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Election 2020 and the growing post-Trump resistance?

Written By | Nov 10, 2020

WASHINGTON. Should President Trump lose his legal challenges to the fraudulent vote-by-mail system, we know post-Trump that everything we thought we knew about America is a lie. The Declaration of Independence says a legitimate government exists to “secure” our individual rights and to rule by the “consent of the governed.” 

4th of July, Declaration of Independence, Robert Epstein, Google, post-trump, Beijing Biden, election 2020

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America by Armand-Dumaresq (c. 1873). Public domain image

A Biden victory proves this does not apply in today’s America.

He unmasked the lie

And we have Donald Trump, the outsider, to thank for removing the scales from our eyes. The edifice of our democratic republic, operating under the rule of law, is an illusion. We can discard the old presumption that the United States is a “nation of laws and not men.”

post-trump, Beijing Biden, election 2020

President Trump’s inaugural in 2017. NBC News screen capture.

On the contrary, it is a nation operating under the arbitrary whims of men and women we do not know. Men and women we did not elect. Men and women whose job is to promote the fiction that Americans are free and their government is answerable to “We the People.”

Media declares President-Elect Biden: A “dark winter” is coming

It was only after Trump was elected president that we discovered the FBI and CIA provide “insurance policies” to the Democratic Party in the event of loss. And so, they opened fraudulent investigations against outsider Trump, feeding disinformation to a complicit media.

He was no gutless Republican

You see, Trump was never the conventional Republican politician. That’s why the base of the GOP rejected his 17 primary challengers in 2015 and elected Trump as their party’s standard-bearer to contest the well-oiled Hillary Clinton machine.

post-trump, Beijing Biden, election 2020

(screen shot/ABC/Fair Use)

Later, the president was forced to wage a two-front war against Democrats and their Republican enablers in Congress. As we saw recently, these enablers came out in force to support the Biden coup against representative government in 2020. These Republicans should never be forgotten… or forgiven.

Moreover, it falls to the rank-and-file Republican voter to remove these miscreants and their ilk from office as the Tea Party did so effectively in 2010 and 2014.

Tea Party, where are you?

The Trump resistance

Biden, Mao, China, Communism, Democrats, post-trump, Beijing Biden, election 2020

Meanwhile, it’s been reported that President Trump may continue holding rallies in protest of the dishonest vote-rigging that gave Chinese Joe Biden the White House. Could this also mean Trump will skip Biden’s inaugural to hold an inaugural gathering of his own? A meeting with tens of thousands of his supporters in each of the US cities where he speaks?

It would present a small candle of light at a time when most would rather curse the gathering darkness. And with the Republican Party leadership comprised so heavily of weak sisters, it falls to Trump to lead a resistance movement against Beijing’s Manchurian president.

A movement that, with time, may coalesce into a formidable and powerful third party.


Top Image: Ballot Box illustration by Nevit Dilmen via Wikipedia,

Steven M. Lopez

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