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El Chapo’s conviction shields Obama as Fast and Furious fades away

Written By | Feb 13, 2019
El Chapo conviction, Sinola Cartel, Fast and Furious, Sinaloa Cartel, Stephen Nemo

WASHINGTON. “Today I’m not going to cry,” said Emma Coronel Aispuro as her husband was taken in chains from the courtroom. “No one has died here.” The dry-eyed lady in question is the wife of the convicted Sinaloa Cartel kingpin, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

El Chapo conviction, Sinola Carter, Fast and Furious, Sinaloa Cartel, Stephen Nemo

Mrs. Guzman outside the Brooklyn courthouse. Voice of America News screen capture.

No tears for a drug kingpin

Mrs. Kingpin was correct. No one perished during her husband’s 12-week trial, on more than 10 felony counts, in a Brooklyn, New York court. But hundreds of victims of her husband’s deadly organization were murdered. Those killed including  US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Terry was gunned down with weapons El Chapo’s gang procured from the Obama administration in Operation Fast and Furious.

El Chapo conviction, Sinola Carter, Fast and Furious, Sinaloa Cartel, Stephen Nemo

U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry, killed by weapon of Operation Fast and Furious.

Evidence not seen
El Chapo conviction, Sinola Cartel, Fast and Furious, Sinaloa Cartel, Stephen Nemo

US Attorney Richard Donoghue. BBC screen capture.

A fact El Chapo’s attorneys attempted to bring up during his trial. But allowing evidence into court of the agreement between Obama’s Justice Department and the Sinaloa Cartel, said US Attorney Richard Donoghue, was just an attempt to “distract and confuse the jury” and “place the [US] government on trial.”

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US District Court Judge Brian Cogan agreed, saying such highly-charged evidence introduced by a drug lord would needlessly injure the reputations of accused US and Mexican officials.

A consistent pattern
El Chapo conviction, Sinola Carter, Fast and Furious, Sinaloa Cartel, Stephen Nemo

Sinaloa cartel’s Jesus Vincente Zamada-Niebla. Cartel Narco TV screen capture.

Back in 2011, attorneys representing El Chapo lieutenant Jesus Vincente Zamada-Niebla attempted to do the same. In a motion to the court, his attorneys said…

“Weapons received by Sinaloa Cartel members and its leaders in Operation Fast and Furious were provided under the agreement entered into between the United States government… and the Sinaloa Cartel… providing benefits, including immunity, to cartel leaders… who are willing to provide information against rival drug cartels.”

The judge in that case also refused to allow Fast and Furious evidence into the court’s proceedings, thus denying Jesus Vincente Zamada-Niebla his nifty Obama administration get-out-of-jail card.

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Obama eventually withheld the further release of Fast and Furious documents to Congress by claiming executive privilege. And Holder was eventually found “in contempt of Congress” for lying about his participation in the gunrunning caper. As well as the delays in providing documents pertaining to those sales requested by Congress.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Fast and Furious, Stephen Nemo, El Chapo conviction, Sinola Cartel

. Former Attorney General Eric Holder. (Composite image via

A government unanswerable to its people

As we know, Obama weaponized the coercive agencies (IRS, Justice Department) of the federal government during his time in the White House. The FBI became a private political spy agency under the Democratic Party. Proof evidenced by its counterintelligence operation against the 2016 GOP presidential campaign.

To America’s degradation, it appears nothing will be done to correct this toxic, extra-constitutional overreach. And America’s federal judiciary seems intent on keeping it that way.  The judiciary has consistently refused requests by Sinaloa Cartel leaders to introduce evidence of their arrangements with US officials regarding Operation Fast and Furious.

This shows the judiciary’s determination to provide US federal agencies plausible deniability in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.

Gone and forgotten

And it’s highly unlikely supermax prison authorities will provide true-crime writers access to the drug lord for interviews. Such conversations would likely reveal details of Obama’s special relationship with El Chapo.

A relationship that, outside the safe confines of a Brooklyn courtroom, resulted in so many tears.


Top Image: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Fox News screen capture.

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