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Ellen DeGeneres succumbs to the Hillary Clinton Effect

Written By | Aug 2, 2020

Hillary Clinton on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Screen capture.

WASHINGTON. Listing to what staff members of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” are saying, it appears their boss is a lot like Hillary Clinton.

“I always avoided eye contact when she [Hillary Clinton] was on the warpath. Everyone got the hell out of her way… her ‘brand’ was her only concern. She was a faux leader, all bark, no bite.”

So writes former Clinton White House Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne in his book “Crisis of Character.

Ellen, Degeneres, Ellen Degeneres, Clinton, Hillary, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton clears a White House hallway. “Hillary’s America” screen capture.

The Queen of Mean?

Accusations of bullying and racism by DeGeneres’ underlings are threatening the comedian and television host’s reputation for niceness. Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants told Fox News:

“Authenticity is king with celebrity brands and these continued leaks are lacerating her credibility and mangling her capacity to continue to try to be positioned at a high moral ground.”

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Look away

When television producer Neil Breen booked DeGeneres for a live interview on an Australian morning show, DeGeneres’ producers made what to Breen seemed a strange request.

“The producers [of the Ellen DeGeneres Show] pulled us aside and said, ‘This is how this is going to work this morning… Now, Neil, no one’s to talk to Ellen. You don’t talk to her. You don’t approach her. You don’t look at her.’”

DeGeneres’ chin-high, imperious character is identical to that of Clinton.

Ellen, Degeneres, Ellen Degeneres, Clinton, Hillary, Hillary Clinton

Ellen DeGeneres. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” screen capture.

White House Usher Worthington White recalled the time First Lady Hillary Clinton ordered him to tell her Secret Service detail to stay far behind and out of eye-shot.

“She just doesn’t want to see your face. And she doesn’t want you looking at her face,” White recalled to Kate Brower of POLITICO.
Crazy eyes

And back in 2016, Clinton did not like it when people looked directly through the windows of her dark soul. That’s because her eyes displayed crazy and unnatural movements resulting from a little-reported concussion from a fall she suffered in 2012.

Medical observers suspected her sixth cranial nerve, which commands the muscles that control coordinated eye movement, did not fully function three years after her head-slamming pratfall.

Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien even had a little fun at Hillary’s expense.

Phony posturing

Whether it’s encompassed in an entertainer’s “personal brand” or found in a politician’s disgusting public displays of “virtue signaling,” the goal is the same: build a fictitious reputation of moral superiority around an overblown sense of entitlement to imbue the holder with authority to make decisions for others. Refuse to kneel before them and you are branded evil, racist, homophobic or worse.

A former DeGeneres employee defined for Buzzfeed what can only be described as the “Hillary Effect,”

“Be kind to the world, not your employees.”

That’s because they’re just the little people. You know, “deplorables.”


Top Image: Hillary Clinton appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Screen capture.

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