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Does Black Lives Matter, matter to African-Americans?

Written By | Jun 9, 2020
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Photo by Josh Hild from Pexels

TEXAS: Black lives didn’t matter to “blacks” in Africa during the Atlantic Slave Trade. (A History of African Slave Traders). But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that black lives don’t seem to matter to “blacks” in America in 2020. As Tucker Carlson suggested, BLM is a political movement (perhaps a party) which may be as powerful as any. They care about political power.

“Black Lives Matter is a joke. You are the racists,” says Nestride Yumga, an American citizen who immigrated from Africa confronting BLM protestors in Washington. “When black people kill black people, they don’t come out and do this crap,” she said. “The only time they do this crap is when a white person does it.”

Blacks be damned. George Floyd is just an unfortunate victim of stupidity who has come in handy for politicians.

Nancy Pelosi leads House leadership by donning her kente cloth and taking a pandering knee

Pelosi and her crew insulting Africans with their cultural appropriation of the traditional African cloth draped cavalierly around their pale, slumped shoulders.

Blacks in Africa did not then, and typically still do not refer to themselves as blacks.

Only when politically expedient, as in saying one is a “black” South African. One does not say, for example, one is a black Nigerian. In any event, blacks in Africa are not preoccupied with what we call “color.”

People in Africa did not refer to themselves as blacks any more than Europeans called themselves white. Europeans would refer to themselves as English, German, Scotch, Irish, Swede, et al. No Englishman would say, “We have a white king.” No Congolese tribesmen would say: “We have a black king.”

Neither black nor white is a color. Black is the absence of color. White is the inclusion of all colors.

However, “white” lives which matter only outside the Democrat Party, The Never Trumper Republicans, the NBA, the NFL or the cry baby Joey Votto Major League Baseballers (“Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, a lonely nation turns its eyes to you—) must now grovel and say “black lives matter.” (Joey Votto says white privilege made him ‘complicit’ in George Floyd’s death in op-ed)

And even, by God, kneel and say it! And if, not they’ll drag you through the apology streets, like they have dragged Drew Brees.

New Orleans quarterback is the Brees knees of the left

And is there anything more pitiful than the sight of Roger Goodell, cowering in his little Skype basement, or wherever, pleading like a grade school sissy while swearing that “black lives matter.”

Goody Goody, Goodell – leading the NFL in taking a knee

What these people really are speaking, or crying about, is their own particular association or group.

They are gutless because they are afraid of personal harm. And if something as cheap and common as the NFL or the NBA goes away, well little Tommy can’t play halfback any more. Who cares about Tommy?

As far as the political parties or groups, those guys could not exist without living off the lucre of the taxpayer teat. YES, they scream “black lives matter” -pant, pant, pant, like trained puppies.

Saying something like “All lives matter” can cost you your job. To even suggest saying “White lives matter,” could get you mauled and murdered by savages. (NBA voice Grant Napear was unjustly fired over ‘All Lives Matter’ truth)

Black lives not only don’t matter to BLM, BLM is a cruel joke.

The concept is excitement. The excitement generated by thugs. Those thugs whose ancestors were sold from their indigenous continent by their own continental ancestors. The same thugs who are part of the shoot and kill massacres that permeate Chicago. (Chicago’s most violent day in 60 years: 18 murders in 24 hours – Chicago Sun-Times)

More than likely BLM will change nothing. These BLM thugs and their kissing cousins, Antifa, are on the loose. And they will burn and maraud as long as the political cowards and social buffoons in politics, sports, media, and entertainment allow them.

And they will continue as long as political poltroons encourage disbanding police forces, and kneeling and begging for forgiveness for not saying “black lives matter.” And demanding that no one utter that ALL lives matter, as God tells us.

Well, to those, I say: ALL lives matter– even yours.

“One question that many Westerners have about African slavers, is why were they willing to sell their own people? Why would they sell Africans to Europeans? The simple answer to this question is that they did not see slaves as ‘their own people.’ Blackness (as an identity or marker of difference) was a preoccupation of Europeans, not Africans. There was also in this era no sense of being ‘African’. (Indeed, to this day, individuals are more likely to identify as being African rather than, say, Kenyan only after leaving Africa.)” – Angela Thompsell, The ThoughtCo

Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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