Republican Establishment’s efforts to stifle voters will fail

We have to ask who our next president is going to be, and more importantly, who is going to decide that - the people or the establishment?

Cartoon by Branco. Reprinted by arrangement and with permission. (See below*)

WASHINGTON, March 7, 2016 – The Republican Party has been dormant, and to a degree, ineffective, for many years. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an American icon steps onto the stage and into the spotlight, captivating the average citizen in a way no one else has done since Ronald Reagan.

Republican voter turnout for the primaries has been at an all-time high. Republican Voters are energized. Voters from various demographics are coming into the fold. And Republican presidential debates have broken all records for viewership.

One would think Republican Party leaders would want to embrace this man.

The GOP Convention: A nomination or a shootout

Yet to the amazement of many, the Republican leadership seems to want no part of the candidate who is the catalyst for all of this.

Donald Trump is a dynamic phenomenon. His candidacy has finally tipped those who considered voting Republican in the past but were never given a good reason to do so by the party.

Trumps’ candidacy has also provided cover for Blacks who were hesitant to vote republican in the past due to the hostility and stigma associated with being a republican in the Black community.

So, why is the Republican leadership burning the candle throughout the night trying to devise ways to stop him?

To his supporters, Trump is a breath of fresh air. He is the icebreaker you call upon when your ship gets stuck in the thick icy waters of the arctic. He is the bushwhacker you call upon when you want to explore uncharted jungle areas.

In the eyes of others, he is Donald going up against Goliath.

On the other hand, establishment republicans view Donald Trump as a threat. He could potentially upset the apple cart.

Or could he? Some feel that the oligarchy, or shadow government, will rein him in should he become president, much like they did with Ronald Reagan.

Though Trump may not be a true conservative, his supporters believe he is a patriot. And in their eyes, a patriot is the next best thing to being a conservative in this politically charged environment.

Politics is messy in Washington DC, plain corrupted. It is going to take a gunslinger to go into that town and clean house. Trump appears to be just the man who can get down in the trenches and root out the rotten and the bad.

At least, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment his supporters share.

Trump has no political ties to Washington, which is a plus. Right now, Americans want a businessman in office, not a career politician. They do not want an “establishment Republican.”

Who are the establishment Republicans? They are elected officials, and their supporters, who feel no need to adopt the core values and principles the party was founded on. They also have little or no regard, or need, for their constituency, except when the election cycle rolls around.

Being elitists, they see no need for change, except the changes they themselves bring into play. Of course, they know what is best for the country and feel they are best at choosing who should run things.

Before any official announcement of the candidates was made, the script had been already written.

It is well known that Jeb Bush was the establishment’s choice for this presidential campaign. To their surprise and complete dismay, the American people spoke up and said no. They made it clear they wanted an outsider, not a politician.

Being elitists, and operating in a world out of touch with their constituency’s reality, establishment republicans continue to ignore the will of the people. They are leaving no stone unturned in going all out to derail Trump’s candidacy.

To a person, they are hell-bent on being at the wheel in determining what direction this party, and the country, is going to go in and all be damned what the people think, or have to say.

So they secreted themselves away in the shadows to plot the downfall of this man who is backed by the people.

Should they succeed, they will target Ted Cruz next.

Congressional Republicans fighting to take down Donald Trump

No one heard a peep out of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney while President Obama went about destroying this republic. He made no television appearances or grandiose denouncements of what was happening in America thanks to Obama and the Democrats.

Suddenly Romney is concerned about a fellow republican taking over the office of the presidency, at a time this front runner is energizing the party. If Romney attacked Obama in this manner when he ran for the office in 2012, Romney would have won.

What about Hillary Clinton? Romney elected not to bash her. Instead, she gets a free pass.

The reality is that Romney represents the old guard in terms of Republican leadership, and a failed one at that.

No doubt, Mitt Romney left the podium thinking he had taken the high ground, but in reality, he stooped lower than a snake when he went public to trash the party’s front runner.

Left-leaning media apparatus are also complicit in this. They are playing the role of spoilers.

In a March 5 New York Times piece by Michael Barbaro, Asheley Parker and Jonathan Martin, ‘Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump’, the writers cast establishment Republicans as the noble guardians of the image, expectations, and traditions of the Republican Party.

As for the rank and file, they are portrayed as being uninformed and incapable of knowing what is best for the party and the country.

But party leaders have failed in their attempt to persuade them not to support Trump.

The real issue is not Trump. The real issue is whom our next president is going to be, and more importantly, who is going to decide that.

Will it be ‘we the people,’ who the founding fathers entrusted with the power, or will it be the hired help in Washington DC, who have become the very tyrants our forefathers left behind in Europe?

The establishment had better take heed of what is simmering at the grassroots level. People are beyond angry at what is going on in America and at those who are behind this hijack.

What Romney and the establishment Republicans have effectively done is stir the hornet’s nest; one bloated with angry conservative voters.

What they have failed to understand is this: Americans are waking up to the fact that it is not only the right of a people to overthrow an oppressive government but also their duty to do so. This course of action is something the establishment fears.

Although the American voters are expressing their anger in a civil manner, so far, our advice is this: Tread lightly establishment Republicans, for your day of reckoning may soon be at hand should you push Americans too far.

A fight is often one dismissive gesture or insult away. Revolution is even closer.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reprinted with permission and by arrangement with LegalInsurrection.

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