Election 2016: So now morality matters?

Suddenly, morality matters to the Democratic Party? That is only likely to matter if they can utilize inequities to smear a political opponent. How transparent and hypocritical.


SAN JOSE, October 17, 2016 – Morality, somehow, has become the center of the 2016 campaign over the last several weeks.

Hillary Clinton is the beneficiary of the campaigning of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in the waning stages of the campaign. Both are making reference to the self-damning comments of Donald Trump that have many people throughout the nation in an uproar, in a state of confusion, and at a point at which they will “throw in the towel,” and resign to silent indignation and disgust over the apparent state of disrepair in the United States of America.

In addition, the mainstream media is amplifying the official mantra of morality as an issue in the 2016 presidential election.

Morality, however, is not what this election is about. It is about the retention of political power, and the best control of a nation money can buy. From the nasty campaign ads that cost several million dollars paid to the billionaire and millionaire media moguls, to the mainstream media minions hired by such media moguls carrying out the orders of their bosses, and the media personalities will spew out the talking points or official mantra of the Party.

In short, media elitists seem absolutely determined to retain their status and position in power within the tyrannical triad of corruption.

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To retain power without physical enslavement (which the Democrat Party was quite good at accomplishing), the core leadership of any party would need to manipulate/motivate people’s thinking – like how manipulative marketing maniacs on steroids would push people to buy computers, cars, or homes. In elections, mental manipulation of at least half of the voting public is required to motivate enough people to cast their votes for the designated Party, which will lead to victory in elections. Media moguls’ have widespread interests in moviemaking, television, and the internet; thus, they have the platform to promote whatever agenda they wish – or suppress any information, or mitigate or mock the truth.

This media empire-like structure is capable of influencing anyone anywhere who gets “plugged-in” to any number of media outlets, and that is why marketing is so integral to the regular and consistent sales of goods and services. Marketing is so integral to politics that millions, if not billions, are spent on the marketing of respective candidates. If a political message is consistent and repeated enough times, it is usually accepted readily, and what is accepted by the mind translates into action as the body cooperates with thoughts based on ideas and beliefs formulated within the mental map.

However, a message centered around morality is quite a challenge for the triad of tyranny.

The indignation of the Democratic Party smacks of hollow, and the righteous disdain of the traditional GOP elitists is also a little too little, a little too late. Citizens truly need some perspective on the amazing display of political rumblings and displays of shock and awe going on in the mainstream media as the entitled elitists in the state-run media machine shallowly displaying outrage. Many who claim that Donald Trump does not have the character for being the POTUS. Yet, it appears that Donald Trump is only approaching the same level as former President Bill Clinton; so, why would the Democrats be concerned or disturbed – especially Hillary Clinton?

The moral character of Bill Clinton has never caused the Democrats such overt hand wringing concern. The character of other Democratic “leaders,” with similar sexual escapades, has rarely caused any moral outrage for the Democrats. In 1984, front-running presidential candidate Gary Hart of Colorado was caught in a scandal with young Donna Rice. He eventually left the race, returned to campaign, and then closed his race permanently due to fallout from that scandal. Not long ago the sext-capades of Anthony Weiner shocked many Americans.

Additionally, in 2004, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, the Democratic Party’s candidate for vice president running with then Senator John Kerry, was ultimately caught in a sexual scandal of infidelity. Edwards was a “golden boy” in the Party and in 2008, he ran in the primaries for the Democratic bid for president in his own right. However, Americans found out he had an extra – marital affair with a woman with whom he had a daughter, while his wife Elizabeth suffered with terminal breast cancer. If the Democratic Party leadership was truly concerned about morality, such high profile candidates would have been extremely vetted.

Especially, with regard to Bill Clinton’s acts of lewd and immoral behavior when they occurred time after time throughout their political careers, one wonders whether Hillary was really so distressed with concerns over morality. Maybe it is time to get out the fact-checkers. Bill Clinton had the gall to have intimate physical sexual relations in the White House with Monika Lewinsky, multiple times.

Mrs. Clinton actually served as the “field general” to manage the public relations fallout from the damning national scandal, just as she had to mitigate damage related to her husband’s “frolicking” in Arkansas, in New Hampshire, and in the Executive Mansion. Instead of moral outrage in those times, Hillary would go on the offensive to fight the good fight to protect her predator husband.

Gennifer Flowers claimed the other day that Bill Clinton personally paid $200 for her abortion of their baby in 1977. She also revealed that she became aware that Hillary Clinton knew of the affair between her husband and Flowers, which continued for at least eleven years. Flower’s book, Passion and Betrayal,published in 1995, explained the details.

Maybe Hillary Clinton’s outrage toward Donald Trump is the ultimate acting out of her pain and disdain brought on by her own husband. Consider this: Hillary was not publicly outraged as her husband repeatedly was caught of his sexual indiscretions. Yet, now that Trump’s indiscretions, or alleged actions, surface, Hillary is concerned? It is hard to believe – Trump is her opponent, so this is different.

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Suddenly, morality matters to the Democratic Party?

That is only likely to matter if they can utilize inequities to smear a political opponent. How transparent and hypocritical. The Democrats may be counting on the vote of Millennials or others who were not even adults in the late 1900s, and thus not even aware of the realities of immorality. Or, it may be that the Democratic Party is hoping that the Millennials are not going to harshly judge actions of Democrats because they have been thoroughly convinced that the other half of America consists of the “deplorables.”

Actually, the Democrats do not hold any moral high ground anywhere, anymore. For those adults who have been paying attention, it does not seem to matter to the movers and shakers at the core of the Democratic Party because they are fighting a war, and the prize is control over the American public. It begins with controlling people’s thoughts, and they are very, very good at it – after all, they have the paid for media on their side. Back in the day, in the 1980s and 1990s, morality may have mattered to some media outlets. Many documented the Bill Clinton sex-capades. Many people actually cared then, but Americans gave “Slick Willie” a pass.

Sadly, outrageous words and actions from Trump truly only embarrass and displease decent people: those who have faith, those who are Christians, and likely to some members of the Republican Party or Independent voters. That is the point. The Democrats are betting that morality still matters to Republicans and decent, morally inclined people because if morality still matters, it is possible such good people will abandon Donald Trump. Already, the self- righteous Republican elitists have advised this course of action.

On the other hand, if voters hold their noses, as they have in the past, and vote for Trump, the Democrats still win because morality seems to no longer matter in the United States, and their candidates will still get “passes” from the bought-and-paid for mainstream media on their obvious immorality.

This November, America’s future is in the hands of Americans, yet it is a very hard choice. The choice should be about preserving values, not about pretensions and illusions, not about protecting political power structures.

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Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for a multi-billion dollar division of Johnson & Johnson for several years. Now semi-retired, he is an adjunct faculty member at West Valley College in California. He currently writes a column on US history and one on American freedom for the Communities Digital News, as well as writing for other online publications. During the 2016 presidential primaries, he worked as the leader of a network of writers, bloggers, and editors who promoted the candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson. He founded the “We the People” Network of writers and the Citizen Sentinels Project to pro-actively promote the values and principles established at the founding of the United States, and to discover and support more morally centered citizen-candidates who sincerely seek election as public servants, not politicians.