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Dr. Ben Carson: Not a victim then, or now

Written By | Mar 15, 2016

WASHINGTON, March 15, 2016 – The life story of Dr. Ben Carson is an incredible depiction of the American Dream.  It is the kind that movies are (and have been) made of.

Carson grew up in the ghetto of Detroit and considered himself a bit of a victim as a child.  However, he was blessed with a single mom with a third-grade education who refused to be a victim and who preached to her sons that they could be anything they wanted to be.

And with the kick in the pants that most kids need, Carson began to read.

As he read, he started to dream, and he learned that the person who would have the most impact on what he would accomplish was him.

The young man, with the odds against him, indeed began to accomplish things. His grades went to the top in his classes. He excelled in Junior ROTC. He earned a degree from Yale and a medical degree from Michigan.  Ultimately he became the most celebrated neurosurgeon in America and possibly the world.

Dr. Ben Carson’s endorsement: Counselor to Donald J. Trump?

He became head of the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery department at 33 and built it into the most respected facility in the United States.

Carson has continued to challenge himself. After being drafted to run for president of the United States, he worked hard to run a clean race, using an ethical approach to campaigning that he felt was right. He studied hard, gathered people around him who would help him when he needed their expertise. He gave it his all. When he concluded that someone in his campaign was not doing what the campaign required, he thanked them, dismissed them and replaced them.

All the while, his focus was on doing what was right for “We the People,” the citizens of the United States. It was those individuals who paid the bills for his campaign and worked tirelessly for him.

And now, the seemingly unstoppable Dr. Ben Carson has concluded he is not able to accomplish his goal of representing “We the People” as president of the United States. After nine months of campaigning, he suspended his campaign, concluding that there was no way, mathematically, that he could win the GOP nomination.

Carson could have retired to his new home in Florida. He could have blamed the media, who seldom took him seriously and gave him little exposure compared to those they and “the establishment” believed were more legitimate candidates, the ones who came from the traditional background for candidates. Governors, senators and the like were often mentioned when Carson wasn’t, even though he consistently polled higher than they did.

He could have blamed the other candidates who turned the campaign into a circus side show by unprofessional behavior and ruthless personal attacks. He could have simply said, “I’m just no politician,” and taken up golf.

But Ben Carson had 60+ years of life’s lessons to draw from. He had learned that he was not a victim. He knew he could accomplish great things as long as he didn’t give up.

The doctor recognized that the country is in grave danger and he felt personal responsibility for making a difference for the sake of his children and grandchildren. According to normal measures, it was clear that he would not be president. However, he held on to that personal responsibility and considered what he could do.

He looked around and saw the political elites and some media pundits talking openly about doing anything possible to stop Donald Trump from being the party’s nominee.

Whether he liked Trump’s behavior or not, he saw the political class working to shunt the will of the people, obviously believing that the people were not capable of selecting their candidate for president. This was precisely the reason he had gotten into the race in the first place.

According to Carson’s thinking, “We the People of the United States” are given the responsibility to select their elected leaders. That leader class has now reached the point where they feel the need to take care of the poor masses and select the leader that should be followed.

Carson also has a strong sense of the people. He knows that they will no longer put up with being told who an appropriate candidate should be. He believes that any perceived antics by the political elite will fracture the GOP and usher in a new Democrat administration. He also recognizes that if this happens, the balance on the Supreme Court will be tilt to the progressive left and our nation will be changed forever, for the worse.

The doctor knows that a contested convention needs to be avoided.

Being a person of action, Ben Carson called or met with all four candidates who were still in the race. He assessed their positions and their openness to his input. He considered the likelihood that they could win the nomination outright. Finally, he assessed the chances of each in a general election and his past interactions with each.

The hallmark of Dr. Ben Carson’s candidacy will be missed

Prior to the next big primary day, March 15, he endorsed Donald Trump, who publicly recognized Carson’s expertise in healthcare and education and asked for his help in developing policies in those areas. Carson, still having the goal in mind of trying to return the country to the one envisioned by the founding fathers, did what he could.

He highlighted the fact that the political elites are plotting to steal the election from the people if necessary to elect someone that they have deemed suitable to be president.

He offered his expertise and wisdom to possible future administrations.

Ben Carson is demonstrating for the public to see, what it looks like to take personal responsibility for accomplishing great things. He has accomplished great things for himself and for the medical field and the patients that have been helped.

Now he is working to accomplish great things for our country.

In our current age, children are taught that results don’t matter, only that you try. People have excuses for everything.  It is nice to see someone embrace personal responsibility and on a national stage. We can all take away some great lessons from Carson and our world might get just a little better as a result.

Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer operates small businesses in Arizona and Colorado and is a follower of politics.