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Donald Trump’s “frenemy” foreign policy speech 2:00 p.m. EST (Livestream here)

Written By | Aug 15, 2016

WASHINGTON, August 15, 2016 — Declaring war on “nation building,” Donald Trump plans to replace it with “foreign policy realism.” His brand of “realism” would focus on destroying the Islamic State and other extremist organizations.

It’s the frenemy approach to ISIS: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

In a Fox News Sunday interview, Governor Mike Pence supported the candidate’s claims that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are directly responsible for the creation of ISIS. The failed policies of the Obama Administration and the actions of the former Secretary of State created the leadership vacuum that led to the emergence of ISIS.

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“I think he was being very serious,” Pence said. “He was making a point that needs to be made, that there is no question that the failed policies of President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the wider Middle East, created a vacuum within Iraq in which ISIS was able to arise.

He added, “Donald Trump has a way of talking to get people’s attention, and it’s drawn attention to a very important issue.”

Speaking in Youngstowne, Ohio today (2:00 pm EST—Live Stream below), Trump will argue that the country needs to work with any country that shares the mission defeating ISIS, regardless of other ideological and strategic disagreements. He is expected to say that any country that wants to work with the U.S. to defeat “radical Islamic terrorism” will be considered an ally to America.

“Mr. Trump’s speech will explain that while we can’t choose our friends, we must always recognize our enemies,” says Stephen Miller a Trump senior policy adviser.

Trump is expected to declare, without equivocation,  that the nation is in an ideological conflict with radical Islam.

Addressing the security of Americans inside the U.S., Trump is expected to outline immigration policy proposals that would end the issuance of immigration visas in the absence of adequate screenings.

“As he laid out in his Orlando remarks, Mr. Trump will describe the need to temporarily suspend visa issuances to geographic regions with a history of exporting terrorism and where adequate checks and background vetting cannot occur,” Miller said.

Trump’s proposal includes an ideological, not religious, test for admission to the country. This test would base assessments on issues including religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights, and rights available to all citizens in the United States.

Agents would use questionnaires, social media, interviews with friends and family, and other means to vet applicants. Persons seeking to enter the U.S. would be vetted to see whether they support such American values as tolerance and pluralism.

Trump will continue to express his view that Obama and Clinton allowed ISIS to spread and his opposition to nation building.

“Mr. Trump will outline his vision for defeating radical Islamic terrorism, and explain how the policies of Obama-Clinton are responsible for the rise of ISIS and the spread of barbarism that has taken the lives of so many,” Miller says.

Americans have lost their objective referee in the political process with a mainstream media that is admittedly biased against the Republican nominee. But this is nothing new. Recall Mitt Romney’s “binder full of women” comment during the CNN debate, which the media and liberals used for political attacks on Romney’s positions on women’s issues.

What was really said:

Candy Crowley (CNN): Governor Romney, pay equity for women.
Mitt Romney: Thank you and important topic. And one which I learned a great deal about, particularly as I was serving as Governor of my state. Because I had the chance to pull together a Cabinet, and all of the applicants seemed to be men. And I went to my staff and I said: “How come all of the people for these jobs are all men?” They said: “Well, these are the people that have the qualifications.” And I said: “Well gosh, can’t we find some women that are also qualified?” And we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our Cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said: “Can you help us find folks?” And they brought us whole binders full of women. I was proud of the fact that after I staffed my Cabinet, and my senior staff, the University of New York in Albany did a survey of all 50 states, and concluded that mine had more women in senior leadership positions than any other state in America.

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Following distortions on Romney’s comment, media attempted to paint Romney as an out of touch, 50’s era misogynistCNN wrote:

This all underscores Romney’s inability to really connect with voters. Although he seemed to win a little more favor among women after the first debate, I predict binders of polling data as to why that movement stopped after Tuesday night.

Trump and his top advisers blame media for falsehoods, focusing on sound-bytes and failing to focus on his proposals. He is threatening to be ban The New York Times, as he did The Washington Post, from covering his campaign events.

Donald J. Trump on Foreign Policy
Youngstown State University, 2:00 PM

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