Does Boehner want to cave to Obama on immigration?


WASHINGTON, November 22, 2014 — President Obama held his own midterm elections in his head, and surprise — he won.

Armed with his imaginary mandate, Obama went before the nation Thursday night and informed the losers, the American people, that the needs of the nation’s growing Central American entitlement recipients outweigh the concerns of native-born, taxpaying, Obamacare-bludgeoned suckers.

Speaking of suckers, perpetually tanned GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner told the press, “The president has taken actions that he himself has said are those of a king or an emperor, not an American president. And he’s doing this at a time when Americans want nothing more than both parties to focus on solving the biggest problems in our country, starting with our still struggling economy.”

This is the same John Boehner who last April mocked conservative and Tea Party lawmakers who would not go along with an “immigration reform” compromise bill he and Obama hammered-out behind closed doors.

“We get elected to make choices,” said a frustrated Boehner. “We get elected to solve problems, and it’s remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don’t want to. … They’ll take the path of least resistance.”

Last June, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia said, “I hope strongly that the [illegal alien] kids who are brought here as minors because their parents brought them – for no other reason – and they find themselves here in a country that says they don’t belong … Certainly we ought to have the compassion to say these kids shouldn’t be kids without a country, and we ought to allow them the lives that they deserve.”

Cantor’s compassion resulted in a humiliating loss at the hands of his conservative primary challenger Dave Brat, who went on to easily beat his Democratic rival in the general election.

Boehner’s bellicose rebuttal to Obama’s executive amnesty announcement did not impress the usually pro-Republican Fox News Channel. “Despite the tough talk, the Ohio Republican offered no hint of what steps the GOP-controlled House would take to block Obama’s move,” said Fox.

That simple sentence succinctly states the painfully obvious. Our government, whether it is run by Democrats or Republicans, does not represent us.

By his actions, it is clear President Obama believes he represents the aspirations of Central Americans now flooding across our border, yearning to enjoy the low-hanging fruit provided by U.S. entitlement programs, work permits and access to driver’s licenses — and perhaps the voting booth.

Boehner’s establishment Republicans, on the other hand, want to make good on promises made to the well-heeled crony capitalists at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove’s super PAC American Crossroads, and flood the country with cheap labor to further depress wages at a time of economic depression.

Doing so, say former Democratic operatives now serving as Republican commentators in the mainstream media and talk radio, will prove the GOP can “get things done,” and “can govern.”

Boehner has informed the press that his House Republicans intend to “stop the president from violating his own oath of office and violating the Constitution. It’s not to shut down the government.”

In other words, Congress will not exercise its power of the purse to limit the president’s considerable “discretion” over the way federal funds are allocated among his newly imported Latin American constituents.

For his part, incoming GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Let me make it clear: There will be no government shutdowns.”

The majority of Americans voted for Republicans early this month, hoping that divided government would stop a reckless administration dead in its tracks. They will have to keep hoping. In fact, they had better pray.

Pray that John Boehner’s long-shot Obamacare lawsuit against the president works.

The October issue of the Atlantic magazine reported that two Washington law firms dropped Boehner as a customer when Democratic clients threatened to take their legal business elsewhere. “But not only did the two firms withdraw,” said the Atlantic, “they ditched the case so quickly that neither of them performed enough work to bill the House.”

Last Tuesday, Boehner finally found an advocate in Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor and frequent legal analyst for television news.

Turley says all the right things. “Unilateral, unchecked Executive action is precisely the danger that the Framers sought to avoid in our constitutional system,” he said in a blog post. He added that Boehner’s lawsuit “represents a long-overdue effort by Congress to resolve fundamental Seperation of Powers issues. In that sense, it [Obamacare] has more to do with constitutional law than health care law.”

If Jonathan Turley is such a brilliant constitutional scholar, why doesn’t he simply advise his GOP clients to man up and, if need be, shut down the lawless Chief Executive by robbing his profligate government machine of fuel — our tax money?

Fifty-six men pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor when signing the Declaration of Independence, which separated America from Britain. Its “arbitrary government” and king, they said, was guilty of “taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.”

It was a manly response to a tyrant’s proclamation commanding his loyal subjects “to disclose and make known all treasons and traitorous conspiracies which they shall know to be against us, our crown and dignity … in order to bring to condign punishment the authors, perpetrators, and abetters of such traitorous designs.”

So, what are Boehner and McConnell afraid of?

All they face is the rage of a dying mainstream media, like a disapproving lead editorial of a collapsing New York Times, or a raised eyebrow from MSNBC’s snarky and severe Rachel Maddow.

Can Republican leaders, on the heels of a resounding electoral victory, really be this pathetic?

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  • Hal Burton

    The problem is simple: Obama.

    • ginjit.dw

      The problem is the leadership of each house also…..

  • Tim Kern

    Never underestimate how pathetic the Republican leadership aspires to be. But they’re not pathetic; they are sympathetic — to all the tyrannical aims of consolidated federal power.

    “We get elected to make choices,” said a frustrated Boehner. “We get elected to solve problems, and it’s remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don’t want to.”

    Mr. Speaker, Republicans weren’t elected to solve problems. You were elected to stop the problem of constitutional decay that is personified by the narcissist communist imperialist tyrant in the White House, who is enabled by his big-government cronies — whom you personify.

  • ginjit.dw

    It’s apparent to me that the republican leaders of both houses, (leaders in name only) are enuchs. They ran away the same day the immigration edict was made. They are feckless. They are irrelevant. We need leadership NOW.

    Their tacit approval speaks to their true feelings. They support this unlame duck president. He is by no stretch of the imagination a lame duck. he just proved it. We elected a lame duck congress. We need these imposters out today. We can not wait until the new year.

  • Jeff Erson

    Obama seems detached and disinterested. Perhaps even delusional.