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Does #BlackLivesMatter believe ALL black lives matter?

Written By | Jul 19, 2016

LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2016 — On Sunday, three police officers were shot dead in Baton Rouge simply because they were cops. The details are unfolding, but like the law enforcement murders in Dallas, the hatred and impetus for this crime is a reflection of Black Lives Matter.

Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey, an entertainer, video personality and so-called “activist”, has a series on MTV supposedly shedding light on racism. She is the Millennial version of former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry.

A video from her series, “Decoded,” has gone viral. “Responses to 4 Questions you might hear when talking about Black Lives Matter” has had over 3 million views in three days, according to Ramsey’s Facebook page.

The police threat to black America

The entire four minute video is a tragic canard. In response to a question about black-on-black crime, Ramsey names just one organization in Chicago that stands up against gun violence: CeaseFire,  an organization spotlighted by a 2012 Frontline documentary called “The Interrupters.”

CeaseFire has been controversial. Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel refused to renew a one-year grant to the group in 2013 because it would not work closely with the police. It relies on former gang members for its anti-violence efforts, and a number of its employees have been convicted of crimes.

There are relatively few organized efforts by the black community to fight black-on-black crime. The emphasis of “black leadership” has been to look outside the community to lay blame, not to look inside for answers.

According to USA Today, “Murders in the nation’s third-largest city are up about 72%, while shootings have surged more than 88% in the first three months of 2016 compared with the same period last year, according to data released Friday by the Chicago Police Department.”

“Why doesn’t #BLM care about crime in their own neighborhoods?” The question still stands. Perhaps if we tended our own backyard, cases of highly-charged police interaction would be reduced, and the potential for police violence would be lessened too.

Ramsey claims that black-on-black crime isn’t really a thing. “The truth is, black people are not more violent or more likely to commit crimes.” Black-on-black crime is only a matter of proximity; people are victimized by people who look like them.

Government statistics put the lie to that. Sixty percent of black victims aren’t black; black men are arrested for felonies at 4.4 times the rate of white men, are second-strikers ten times as often as white men, and are third-strikers 13 times as often as white men.

Her second question is, “So are you saying blue lives don’t matter?” Her response: You can’t equate a profession with a race or gender. “Saying blue lives matter effectively lumps a profession into the same category as a marginalized group of people. Becoming a police officer is an occupation, it’s a choice, it’s not something you’re born into.”

“Advocating for citizens is not anti-cop. The job of police officers is to protect and serve all communities. If that’s not happening, we need to reassess and find a solution.”

If you choose to be a police officer, are you a fair target? How about if you’re Muslim? #BLM protests include people carrying signs like, “All cops are bastards” and “All My Heroes Kill Cops.” Is that part of the solution?

#No Lives Matter: The senseless murder of Baton Rouge police

I wrote two years ago, “With more news today of another white cop/black suspect shooting in Phoenix, the outrage about #BlackLivesMatter could sadly become just a perpetual cycle of anger with no real solutions. Moving past this will require more than bully pulpits by race hustlers, ‘hands up’ symbolism, protests, and throwing 140 character rants on social media with a trendy hashtag.”

“So you’re saying, only Black Lives Matter? That’s Racist!” Ramsey’s response in a nutshell: No, and no we’re not! The courts and criminal justice system operate under the mandate of devaluing black lives, so focusing on a “marginalized” group is the same as a breast cancer walk, a save the Rainforest campaign, or organizing a meeting in a gay bar.

Women fighting breast cancer and breast cancer survivors are not tearing each other apart and randomly killing oncologists. Neither is the LGBT community. In fact, these are some of the tightest support networks out there in terms of what Ramsey wishes to paint as “marginalized” groups.

So what is #BLM doing? Since 1973, blacks have killed over 15 million of our own through abortions alone; now that is a black genocide. But you don’t hear a peep about this from the #BLM crowd. After Chicago’s black-on-black crime rate, Baltimore, Oakland and other major urban areas are probably not far behind.

This uniting that Ramsey speaks about is not doing much to change policy or to spare lives.

As a black person, if you dare to comment on #BLM’s shifting motives, shady leaders, and the platform from which they are operating, you are called a hater. If you dare to say “Blue Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter”, you are shouted down. Conservative black (and cop) Sheriff David Clarke has been called “Coon”, “Uncle Tom”, and other ugly and racist terms that are not fit to be printed here, all because he speaks out against the #BLM agenda, and advocates for cops and the rule of law.

Question four is, “What about the white victims of police violence? There is way more of them!” Ramsey’s response: “If an unarmed citizen is killed by the police, or an armed citizen is killed under suspicious circumstances, people should be upset no matter what the victim’s race.”

This is her best response; with it, Ramsey blows apart the entire argument behind #BLM.

The activists of #BLM only express outrage when the violence is a white cop on a black suspect. Black cops have shot and killed black suspects, black-on-black crime is a national disgrace.

But #BLM is silent on these; the only black lives that matter are the ones taken by white cops. Those merit news conferences, protests and demands. #BLM is not upset over police brutality unless it suits the agenda.

Ramsey concludes, “This isn’t a competition. Bringing up other victims to discredit the Black Lives Matter Movement is pretty disingenuous. If you really believe police violence is a problem, you should support Black Lives Matter, as well as other organizations fighting for victims and their families.”

The only organizations she suggests are left-wing. No, no agenda here at all.

My heart is sick that black lives, blue lives, and all lives will continue to be in jeopardy as long as this fractious organization foments division between all those whose lives are important.

#BLM is hijacking the conversation about urban violence and police brutality. It prevents legitimate solutions from coming to the forefront.  Legitimate and honest voices are drowned out by the well-funded and theatrical ones. We will have no solutions to this until we stop letting the freak shows set the agenda.

Black Lives Matter was launched on the lie of “Hands up, don’t shoot,” during the Ferguson protests over Michael Brown. Grand Jury testimony of the shooting from mostly black witnesses found that Brown didn’t have his hands up; he was charging Darren Wilson, the cop who confronted him after he and his friend robbed a convenience store.

Black lives matter? Black lives are better

That fact has been buried by the rhetoric and rantings of a duplicitous news media and others intent on fomenting violence and attacks on lawful society.

One #BLM leader, Shaun King, is a fauxlato: a white person who identifies and tries to pass as black. Fifty years ago, who could have imagined such a day? So why should we expect any truth from this organization? Helped by leftist money and complicit news organizations, it continues to craft lies to further legitimize itself.

If #BLM is anti-police violence, then let it be anti-violence entirely. There should be no room for guns, no room for violence in #BLM. The only justice for blacks killed at the hands of police can’t be dead police.

Trying to legitimize this as a civil rights movement only exposes it for what it is: an anarchic tool fueled by political special interests who want to tear apart the fabric and institutions that hold society together. This group is anti-cop, anti-black, and anti-human race.

Jennifer Oliver OConnell

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