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Donald Trump is President-elect and we can make America great again

Written By | Nov 10, 2016

Colorado Springs, CO., November 6, 2016. Donald Trump won Tuesday’s election in an historic manner. Many in the left-stream media were so busy pushing the narrative of a Clinton victory that they were stunned. At the Clinton News Network, as CNN has become known, anchors looked as if they were about to cry. Van Jones on MSNBC was shell-shocked.

Yet the signs were there if one wanted to see them.

British bookies had greatly reduced the odds of Hillary winning already a week or more ago. Commentators with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Channel last Wednesday were speaking of the 1980 election where Ronald Reagan came from behind in the last weeks and of the BREXIT vote, which surprised nearly everyone in the British establishment. IBD polling went from +2 Clinton on Friday to +2 Trump on Monday. A Reuters poll Monday showed Trump ahead, too.

The election was a stinging indictment not only of Hillary Clinton but also, by extension, of the policies of Barack Obama. He campaigned hard in the last months leading up to the election, telling supporters that if they want to see the “progress” of the last eight years continued, they needed to get out and vote.

Apparently, people didn’t want more of the same. The man who campaigned against a third term for George Bush was in turn denied his third term. History will not record him as an inflection point; the point at which the country moved in a bold new, progressive direction. It will instead record him as an aberration.

Ordinary Americans who fell for Hope ‘n’ Change in 2008 didn’t like the change and voted for the businessman without political experience who, they hope, will bring a different kind of change. Business as usual, epitomized in the person of Hillary Clinton, the ultimate insider, is not what they wanted.

Enough Americans rose to the occasion and proved that we still can vote to preserve those timeless principles that make this country exceptional.

Donald Trump proved to be the candidate who could reach those voters. His acceptance speech was impressive. He was serious, not bombastic. He was humble, humorous, generous, optimistic and uniting. He was presidential in a way not seen since Ronald Reagan. It felt like it could be morning in America, again.

The left, of course, will have none of it. There are marches and riots in some cities. While Bill O’Reilly said these people are extremists not reflective of the Democrat Party, he was wrong: they are the hard core of that party. They and their allies in the media and government will make trouble for the new president.

For the moment, the Supreme Court seems safe as are the Bill of Rights. Corruption may well be punished instead of swept under the rug. Rule by executive fiat must end.

Now is no time to let up. The fight for liberty has only just begun. It’s time to drain the swamp, to clean house, to scour the shire. We won’t be fooled again.


Al Maurer

Al Maurer is a political scientist and founder of The Voice of Liberty. He writes on topics of limited government and individual rights.