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Epstein “suicide” conspiracies: Clinton Body Count, MI-6, or Mossad?

Written By | Aug 15, 2019
Clinton Body Count, Mossad, MI-6

NEW YORK, NY: The Jeffrey Epstein “suicide” is looking more and more like an Agatha Christie novel. Did Epstein take his own life?  You have to ask, was he the modern-day equivalent of Lee Harvey Oswald, silenced by Jack Ruby because he knew too much? Or is Epstein more like the fictional gangster Frank Pantangeli in Godfather II.  Slitting his wrists in Federal custody and taking his secrets with him. Or is Epstein just another not too surprising addition to the Clinton Body Count? The conspiracy theories are many.

Jeffrey Epstein: Suicide or Homicide

Is Epstein’s death a Whitey Bulgar case of the federal prison system looking the other way while a notorious and troublesome inmate is murdered?  Or, as we are being asked to believe, was it the negligence of overworked prison guards in a dilapidated facility full of mold and rats who couldn’t give a damn about protocol until someone hung themselves.

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The autopsy shows that Epstein had broken bones in his neck. In particular, the Hyoid bones, which, when broken, are an indicator of strangulation.  Also raising eyebrows is the Epstein’s eyes were bulging, exhibiting broken capillaries. Both are more typical of strangulation than asphyxiation. Homicide, not suicide.

Add to this the fact that Epstein was alone in a cell without cameras or a roommate and was not checked on for many hours. However,  if the guards were asleep and the hall cameras pointed in the wrong direction who knows what exactly happened.

The public consensus is that Epstein was murdered.  The man was upbeat with his lawyers the day before his death. He was planning to trade information for a lighter sentence and/or better conditions. From all accounts, Epstein was not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Much less hang himself when he knew he had many damaging cards to play.

Epstein’s “orgy island”: Videos and blackmail

Vanity Fair reports that Epstein had the entire compound on his private island in the Virgin Islands wired for video. For blackmail purposes. You can rest assured that his airplane, New York City townhouse, and ranch in New Mexico were fully wired as well. Anything of an untoward nature that occurred there was captured and stored on film.

Every orgy. Each and every guest. Every bedroom. How very Hollywood of him.

Ghislaine Maxwell is said to be ensconced in Massachusetts with her current millionaire boyfriend. That is surprising as you would think she would be looking for a country without extradition about now. Unless she is already cooperating with the US Attorneys Office in the SDNY.

In which case she might want to beef up her security.

William Barr insists that all perpetrators and co-conspirators will be prosecuted and punished.

AG Barr promises justice for the victims. Hopefully, in this case, justice goes well beyond Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s appointment secretary and servant girls who facilitated the sex trafficking. The men the girls were passed around to will also have to be named and prosecuted for justice to prevail.

The photographic evidence is apparently overwhelming.

Epstein: “Servicing” his clients

The famous and the fabulous. Tech titans, Senators, Governors, ex-Presidents. Whoever was partaking of Jeffery Epstein’s special carnal services should be in a huge amount of trouble. They should be indicted. Whether they actually will be is the question.

Somehow everything is suddenly more difficult. That’s what people are afraid of. It doesn’t need to be complicated. It needs to be transparent. Whoever was involved needs to be exposed. Criminally.

One thing is certain. Jeffrey Epstein certainly knew way too much. About a lot of very wealthy and powerful people. His death would seem to be  a convenient end to their concerns. Except it is creating even more of a problem.

Epstein’s Lolita Express frequent flyer Bill Clinton: Indicted before Hillary?

Public confidence is skeptical of any explanation that could explain how it could have happened at all. They kept El Chapo two doors down from Jeffrey Epstein for three years without incident. It is an understatement to say it all smells to high heaven.

But who would want to have Jeffrey Epstein killed specifically? There are, of course, like any good Agatha Christie novel, a number of the usual suspects.

For clarity sake, this is all rank speculation, based on rank speculation.

The Mossad

It has been rumored for years that Jeffrey Epstein was an agent for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service. That he was keeping this trove of personal information, including videos, on powerful figures around the world. For blackmail purposes. That he was passing this information on to the Mossad.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, a publishing titan and high profile billionaire who committed “suicide” as his empire collapsed. Maxwell disappeared from his luxury yacht, the “Lady Ghislane”, named for his daughter, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1991.

A dramatic end to a major international figure. A man who moved in many circles. A many who had many rich and famous acquaintances.  Very much like Jeffrey Epstein. A man who was, like Jeffery Epstein, a Mossed asset.

When Maxwell disappeared he was threatening to tell a lot of people what he knew about a good deal of sensitive subjects. Unless those “people”  did not help to bail him out. And his Mossad handlers got nervous.  Now decades later his daughter is the prime associate with a mysterious financial figure with dirt and secrets on titans of industry and leading politicians and political establishments around the globe. Nuts do not fall far from their trees.

The connections between Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Robert Maxwell with Israeli intelligence and Mossad is certainly one that should be considered when looking for who wanted to keep Jeffery Epstein from talking.

The Royal Family

To think in the modern era that the British Royal Family could still have an adversary killed in an American federal prison is impressive on one hand, just for nostalgia sake. And a tiny bit nefarious on the other. At the same time, who would have thought that MI-6 would conspire with the CIA to help stage a coup against Donald Trump? Which they did.

That Prince Andrew spent time with principle Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre is indisputable. The picture of her with Prince Andrew, and at glittering parties with Ghislaine and Epstein around the world, is undeniable. Guiffre also says she was loaned out over the years she was with Epstein to have sex with more people than she can even remember. There were so many. So frequently.

In addition to Prince Andrew, she mentions Governor Bill Richardson and former Senator George Mitchell. While Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace deny any underage sex, the extremely high profile nature of the accusations would have to give the Royal Family and MI-6 a high degree of interest in Jeffrey Epstein’s demise.

The Clinton Body Count adds another one

Bill Clinton said he only took 4 trips on the “Lolita Express”. Flight logs show he took at least 27. Bill Clinton swears he was never on Epstein’s “orgy island”. Yet depositions recently released in a civil lawsuit back up claims that he did spend time there. Ghislaine Maxwell got her private helicopter licenses partly, she admitted, so no one would know who she was flying in to meet Epstein.

Maxwell flew Bill Clinton in her helicopter on more than one occasion.

Now we all are familiar with the Clinton Body Count that stretches all the way back to Arkansas. Was the reality of the time Bill Clinton spent on the Lolita Express and the private “orgy island” becoming a little too close for comfort?

Is the trail of evidence of the presence of young girls all too coincidental? Meandering through Vince Foster and Seth Rich, and many others, before going to its most recent “coincidence”, Jeffery Epstein.

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein drowns in the Clinton ‘dead pool’

Of all the high profile well known future defendants who want Jeffrey Epstein silenced, the Clinton’s would have to be at the top of the list. We already know they were able to get the White House, DOJ, DOD, State Department, CIA and FBI to stage a coup against Donald Trump.

We know about the Uranium One deal, pay to play at the State Department, and collaborating with the Russians through the Steele dossier to destroy a sitting President.

Bumping off Epstein seems like small potatoes compared to stealing billions from the Haitians.

Still, if there are videos and pictures and diaries and piles of evidence, then Bill is certainly going to have some explaining to do.

Clinton Body Count, Mossad, MI-6
The Deep State: Epstein is not dead, and its a body double

This is my favorite theory. A 4 chan post says that Epstein was removed from his cell and replaced with a dead body double by uniformed military personal. The body wheeled into the hospital has a different nose shape and ear lobe shape from known pictures of Epstein when he was alive.

The body has already been claimed by an unknown Epstein “associate” and has, I am certain, been cremated immediately.

On this theory, Epstein has been whisked out of the country to Israel, Saudi Arabia, or some other secret location. The body double and switch is conveniently believed. The logistics are tricky but not impossible.  Just look at the nefarious activities at the highest levels of the government during the Russia Hoax. During the attempted coup against President Trump.

Taking all that into consideration, even an unlikely scenario becomes plausible. Its no more crazy than finding out the CIA was spying on a leading Presidential candidate and framing him as a Russian agent.

Epstein: Too many suspects to count

Was Jeffery Epstein a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald, killed because he had to be. Because he knew too much. Because of what he would expose. Was he Frank Pentangeli, slitting his wrists in the bath to take his secrets to the grave. Or was he a victim of the Clinton’s, or Mossad, or the Royal Family, or the Deep State. Or some other entity we aren’t even considering.  The interwoven threads of conspiracy and cover-up are boundless.

Of course, it could just be incompetent jail officials and a defendant who knew that he would never get out.  But given the importance of the case, and the people implicated, it stretches credibility to say that the simplest explanation is the most logical. The simple explanation is too logical. And too implausible.

Durham has questions for Brennan, NSA’s Mike Rogers has the answers

It’s clear that someone wanted him dead. But its also becoming clear that he is as dangerous dead as he was when he was alive. It all depends on the Federal prosecutors, and where they take it, and how hard, and how far. Once again we are about to find out what kind of country we are living in.

William Barr says that the case will continue wherever it leads. If we see indictments of the men who took advantage of these young underage girls then we will know that justice is done.

Just as when Brennan, Clapper and Comey are finally indicted in the attempted coup against Donald Trump, then we will know that there is, finally, real justice in America.

When the powerful men are exposed and punished for their crimes against Epstein’s cadre of underage girls, then we will know that Justice didn’t stop with Jeffrey Epstein’s untimely death.


Rick Johnson