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The five things to do that help end Covid-19 contamination

Written By | Mar 29, 2020

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump signed a 2.3 Trillion economic stimulus relief package geared to restructure, re-balance and improve consumer confidence in America’s global economy and help end Covid-19 contamination. The global pandemic is reported to spread biological contaminants from infected bodies with symptoms as fatal as death.

There are consistent warnings about the overall spread of germs and bacteria and those effects on the human population growth.

Provide economic stimulus package

The virus, the President said, is the invisible enemy. Countries have instituted strict quarantine measures to reduce and eventually eliminate the spread of this dangerous and potentially fatal epidemic. President Trump outlined his plan to reboot the economy at the recent bill signing.

The Cares Act (S. 3548), sponsored by Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, includes appropriations for the following:

+117 billion for hospitals and veterans’ healthcare
+45 billion for FEMA disaster relief fund
+11 billion for vaccines, therapeutics, and other medical needs
+4.3 billion for Centers for Disease Control
+562 million to support small businesses through disaster loans.
Nancy Pelosi: Ring leader of Democrat’s Covid-19 relief thievery

High tech DNA regeneration techniques

There are a number of high tech solutions out there. Governments are no doubt working on enhancing and distributing vaccines. The germ epidemic takes a number of strategic counters viral regeneration techniques to overcome.

For instance, Regenerable #DNA-Functionalized #Hydrogels for Ultrasensitive, Instrument-Free Mercury(II) Detection and Removal in Water in experimental studies conducted by Neeshma Dave Michelle Y. Chan Po-Jung Jimmy HuangBrendan D. SmithJuewen Liu*. (Regenerable DNA-functionalized hydrogels for ultrasensitive, instrument-free mercury(II) detection and removal in water.)

Viruses work by rewriting existing DNA code which is the basic structure for cellular regeneration.  Isolating and removing the infected cell ends improper cellular regeneration. These are just some of the cutting edge ways the global response to germ epidemics focus on high tech strategies.

Hydroxychloroquine with zinc among preventative treatments for COVID-19

5 Simple ways to help end Covid-19 contamination

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

What are the simple ways? to help end the Covid-19 contamination.

1. Washing hands and face thoroughly with soap and water
2. Cleaning door knobs daily
3. Cleaning mobile devices daily
4. Cleaning light switches daily
5. Wearing gloves and a mask in crowded indoor environments

Studies offer different time frames for Covid-19 survival outside of the human body. Any surface area contaminated remains potentially dangerous until cleaned. More information is available from the CDC and NIH.

Self-quarantine and other things that work

Travel bans work. Self-quarantine works. Eventually, travel resumes and restrictions only allow for the limited spread of Covid-19 contamination. Most states are ordering curfews, preventing unnecessary travel. With online retailers making marketable price point positioning strategy moves over the past decade, winning the confidence of most Americans, consumer loss to basic necessities is negligible.

Self-quarantine is an opportunity to reduce all germ infection, not just Covid-19 viral strains. Quarantine is a core element of good health policy, especially, with expanding effects of globalization and the increased level of personal interaction.

Eat healthily and exercise

Exercise always helps you stay strong, fit and healthy. Options for dining out are limited due to fears that Covid-19 contamination levels may spread. Eating healthy is still mandatory. A strong immune system is the best defense against infection and a vital preventative measure to help end Covid-19 contamination.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Look for foods that help improve kidney function and provide added minerals and vitamins to your diet. Kidneys filter blood through the nephron, regulating our acid-base balance. Circulating blood plasma from all 11 biological organ-systems simultaneously, through the kidneys, filters it. (Lower animal protein increases kidney filtration. Holly Kramer, Diet and Chronic Kidney Disease, Advances in Nutrition, Volume 10, Issue Supplement_4, November 2019, Pages S367–S379)

Delivery options make it simple to manage, especially, for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. Considering options like Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Papa John’s, Acme and other grocery deliveries makes eating from home relatively simple and hassle-free.

If you have to go out, Starbucks drive-through is always there to perk your tastebuds right up.

Lead Image: Photo by Valeria Ushakova from Pexels


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