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Dominion’s Smartmatic: Chávez-built cornerstone of Trump’s fight in court

Written By | Nov 21, 2020

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SAN DIEGO: Evidence points to tampering using hackable software created in Venezuela and used in 2020’s election. Revelations about Dominion, Smartmatic read like a thriller. Trump’s legal eagles continue to unveil a software rife to steal votes from 72 million Americans who voted for Trump. It’s an apocalypse of our national heritage, an assault on free elections. The script being pieced together, forming a plot so complex, it would challenge the best of screenwriters.

Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Jena Ellis, Trump’s senior legal advisor, offered rare discovery transparency in a Thursday press conference.  They spent well over an hour giving an overview of the Trump campaign’s legal challenges. Giuliani held up sworn affidavits. He read an affidavit (with permission) of a witness to highly-illegal activities.

Look it up the evidence yourselves, said Giuliani to the media present. Look up “Constantino vs City of Detroit,” alleging massive voter fraud. He chided the media for lying to the American people saying, “There is no evidence.” The same agitators lied for four years about President Donald Trump.

Over 1000 people have sworn an oath of witnessing fraud by both humans and machines.

Powell, speaking on Dominion, Smartmatic used in 2000 U.S. jurisdictions and in 30 states,

“The software itself was created with many variables and so many back doors that can be hooked up to the internet or thumb drives stuck in it,” says Powell. “One of its most characteristic features is its ability to flip votes.” She claims millions of Trump votes were stolen.

More than a million missing software menu.

Three Princeton professors and other software experts exposed Dominion’s user-friendly vulnerabilities.

  • Code an algorithm to flip votes.
  • Drag and drop any number of batches of votes to the candidate of your choice.
  • Set a ratio for a candidate to win (ex: Biden 1.25 Trump .75) (not actual ratios used).
  • Dump any number of votes to trash.

A video on the Net tells you how to hack a Dominion machine. Jeff Brown, tech expert, from Brownstone Research explains:

  • You can download Dominion’s manual from the Internet.

People with the right credentials with administrative access can:

  • Tamper with the device configuration, tamper with election results files.
  • Change or manipulate the audit logs of the Dominion system.
  • Tamper with transmitted election results and give one thing to the election committee while altering data that is on the Dominion system.

Lawyer Sidney Powell: Democrats used Dominion machines to steal votes

Motive, method, but how about proof?

“The right thing to do to get proof would be to do a full software audit on the machines in the swing states. Software engineers can find exactly where in the code the software caused fraudulent results,” says Brown.

But what if, like Scytl voting software, you alter and change things without detection?

“It’s almost as if the Dominion machines are designed to have fail points – several major security risks. No one would design this many security risks into a system if they wanted to keep the data unaltered and safe,” says Brown.

“Dominion says on page 452 “tampering with device configuration, the risk rating is high.” Page 455, “Tampering with election results files – the risk rating is high.” Just a few examples.,” says Brown

This is voting software you send to countries who don’t have free elections. Not the United States.

“Why it was ever allowed into this country is beyond my comprehension,” says Powell. “We have testimony of different workers admitting they were trained how to dispose of Trump votes and add to Biden votes…We have evidence of different numbers of votes being injected into the system.”

Dominion, Smartmatic voting system spawned from Chávez insuring victory.

El American published a timeline on the evolution of Dominion/Smartmatic software…The following are excerpts:

“Year 2000, three young Venezuelan engineers, Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola and Roger Piñate, founded the company Smartmatic in Delaware, United States.”

“2004 Venezuela went through a political storm. “The Venezuelan opposition, after months of demonstrations against the government of Hugo Chávez, managed to arrange a referendum against the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.” The contract to build the voting system went to “Smartmatic/Bitza and CANTV.”

The software was created so Hugo Chávez never lost an election.

Smartmatic buys Sequoia Voting Systems in 2005 from the Brits.

Then reorganized itself in Delaware and two other foreign locations.

“In May 2006, Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney asked the Treasury Department to investigate Smartmatic’s purchase of Sequoia.” She sent a letter to then-Treasury Department Secretary John W. Snow, concerned “having a foreign government invest in or buy a company that services U.S. elections” And saying to the New York Times, “This is a national security concern.”

2006, Sequoia Voting Systems install machines in 17 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. After investigation Sequoia’s weaknesses are found to be true. That along with pressure from the media and Congress over ties to Hugo Chávez forces Smartmatic to sell Sequoia.

On June 4, 2010, Dominion Voting Systems purchases Smartmatic.

Dominion acquires all Smartmatic software and patented technological development. Yet…

“According to the Huffington Post – in an exclusive report that revealed the relationship between Smartmatic, Sequoia and Dominion – “The ‘intellectual property’ of the voting systems (of Sequoia, acquired by Dominion) remains the property of the company linked to the Venezuelan president (Smartmatic and Hugo Chávez), despite the rather misleading press statement” issued by Dominion in 2010,” says El American.

Swiss and Aussies find a critical flaw in Scytl software that the US ignores

Dominion and Smartmatic couldn’t cheat fast enough in 2020.

Trump began with a huge lead election night in battlegrounds states.  Hence, unexpectedly high numbers break the algorithm plugged into the system to flip Biden ahead. The malicious code failed to add votes or backfill fast enough to catch Biden up. So it stopped the vote count in states using the system. An eyewitness to Chávez’s system recognized it when he saw it happen and came forward.

That’s when mail-in ballots came in through back doors, says Powell, adding numerous eye-witnesses testify to this, as well as the re-running of batches that show suspicious spikes in vote counts.

Directorblue Blogspot shows the Dominion, Smartmatic cheat. Massive Georgia vote fraud blares in graphs by Doug Ross, which he calls “statistically impossible.”

Ross used all of The New York Times’ 2020 presidential datasets, which have a time-series of voting data from a company called Edison Research. What happened in Georgia “mimics exactly” Pennsylvania.

“One graph shows a massive vote swing about 0100 hours on 11/4/20 Zulu when virtually all votes went to Biden.”

The second graph shows “after the 11/4/20 01:00Z cutoff time, only swings of Biden votes (in multiples of almost exactly 4,8000 at a time) seem to have been received.”

Dominion packs up – leaves town.

Powell reports “The Dominion Executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight to different places…Their office in Toronto was shared with one of the Soros entities. One of the leaders of the Dominion project overall, Lord Malloch Brown is Mr. Soros’ #2 in UK.

Disappear then show up under another name and sell a whole bunch of machines to politicians offering some kickbacks…

While Smartmatic engineer promises Biden wins in conversation with ANTIFA.

From Sniper’shide,
“Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!”  Coomer said reportedly.

“At the time of this revelation, Coomer was a programmer who wrote the main code that is used in Dominion software supplied to all states that employed it to collect and count the ballots during the 2020 Presidential Elections,”   says Sniper’shide.

Dominion apparently attempted to erase Coomer’s professional profile from their pages.

Two names Trump’s legal eagles will take to court to restore America’s electoral process: Dominion and Smartmatic.  Signing off from the latest ‘Tales from the cyberscript.”

Composite Artwork Dave McKinney
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Dominion Voting Systems
Silhouette of a spy agent Yuri Ribeiro Sucupira

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