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Will the DOJ leave New Jersey Sanctuary Cities to police themselves

Written By | Dec 13, 2017

TRENTON, NJ December 12, 2017: With this most recent New York City terror attack, it is all too clear that the threat to American safety and security is real. Areas like New York that have labeled themselves sanctuary cities have made themselves unnecessary targets.

All too often the road to destruction is paved with good intentions. The cost is the innumerable American lives left in the balance over an internal war on public policy. A war that can only have one outcome.

Sanctuary Cities: Camden and Newark, NJ

In New Jersey, Camden and Newark are among a list of municipalities that are sanctuary cities. The new governor-elect campaigned on making New Jersey a sanctuary state. That leaves the state’s major infrastructure vulnerable to attack by those who would use the sanctuary status to avoid federal detection and cause harm to US citizens.

The Trump administration was very vocal about placing the safety of the nation as its top priority. After winning the White House they have been engaging in the fight to change the security protocols to tighten controls making that security net more effective and citizens safer.

Can any New Jersey Sanctuary City afford to lose Federal Dollars?

Facing a budget deficit New Jersey can hardly afford to lose additional federal dollars. Can it afford to lose law breaking illegal immigrants?  Sanctuary city status only acknowledges a municipality’s intention to not cooperate with ICE officials investigations of detainees that entered this country illegally. If you are going to do that, then why arrest them in the first place.

What is interesting to note is that this sanctuary city designation does nothing to help illegal immigrants navigate the path to citizenship. Providing them with classes, information, or legal assistance would be the logical application of legitimate public policy. This is just the opposite. It simply hordes a number of criminals in areas where crime is significantly high to begin with for the sake of sounding sympathetic.

Sanctuary City status as public policy is minus accountability or rational intuition.

Some would say it is borderline politicking for votes. Illegal immigrants may not legally vote in the State of New Jersey.

According to the Office of Management and Budget OMB, New Jersey’s State budget appropriates 15 billion in Federal Funds. All if not some of that may be at risk. 31 million of that total appropriation is specifically for homeland security programs and services. They ensure Americans protection  against numerous types of threats. The department’s missions include: preventing terrorism and enhancing security; managing our borders; administering immigration laws; securing cyberspace; and ensuring disaster resilience.

Is the threat assessment made by these urban Mayors reasonable? Weighing the consequences of a Mayoral action that puts their residents’ safety against the real threats that occur are coming home to roost. Urban areas have the most infrastructure and receive federal appropriations to maintain the security of those commercial pathways to and from their state.

 DACA and immigration under the Trump agenda

Leaving a Sanctuary City at risk is detrimental to the safety of our nation and the strength of our economy.

In its’ wisdom, the Supreme Court upheld the Trump travel ban, thus making it legal for the DOJ to suspend travel from 8 nations.

They include Venezuela, Chad, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and the all too infamous nation of Libya.

In light of the recent attacks it is worth mentioning that problems of this magnitude and complexity ignored and left unchecked, seldom go away. They merely erupt at a much later date with significantly more drastic consequences.

The reoccurring effect is a more embolden terrorist network.

New Jersey’s Sanctuary City list

Arguments for sanctuary cities center around this notion of preserving America as a collection of all-inclusive neighborhoods for the global underprivileged. If anyone sees a America as less inviting because it upholds its laws on immigration, the laws were in place before they decided to migrate.

Whether an immigrant or a liberal, denying our laws exist in hopes nothing will be done to lawbreakers, is simply madness.

According to a NJ 101.5 article, the following are a list of municipalities that are considered sanctuary cities.

  • Asbury Park,
  • Camden,
  • East Orange,
  • Jersey City,
  • Linden,
  • New Brunswick,
  • Newark,
  • North Bergen,
  • Plainfield,
  • Trenton and
  • Union City.

In addition, Union, Middlesex and Ocean counties are seen as sanctuary jurisdictions.|

Is the decision to create sanctuary cities in light of the risk of terroristic fuelled aggressors cultivating and exploiting loopholes in our defense network good public policy or is it political demagoguery?

Most people know the answer to that question.

Kerry Baynes

Kerry Baynes is currently a Msc University West Indies, Financial Economics. As a research assistant for the New Jersey State Senate, he was responsible for research on economic, budget/fiscal issues, and the impact of tax policy. He served as a Media Strategist for Garry Cobb For Congress, in 2014 and Giordano for Assembly, in 2015. Since 2006, he acted as Manager of Alpha Strategy Group, an Urban Media Company. Currently an Associate at World Financial Group (WFG), he works to build and protect wealth for families and individuals from all walks of life.