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Donald Trump’s presidential emergence

Written By | Mar 2, 2016

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2016 – Watching the Trump campaign move across the political landscape has been confusing and not just for voters. Political pundits known for making predictions have been routinely surprised not only by the candidate, but also by how voters have responded to him.

As he said tonight from Palm Beach, Florida, “I am the one that the people are getting behind.”

But why?

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday: Can you can smell the fear?

Sen. Ted Cruz talks eloquently about the Constitution, but one thing he does not mention on the stump is that the founders framed this government to be led by the people and for the people. And those people, those leaders and founders, like Trump, were the business leaders of their day.  Not career politicians.

When some Americans suggested that Washington become America’s first ling, our first president rejected that idea as being nothing short of dishonorable. He fought the war and served his young country for the sake of the American republic, not for his personal self-aggrandizement.

With the promise of a nasty political fight between Trump and the RNC and/or Clinton and Trump, will Trump be the one to channel our first president and adopt the “civil virtues necessary to [America’s] preservation?

He has certainly energized a new political class behind him, and tonight we got a glimpse of a candidate Trump who seems to really believe he has this.

Tonight Rubio and Cruz received more votes than were cast on Super Tuesday four years ago.

So there is no argument that Trump is pulling more voters out to the polls and re-energizing the Republican party, even if it is not the same party that conservative hardliners like Ted Cruz want. The Common Sense Conservative party that Trump is leading is a party that wants to return to common sense and civility, set aside the bickering inside the beltway and begin work to restore America.

It’s the party that wants leadership that realizes Obamacare needs to be fixed, and that universal health care is a necessity. That negotiation is not weakness, it’s a way to get what one wants.  As Trump says, “I’ll negotiate, the wall instead of being 50 feet, will be two feet shorter.”

And, yes, Mexico will pay for it.

Trump is the first to address a solution to the problems that come with illegal immigration and the drug trade simply walking across our country, traveling from the southern border to far-away Massachusetts, where heroin is killing our young, and not so young, people.

It’s the party that is no longer a hardliner oasis.  It’s a party that believes Planned Parenthood could continue to provide health services to women, but that abortion, particularly late-term abortion, cannot be supported by the taxpayer.

That the products we use, like our iPhone, iPad, Mac laptops and desktops should be made not in China, but here in America. That China’s devaluing the yen to unfairly underprice American-made products needs to be challenged.

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday: Can you can smell the fear?

Trump says he will get along with Congress by working with the Senate, from Paul Ryan to Harry Reid, to find solutions to rebuild our country, which has a failing infrastructure and economy.

Trump pointed out the obvious. “If someone is doing as well  as I am doing … but if I am going to win five, six, seven, eight, nine states tonight with tremendous numbers, and I am going to come in the worst at second, I think we are a democracy it is hard to not say this is the person we want to lead the party.”

Donald Trump is not afraid to state the obvious. Tonight he noted that people are making less money than they were 12 years ago, and Hillary Clinton has been there, standing alongside Obama, and she and the Democratic party have done nothing.

“Why hasn’t she done anything about [America’s problems]?” Trump asks as we nod our collective head and wonder why does Hillary need to step up and promise to fix so many things? To promise to unify our country, to correct what is so wrong, when she has been the No. 1 political insider and career politician since she and then President Clinton first moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

How did it get so broken, as she points out, under Democratic rule? Shouldn’t she be campaigning on how great America is, not how she will fix what is so devalued and wrong with America?

Is Donald Trump the UBER candidate, beholden to no one?

The voters who are coming out for Trump are voters that were once aligned with Democrats but who don’t want someone who plays loosely with the truth. They do not want someone who is an avowed socialist but they also do not want a leadership that leans so hard right that nothing can be accomplished.

They are independents and they are Republicans tired of a leadership more interested in the job than getting the job done.

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