Eric Holder is “too black to jail”


LOS ANGELES, September 29, 2014 — The 2008 financial crisis introduced the term “too big to fail” into the American lexicon. Companies that should have been allowed to go bankrupt were bailed out using taxpayer dollars.

None of the firms who accepted taxpayer bailout money were required to fire their boards of directors. People were not held accountable. They were “too big to jail.”

President Barack Obama became symbolic of the entire post-bailout era. No matter badly or how often he failed at governing, he was propped up. He was too important to be allowed to sink or swim on his own. He was deemed “too black to fail” by liberals determined to judge Obama by the color of his skin rather than by the content of his character.

As bad as Obama was, his Attorney General Eric Holder was worse. Obama at least had to answer to voters. Holder had to only answer to one man, Obama. As the first black Attorney General, Holder was the first Attorney General held in civil and criminal contempt by congress. He used race as a cudgel to reward friends, punish enemies, and protect himself at all costs. While he has announced that he is stepping down, the damage and pain he inflicted cannot be undone. He will retire with a comfortable government pension and then make millions in speaking fees.

Despite his utter contempt for the rule of law, Holder escaped prosecution by intimidating those trying to hold him accountable. Obama was too black to fail. Holder was “too black to jail.”

Why should Eric Holder be sitting in a prison cell awaiting a trial? Let us count the ways.

FALN and Marc Rich — FALN are Puerto Rican terrorists. Marc Rich was the biggest tax cheat in American history. These were people that Holder recommended for pardons while he was the Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration. FALN were leftists, while Rich and his ex-wife Denise were liberals who donated generously to the Clintons. These pardons were strictly ideological and an abuse of the pardon system. They were legal since presidential pardons are absolute.

Fast and Furious — Obama sycophants insist that this gunrunning sting began during the George W. Bush administration, a lie that has been completely debunked. The purpose of the operation was to create more gun crimes and a political climate for more gun control, eventually toppling the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The government lost track of the guns, resulting in the death of American border guard Brian Terry and over 200 innocent Mexicans. Holder to this day refuses to disclose who ordered the program that blew up on his watch. The program failure was incompetence. The coverup has been malicious.

New Black Panthers — Holder played the worst racial and ideological politics in selectively enforcing voting rights laws. Members of the New Black Panthers were videotaped using billy clubs and other weapons to deter white voters from going to the polls. Holder never prosecuted them despite the videotape being available for the world to see.

Gibson Guitar — People who make guitars are usually not caught up in political controversies, but Holder ordered the FBI to raid this company. Gibson was accused of using illegal wood from India. The wood was legal, and Gibson caught the attention of the Obama administration because their CEO is a Republican who donated to Obama’s political opponents. Other guitar makers using the exact same wood were left alone, since those CEOs supported Obama. Try convincing reasonable people that the Gibson raid was anything other than selective prosecution based on ideology.

IRS abuses — Eric Holder did not directly use the IRS to harass conservative Americans legally participating in the political process in an attempt to silence them. Lois Lerner handled that. However, Lerner was held in contempt of congress. That should have led to an investigation. As Attorney General, Holder has blocked the investigation from going any further.

Benghazi — This is another example of Holder indirectly protecting other powerful liberals. Four men were left to die on September 11th, 2012 in Libya. All roads lead to Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State at the time. Despite allegations that rescuers were ordered to stand down, Holder has refused to appoint a special prosecutor.

DOMA, illegal immigration, and drug laws — Holder’s job is to enforce all laws on the books. When former Attorney General John Ashcroft was asked what he would do if the law conflicted with his religious beliefs, he stated that he would resign. When Laws conflict with Holder’s ideological beliefs, he just refuses to enforce those laws.

The Defense of Marriage Act was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. While critics of the law found it bigoted against gays and the Supreme Court would eventually strike it down, it was the law of the land when Holder came into power. He was legally obligated to enforce the law even if he disliked it. If attorney generals could pick and choose which laws to enforce, the result would be anarchy. Holder just ignored DOMA.

Holder has refused to enforce immigration laws, allowing massive amounts of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. Many of these illegal immigrants are minorities, allowing Holder to paint people who want secure borders as racists. Obama supporters claim that Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any other American president, another false claim. Immigration reform is a contentious issue, but Holder has just decided to let people stay if it strengthens the liberal voting coalition for the foreseeable future. Right now illegal immigrants cannot vote, but with Holder being in charge of enforcing voting laws, those laws are meaningless.

Holder has long detested mandatory minimum drug sentences. The disparity in sentences for crack cocaine as opposed to powder cocaine has long been another excuse for the left to cry racism. Crack users are more likely to be poor and black while powder cocaine users are often wealthier and whiter. The indisputable fact is that the crack epidemic devastated inner cities and increased crime, resulting in tougher sentences. While the disparity has been reduced through the judicial system, Holder simply refuses to prosecute many drug offenders at all. With money from George Soros, Holder is on the front lines of the battle to legalize drugs altogether.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the Boston Marathon Bomber, and the Fort Hood Shooter — 9/11 mastermind KSM is a radical Islamist terrorist, but Holder wanted to treat him like a common criminal. Attempts to try him in a civilian court in New York backfired due to a public outcry that created a public relations nightmare for the Obama administration, Showing he learned nothing, Holder is currently preparing to charge the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber in a civilian court. The Fort Hood Shooter was accused of committing “workplace violence” rather than be subjected to the treatment worthy of an Islamofascist terrorist. Holder’s insistence on treating terrorists as common criminals results in more terrorist attacks and more innocent murdered Americans.

Ferguson, Missouri — When a white cop shot a black criminal, Holder immediately sided with the criminal and inflamed racial tensions. The facts would eventually show that a “gentle giant” named Michael Brown had actually charged at the officer violently. The officer defended himself rather than lose his own life. Holder did not care. He is now using the full weight of the federal Department of Justice to destroy a veteran police officer with a spotless record. Letting the facts matter was too much to ask of Holder. The St. Louis suburb burned as Holder, with considerable help from Al Sharpton, stoked the flames. Other innocent people died in the ensuing riots.

Nation of cowards — Early in his tenure, Holder referred to America itself as a nation of cowards because of slavery and segregation. Nothing could be further from the truth. America is a nation of brave individuals who fought a bloody civil war that ended slavery. Brave individuals since have publicly admitted to America’s wrongs. What makes America exceptional is this nation’s open willingness to be self-critical, a trait Holder himself lacks. While freedom of speech allows Holder to make this comment, it also exposes him to charges of despising the very country whose laws he should be enforcing.

Eric Holder has spent his entire career selectively prosecuting some individuals while refusing to prosecute others. In virtually every case, Holder’s decision whether or not to enforce the law comes down to his ideology and his race. Upon becoming the first Attorney General to be held in contempt of congress, he claimed racism. This accusation is as wrong as it is destructive. It is also typical Holder, who was held in contempt for being a corrupt, incompetent, race-baiting leftist ideologue who does his job with dishonor and severely bends the rule of law to fit whatever he says it should be on any given day.

When Eric Holder’s targets are conservatives, he brings the heavy hand of government. When the suspects are leftists, Holder offers willful blindness. Meanwhile, he has helped Obama pit people against each other and exacerbate racial tensions to advance a hard-left agenda.

Holder knows that being held accountable for his misdeeds would result in riots. His history shows that he would gleefully encourage such riots.

Holder knows he is above the law.

He will never be held responsible for anything he has done or failed to do.

He is too black to jail.

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  • John Pike

    Great article.

    Eric Holder set a new standard in sleaziness with his unwillingness to prosecute anybody helping Obama with his nefarious plans.

    Very sad that Obama and his entire administration has been so divisive instead of making us better. All the Hope and change went to government sponsored racism and mistrust

    I thought Obama was supposed to bring our country together? I’ve never seen a country more divided. We all hate each other now.

    Under Obama, 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and have no hopes for raises anytime in this Obama administration. They also just had their health insurance cancelled and are forced to sign up for a more expensive policy with higher deductibles and co-pays. They are also living in a country where racial relations are as tense as ever (see Ferguson, MO).

    I was laid off in 2010 shortly after the start of the recession. I’m highly skilled in my field, yet have been bouncing around from job to job all making starting salary numbers, despite being 36 years old. Paying my mortgage is a struggle. Paying my health insurance is worse ($375/month from Freelancer’s Union). My car insurance is cheap at $25/month (from Insurance Panda), but who knows when Obama will step in and socialize that too! My daughter is forced to attend a public school that is in increasingly worse condition thanks to illegal children and welfare leeches moving in. Yet here I am, unable to afford a quality education for her.

    The middle class is shrinking in Obama-America because Obama is taxing them to oblivion and not giving them any hand-me-outs. To be middle class in today’s America is to be poor.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      That is correct. We, the middle class, are the working poor. We “make to much” for social programs, but are taxed enough to support the “illegals”. Thus, redistribution of wealth.