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Exit the police, enter the government’s politicians and intelligence agencies

Written By | Jun 11, 2020

Photo by Dave Romain from Pexels

WASHINGTON: There is a quote that is bandied about as if it is as prescient as “In the beginning God created…” The quote is: “The fundamental purpose of government is to protect the citizenry.” Various attributions are given as to its origination. One source, online, is Arlen Specter.

It doesn’t matter who originated it. What matters is an appropriate riposte: “Nonsense.”

An Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Pandering Pelosi leads democrats in taking a knee

The question of whether it is the Federal Government’s job to protect the citizenry is outlined by Supreme Court Judge Rheinquest in ruling on DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services.  Young DeShaney had been beaten to death by his father.  A horrendous thing that should never happen.  In THE FIRST DUTY OF GOVERNMENT: PROTECTION, LIBERTY AND THE FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT Stephen Heyman writes:

“Chief Justice Rehnquist maintained that nothing in the language or history of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment required a state to protect its citizens from private violence. That clause, he observed, “is phrased as a limitation”: “It forbids the State itself to deprive individuals of life, liberty, or property without ‘due process of law,’ but its language cannot fairly be extended to impose an affirmative obligation on the State” to protect these interests “against invasion by private actors.”‘ 4 This interpretation was reinforced by the history of the Clause, which indicated that “lilts purpose was to protect the people from the State, not to ensure that the State protected them from each other.”‘
Ergo, the government has no “fundamental” purpose.

Men have a fundamental purpose. God gave rights to men, not to governments to give to men. The government was created by individual men and women who are not citizens of a government. They become citizens among themselves if they choose.

The government is a function of the men and women who have aligned said government with themselves.

Flynn and the FBI’s 99%: Fighting Government Hobgoblin Authoritarians

The whole idea is that they desire to protect themselves, by arms if necessary. They become “citizens,” together, within their government, the same as men who become soldiers. The soldiers are not a creation of the government. The government is protected by the citizens/men who formed it, and by citizen /soldiers to defend it. The government is not in charge. It serves, it doesn’t authorize.

The government can protect no one apart from the men and women who pay for it. The government can only do harm when it steals from its creators.
This is why Washington is corrupt.

Both Democrats and Republicans lie and claim to be servants to the people. They claim to be stewards. They are not not. From Congress to Senators to Mayors it is a compilation, for the most part, of thugs, uneducated rubes, and charlatans.

Most government-types will claim greatness via educated backgrounds: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. but these are financially subsidized barns of mindless thought and thinking.

They provide little, except tenure for financial gain to even lesser thugs.

But ask most any “servant” (congressman, senator, judge, or whatever bureaucrat) a short questionnaire on something as basic as the federal Constitution; basic questions that a ninth-grade civics class member could answer only 60 years ago. It would be a shock most likely to get a correct answer on any question. Then say to yourself, “This idiot went to Stanford?” Doesn’t say much for either Stanford or at least the subject’s momma and daddy.

“The Founders intended for Congress to improve our health care system”  – Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer spouts constitutional nonsense on the Senate floor)

Or Shelia Jackson Lee bloviating as to the Constitution being 400 years old.

These are only a couple of videos from a multitude by political hacks. Most voted into office through nonsensical congressional dictates like various Voting “Rights” legislation.

The idiots that lead us

You can be sure that studying the etymology of the word citizen will whet your appetite for the etymology of the word “idiot.”

Seriously, study this word (idiot), then observe the Washington crowd (and their parasites, the so-called Media). There are geniuses like Shelia Jackson Lee, or Chuck Schumer or some lobotomy needful guy like Jerrold Nadler. There are plenty more—oh, yes, Republicans, too. Both parties have their share.

Today the mindset of government protecting its citizens is allowed to flourish.

It is treated as wisdom by untutored philosophical frauds as if Jefferson or Randolph carved it on some so-called founding document.

This would-be so-called government protectorate houses men and women who promote and encourage citizen damage: eliminate police, send sons (and sadly daughters) to die in wars of no end. Wars that have had no real charge or purpose.

And this same government talks of paying reparation to people who had not been harmed by those who did no harm.

The Southern states did not secede in 1860-61 because they wanted to chain blacks or because they thought black lives did not matter back then.

For America, the tyranny of government is more dangerous than COVID-19

They seceded because corruption had eaten into Washington due to a belief in nationalism. Its rapacious tariffs paid by the South for political corrupt politicians in Washington to pay 19th-century corporate welfare. Southerners wanted a workable republic, not a national democracy.

This is truth, though liars, and some fools, will tear at it.

When this fact is ever accepted within what is now a contemporary pseudo-historical society of both parties, then this protective government will be seen as the monster it is. (How We Know The So-Called “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery –

Following up on the above comments on higher education (an oxymoron you have to giggle at).

An excellent article by author and historian Gene Kizer, Jr. demonstrates that academia is no more than a dumping ground for overpaid blowhards, and pseudo-historians. And, this crowd is allowed, mostly by the so-called media to sell nonsense that the government has as its first duty, to protect those “whom it created.” ) Defund Academia, Not the Police | Abbeville Institute)

Kizer’s concept is to defund academia, not the police. An idea whose time may have come:

Supposing someone did a Jesse Waters-like man on the street type interview between police and academics in competition.

I suspect the betting would be on the police. They probably have better educations. Furthermore, they are not overpaid and they don’t get tenure.

Unlike academics, they don’t get protection from ivory towers. They are shot in the streets.

A treasonous FBI: ‘Inconsistent with the theory of our government’

Without the police, we, the people, will have government protection. The FBI. The CIA. FISA Courts and the “intelligence community” to protect us.  Again, quoting Chuck Schumer, “They (intelligence community) have six ways from Sunday to get back at you.”

If we lose the police, and the government protects us the way Lincoln, Seward and the rest of the “first” Republicans did (600,000 Americans killed), trouble awaits. Today’s WOKE Democrats will make Southern Reconstruction look like a soothing ointment.

Some historians understand. Too many don’t.


Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Lead Image Photo by Dave Romain from Pexels


Paul H. Yarbrough

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