Explaining liberty to low-information voters: A simple meme for Socialists

Page by Juan Arellano - President Ollanta Humala of Peru with Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. Photo from Presidencia Perú on Flickr, under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Page by Juan Arellano - President Ollanta Humala of Peru with Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. Photo from Presidencia Perú on Flickr, under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

WASHINGTON, March 19, 2014 – Yes, their ideas are worse than disastrous, but they manage to wrap them in wonderful words like compassion and caring. They manage to demonize anyone who wants to point out that liberalism and socialism are complete failures. They drag out images of children being tossed on the street to starve and grandmothers being pushed in their wheelchairs over a cliff.

Yet there is a real life example of where socialism ends up. It is simple to explain and everyone gets it.

In Venezuela, that South American nation is being racked with turmoil. Venezuela’s Marxist strong man Hugo Chavez died a year ago and was replaced by Nicholas Maduro. Chavez tried to impose a Marxist economic system in Venezuela and since he took over, Maduro has doubled down. He has nationalized businesses to hold prices down. He has imprisoned businessmen for the crime of trying to make a profit.

What happens after that is perfectly predictable.

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Businesses have fled Venezuela. No sane person wants to invest there. Venezuelans are lining up for food now. They are having to wait for six hours in line, just to buy food and that is if there is any food to buy. People are having their hands stamped with indelible ink to mark their place in line and what they can purchase. The Venezuelan government is going to Cuban style ration cards that will tell people when they can buy, what they can buy and how much they can buy.

If they need more than their government allotment?

Well that is too bad.

And here is the meme that makes so much sense.

In Venezuela, people line up for food. In America, food lines up for people. Where there is freedom, there is prosperity. Where there is socialism, there is tyranny and poverty.

Venezuela is not the only place this has happened.

In the 1930’s, Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin collectivized the farms in the Soviet Union. Private farms were confiscated and massive state run farms were created. Workers couldn’t be fired so the predictable result came about.

Food production in the Soviet Union plummeted. Then the Soviets allowed farmers and peasants to work small private lots where they could raise and either keep their own food or sell it. While these private lots made up only two to four percent of the land and those products were not subsidized by the government, by 1977 those lots accounted for three quarters of the food consumed by the Russians in the Soviet Union.

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There is a reason why liberals must work so hard to demonize anyone who disagrees with them. They cannot stand the truth.

The truth is, their ideas have been tried and their ideas have failed. Wasn’t it Einstein who defined insanity as trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

The next time a liberal argues with you about the success of their policies, point out Venezuela and take them to an American grocery story. As you look at all of the food lined up for you, remind your liberal friend, that if they were in Venezuela, it would only be a six hour wait for food, from this point.

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  • Wumingren

    Democrats are just fine with ration cards, because through the threat of starvation they can ensure complete compliance with the state’s agenda. Think North Korea. When you got ’em by the balls, the body will follow. More than that, when the body follows, the mind rationalizes the betrayal and makes a shift toward compliance.

    • liberalssuck

      Seriously folks do not understand , if you get everything from the government, the government owns you. It boggles my mind how they can not see what is plainly in front of them.

      • Barefoot in MN

        that’s because they are COWARDS. They are afraid of life, afraid of their own frailties, and refusing to place real reliance on any god. Thus– they place their reliance (= trust, “faith”) in (drum roll please:) GOVERNMENT!!! with dear sweet governemnt in charge, they can relax, ’cause everythang gonna be fine! (insert gagging sounds here)

  • RD350C

    You’re really scraping when you have to go all the way back to Stalin and his misguided attempt during the great depression for a relevant example. The entire globe was in turmoil and poverty was rampant worldwide. People were dying right here in the USA, and FDR’s policies at least dampened the effects of capitalist freedom’s (second) biggest failure. Remember, that depression occurred because of wanton greed in OUR markets (sound familiar?).

    Try a more MODERN example – early 90’s post Soviet Union break up Russia. The most pure example of a libertarian solution being applied to a state run economy. Pay attention! The capitalists swooped in and greed took over. The efficiency of ALL the systems diminished and what resulted was the oligarchy that exists today.

    And now, look at how many airlines/cable companies/oil companies we (the USA) have compared to 30 years ago when Ronny set us on this course. We are ruled by oligarchs here in the USA

    We just call them “job creators” (it makes the po’ folk feel more beholdin’ to them).

    • liberalssuck

      Tell us how well does government do in creating jobs. Free market if left alone polices itself rather well. The issues is when we allow the government and corporation’s sleep together..

    • RunHard

      What is greed?

    • Seola

      Yeah, Russia was totally Libertarian. Except beating up those pesky gays and denying for decades they had any disabled people and kept them warehoused at best, committed at worst and killed at the most heinous. Then remember that “post Soviet” broke Russia up into pieces which separated the division of poverty nicely.