.

In Pennsylvania, Biden has an 81,000 vote lead however more than 125,000 are fraudulent.  Biden’s 20,000 vote win in Wisconsin is easily erased by the 200,000 fraudulent ballots.

But it is Georgia where the fraud is easily seen

What surely looks like ballot fraud at the State Farm Arena began with stories of an alleged water pipe bursting and the clearing out of all election watchers – observers and press. A water pipe break that had no impact on the room or the ballot counting. It was, it appears, a convenient excuse to clear the room.

By now, most people paying attention have seen the video of the mysterious ballot “suitcases” being pulled from beneath the skirted table.  How those ballots were then counted by workers in the Georgia State Farm Arena.

It seems that two of those women, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss, have been identified. Freeman is Moss’s mother as is seen in a Facebook post dated November 3, Freeman identifies Moss as her daughter.

According to the website

“We identified one of the operatives last night who was caught on video counting illegal ballots from a suitcase stashed under a table!
As you can see from the video one woman in a purple top was filmed helping pull out the ballots and then sitting down to count the ballots.
One woman in a local news video was wearing a purple top. The latter appeared in the suitcase video!”

You can see both women, identifiable by their hair; Freeman’s being very curly and Moss having long blonde braids. Earlier in the above video, you can see Moss moving the table in, and placing the ballots beneath the skirt.  After everyone leaves the area, you can see Moss moving suitcases of ballots from under the table.  And Freeman tabulating ballots with another woman.

Tabulation of those ballots despite the fact that all observers and workers have been dismissed due to an alleged water main break. A break that never happened, but was just a convenient excuse to clear the floor. This is incontrovertible. (BUSTED: Evidence Proves ‘Burst Water Pipe’ In Georgia Was Used As Cover For Secret Vote-Counting)

All of this leaving only a very small staff, led by Moss and Freeman, to count the ballots.  Which is illegal, regardless of the status of the ballots as there are no observers in the room.

In the following Ruby Freeman Compilation video (below) you can decide if the woman in the security tapes and Ruby Freeman are one and the same.  And that her daughter is in fact, Wandrea Moss.

Georgia Legislature on vote-fraud: “We have a mess on our hands”

But what is very interesting is at the six-minute mark in this video below, which you may not make it to if you are just watching Freeman breathlessly talking about her job. Evidencing that the ballots were not secure and that there was not an observer present.

Freeman and Moss sitting at what appears to be a lunch table, while what surely looks like a USB drive is passed off to Moss, then slipped into her back pocket.  Allegations are that vote swapping from Trump to Biden was via USB drives.

If nothing else, the Department of Justice must interview these women and get some explanations for this mother and daughter’s actions while under the employ of the State of Georgia election commission. What was on the USB drive? Why were ballot suitcases kept hidden under a table and only pulled out after the “water main break” scam?

The Dominion vote tabulation machines in the security video must be preserved and forensically examined.

No one should believe that every Democrat election worker was attempting election fraud. But it surely does appear that some may have been involved.  It is up to every American to decide. You need to decide if the Americans, regular everyday Americans that stood up for election integrity, deserve a voice.

The Trump Campaign will fight to the bitter end – win or lose

But they are getting good news.  It appears that legislatures in Georgia are taking allegations seriously. And things appear positive in Nevada.  And now Antrim County Michigan Judge has ordered the forensic examination of 22 Dominion voting machines.

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