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Election Integrity 2020: Where Trump’s fight is now

Written By | Dec 16, 2020
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Arizona House Member Mark Finchem remarks that after eleven brutal hours of testimony, with dozens of witnesses, the testimony shows time and time again that it is impossible for Biden to have won Maricopa County. Maricopa accounting for 3/5ths of all of Arizona. Finchem recognizing that America’s Election Integrity is on the line.

Well-publicized errors in the unofficial election results in Antrium County sent to the state of Michigan on election night made it appear that Democrat Joe Biden received more votes than Trump. The fact is that  Trump won the county by nearly 4,000 votes.

The Allied Security Operation Group provided forensic analysis of the Dominion voting machines, release a report that the Dominion vote tabulation machines consistently returned an error rate of 68% in vote tabulations.  That 33% of votes were switched from Trump to Biden.  What does that mean?  If 100 votes were counted for Trump.  100 votes counted for Biden.  The result is that Biden received 133 votes, while Trump pocketed 67.

Explaining the fraud that took place during Election 2020

In one country alone, Atrium, 6,000 votes were given to Biden over Trump.  This means that if Biden was given 6,000 votes out of 10,000 were cast for Trump, Biden gains 6,000 votes, Trump loses 6,000 votes.  If that error is corrected, Biden’s 10,000 votes reduce to 4,000 while Trumps’ increase to 10,000.

The evidence of election fraud

To date the election fraud has been based on sworn affidavits, videos of hidden ballots pulled out in the middle of the night and recounted ballots that are obviously xeroxed copies, ballots that do not have a clear chain of custody, and ballots transported across state lines.  One driver’s tractor and ballots disappearing into the night.

Most democrats poo-pooing these allegations as … unfounded.  Basically calling thousands of American volunteers and working people liars. But that is nothing new for Democrats. Election Integrity be damned. They demand power.

But with time has come the dawning sun, bringing more lite to fraud committed in Election 2020.  Hard evidence.

Russ Ramsland is a co-owner of the aforementioned Allied Security Operations Group.  Ramsland has filed an affidavit showing that a Biden win in Michigan is a physical impossibility.

How Election Integrity and your vote was stolen electronically

Ramsland says the voting systems in Michigan contain “a large number of vulnerabilities to hacking and tampering, both at the front end where Americans cast their votes, and at the back end where the votes are stored, tabulated and reported.”  These vulnerabilities include, per Ramsland’s affidavit:

  • Unprotected logs in the Dominion systems allow for the addition, modification, or removal of log entries, in order to hide changes.
  • In Antium County, 6,000 votes were switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.
  • That votes cast are greater than the number of voters in some precincts. Presidential votes cast compared to estimated voters range, by precinct, from 84% to 350%, as was reported in Benville TWP.
    “There are a stunning 3,276 precincts where the Presidential Votes Cast compared to the Estimated Voters based on Reported Statistics ranges from 84% to 350%… reveals 431,954 excess ballots.. This pattern strongly suggests that the *additive algorithm* was activated.” – Ramsfeld affidavit
  • That voting spikes turning the election toward Biden happened consistently in the contested states where Democrats were in control of the election, such as in Philadelphia, PA  or Maricopa, AZ or Fulton, GA.
    “Until the tabulated voter turnout reached approximately 85%, Trump was generally winning between 55% and 50% of every turnout point.  Then, after the counting was closed at 2:00 am, the situation dramatically reversed itself, starting with a series of impossible spokes shortly after counting was supposed to have stopped.  The several spikes cast solely for Biden could easily be produced in the Dominion system by pre-loading batches of blank ballots in files such as Write-Ins, then casting them all for Biden using the Override Procedure (to cast Write-in Ballots) this is available to the operator of the system.” – Ramsfeld affidavit
  • According to Ramsland, the greatest red flad occurred in Michigan. The election results are physically impossible without the voting results being manipulated.
    “In the data are 4 spikes totaling 384, 733 ballots allegedly processed in a combined interval of only 2 hours and 38 minutes. This is physically impossible given the available equipment at the 4 reference locations.”  – Ramsland affidavit

Could this be the reason GOP electors were barred from the meeting?

More than one expert, one conclusion

Multiple mathematical experts and data analysts have testified including Dr. Shiva Ayyaduria (MIT)  and Robert  Piton about the statistical impossibility of a Biden win.   Piton is a managing partner of Pre-Active Investments, LLC and an investment advisor. He used Arizona’s official government data to run his analysis. (

After analyzing the data, he believes this is the “biggest fraud in the history of our constitutional republic is taking place right before our eyes.”  Piton claims that between 120,000 and 306,000 fake people in Arizona alone voted in this election.

Georgia Legislature on vote-fraud: We have a mess on our hands

The Epoch Times Petr Svab wrote about Ben Turner, a former chief actuary at Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance. He now operates Fraud Spotters, a consultancy specializing in detecting insurance fraud.  (Fraud Analyst Finds Average of 2 to 3 Percent Shift for Biden in Counties That Used Dominion)

The Epoch Times reported that based on Turner’s fraud detection algorithms that

“Counties that started using Dominion Voting Systems machines have on average moved by 2 to 3 points to the Democrat presidential candidate from the Republican compared to counties that didn’t adopt the machines.”

Turner says that vote totals associated with Dominion machines experienced a 1.55 percentage point decrease in the Republican vote with a 1.55 percent increase in the Democrat vote.  While this may seem like a minute amount, Turner tells The Epoch Times that in Georgia, a 0.24 percent of all votes would need to be shifted from Biden back to Trump for Trump to win the state.  In Arizona, 0.51 percent of votes would flip the state.  Wisconsin, a 2.05 percent of votes, and Nevada 2.5 percent, are all that is needed.

The electronic fraud is only bolstered by reports of non-eligible vote-by-mail ballots in Wisconsin, the dead voting in Nevada, or voters who have commercial or vacant lot addresses.

It takes more than a machine

There are quite a few names around the Dominion Voting and Tabulation machines.  There is also Scytl and Smartmatic.  (Swiss and Aussies find a critical flaw in Scytl software that the US ignores) Then on Monday of this week, FBI, Texas Rangers and US Marshals Raid Solarwinds HQ in Austin.

NEWSLA reporting:

“Last night the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a rare Emergency Directive 21-01, in response to a KNOWN COMPROMISE involving SolarWinds Orion products.
This was only the fifth Emergency Directive issued by CISA under the authorities granted by Congress in the Cybersecurity Act of 2015.
CISA reported a breach of the SolarWinds Orion products.
This Emergency Directive called on all federal civilian agencies to review their networks for indicators of compromise and disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion products immediately.
So guess who uses SolarWinds?
Dominion Voting Systems uses SolarWinds products.”

Before a Michigan House panel on Election Integrity, the CEO of Dominion Voting System’s testifies that Dominion does not have a relationship with SolarWinds. However, throughout Peter Soulis testimony, it was easy to see words being couched not to tell the truth, but not to tell an obvious mistruth.  He simply does not come across as credible.  He seems to be using the same testimony coach of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Joe Biden is not President-Elect

Joe Biden took the podium to celebrate that he won the “electoral college” vote, triggering Senate Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY) to offer his congratulations.  But McConnell jumped the gun.  Electors in seven states, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisoncons, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico cast an alternative slate of votes for President Donald Trump, even as democrat electors did the same for Biden.

This is not anything new.  IN 1960, Hawaii cast an alternate set of votes for John F. Kennedy, despite the state’s governor certifying the electors for Richard Nixon.

“Sending more than one slate of electors is not unheard of,” said Marshawn Maddock, Michigan Republican at-large national elector in an emailed release. “It’s our duty to the people of Michigan and to the U.S. Constitution to send another slate of electors if the election is in controversy or dispute—and clearly it is.”

Republican electors in those seven states being disputed cast their votes in order to preserve any legal claims Trump may have at to the outcome of the election. It is of interest to note that Democrats in Michigan would not allow the GOP electors access to the statehouse where the electoral college was meeting.

The actions of the electors now are a strong signal from their state legislatures. The present state legislature count across all states is 3,859 Republicans (52.7%) to 3,455 Democrat (46.8%).  Indications are that this election will be decided, at the end of the day, by that august body.

All of this concluding that Democrats and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris perpetrated a huge fraud on Americans.








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