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Elizabeth Warren’s liberal lying about gender identity and diversity

Written By | Jan 23, 2020
Gender Identity, Warren

WASHINGTON: It is difficult to try and keep the diversity message straight with the cast of characters so extensive. The Clinton message many years back was we want a cabinet “that looks like America.” Now we have Elizabeth (the Indian princess) Warren with remarks that indicate she wants the cabinet to look like Petticoat Junction. (Meghan McCain brushes off Elizabeth Warren’s pledge to staff half her cabinet with women – AOL News)

If Clinton’s cabinet looked like America, the concept of an American beauty contest is certainly history. If Warren thinks a 50% female distribution offers some strength of diversity, she might want to consider what strength would the Chicago Bears have if 50% of their players were women?

The whole thing seems to be a joke, but then the concept of a cowperson as opposed to a cowboy once seemed to be a joke.

Elizabeth Warren’s faux Cherokee, faux victim, faux media narratives

Politicians complain when legitimate media-types (Tucker Carlson for example) complain of Washington in terms of a swamp. There is a more appropriate term but self-mastery over Robert De Niro lingo is still a quality of writing.  However, when certifiable liars like Warren, she lies as often as Adam Schiff, stand on a stage as a candidate for president (or any office) and make statements as patently foolhardy as Warren’s about women, necessarily being 50% simply because of their sex (no, not GENDER) then their complaint has no legitimacy. (Warren promises to fill half of her Cabinet with women and nonbinary people)

A swamp is a swamp by any other name

By definition (Miriam Webster), a swamp is “a wetland with partial vegetation.” A third definition is “a difficult or troublesome situation.” The metaphor is clear for any who have traipsed through a swamp. To look at Washington with our twenty-three trillion dollar debt, a corrupt C.I.A., liars galore at the F.B.I., corrupt congressmen and women who pass legislation to enhance their own pocketbooks, Washington is at least “A difficult or troublesome situation.”

But more closely what the online Free Dictionary offers:

A situation or place fraught with difficulties and imponderables.

This is the climate where swamp creatures like Elizabeth Warren and her ilk, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or George Bush, Dick Cheney or Mitt (the spoiled swamp brat) Romney slither. They crawl through laws so idiotic and nonsensical that no one could understand them if they had time to read them.

Remember Fancy Nancy’s battle cry” “We have to pass it so we know what’s in it.”


So, little wonder that classless liars like Elizabeth Warren can make statements about needing a diverse society through the imposition of an arbitrary sexual identity standard. They make these statements and instead of people getting up and walking out, they applaud (in many cases).

They are distracted from the real swamp evils, by stupid remarks.

People with notions like Warren’s are beyond debate

Discussing anything intelligent or anything even at an adult level with them is virtually impossible. They truly are swamp creatures, as if they had been created from fiction out of a monster movie.

Gender should not define who gets a job or doesn’t. The job goes to the most qualified person, despite their sex. The San Francisco Forty-Niners recently hired a female coach. (San Francisco 49ers hire first female assistant coach, who is also first openly gay NFL assistant)

But watch for distractions.

The swamp is growing…and growing…and…


Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.