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What will be the spark that ignites war between socialists and patriots?

Written By | Jan 16, 2021
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Screen Grab – Fox News – Brett Bair

WASHINGTON — Americans stand on the precipice of engaging in a very uncivil war. It will take only one spark to engulf us in the kind of mass violence that has not occurred in this nation for more than 150 years. This could involve a massive murdering of protagonists and innocents alike. It will pit patriots against socialists. And no matter who is victorious, the world will not be the same as it was before the conflagration began.   (Tallahassee man arrested for ‘call to arms’ plot against protesters at Florida Capitol-video)

If these words scare you, good. This is a warning of what is coming to a violent head, and very soon. This conflict has been brewing for the past twelve years. But the election of 2020 brought it to a head.  Knowing that the election was fraudulent, Democrats are using the National Guard to ostentatiously protect the state houses from “protestors.”

This is a false flag.  What they are doing is attempting to spark a war in order to declare Constitutional rights eroding martial law.

This is why Patriots must not rise to Democrat bait.  They must not be that spark on January 20th.  We need to fight, but on January 20, we must choose to live and fight another day. If Democrats can spark a war, they can declare martial law and take away all our freedoms. (Attn. President Trump’s Patriots: Stay home, don’t take Dems “protest” bait)

The recent history of America’s “fundamental transformation”

A short refresher in the divide that ripped this nation apart starts with the election of the first black president in American history. Had he been a patriotic American loving man, none of what followed would have ever happened. But he wasn’t. On the contrary, Barack Hussein Obama is a trained communist “community organizer” who admitted upon his 2008 election victory that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” this nation.

And transform it he did.

Obama’s quest to fundamentally transform America into a Third World nation

Obama took a prosperous nation mired in a deep recession and proceeded to make things worse by dragging down the United States to almost third-world status. Had he had four more years after his second term in office, that would have been the result. Clinton would have given him that four more years in 2016. Biden will open the door to Obama in 2020.

Yes, in fairness, he took over as President in the middle of a financial meltdown. But instead of working through the problem, he exploited it to expedite the country’s transition to Marxism. Even if he had done nothing, our always-resilient economy would likely have come back quickly. But that wasn’t his plan.

Instead of supporting the failing banking industry – the only one in crisis at the time as the real estate bust was at the heart of the banking failure – Obama, by means of draconian banking regulations passed by Congress, set back any widespread economic recovery by at least five years.

But that was only the beginning.

Wasting taxpayer dollars on “climate change” industries

As already noted, Obama was and is a trained Marxist, something the dishonest media has yet to explore. Instead of stimulating America’s existing but moribund economy, Obama began funneling money to his wealthy donors in capital-starved “green” industries that had yet to make a profit. (Solyndra proves that socialism in business is a threat to economic freedoms) As a result, he spent billions of taxpayer dollars on unprofitable companies (some of which subsequently failed) that should have gone back into the economy to aid the badly damaged middle-class.

Starving the middle-class of jobs and loans

The problem is, you cannot have a Marxist government when a healthy middle-class – the so-called “petite bourgeoisie” – still exists. So Obama’s “recovery plan” was really a cover for his real plan to dismantle the middle-class by starving them of the credit they needed in order to recover.

Looking back at his economic policy, it is abundantly clear that he intentionally caused the documented shrinkage of America’s middle-class. Remember when seemingly all working-class and most middle-class American jobs suddenly went overseas. Those days when we had to work two to three part-time jobs simply to pay our bills? Much of that happened during Barack Obama’s tenure as president.

During this time, average Americans could only land part-time jobs due to the anti-business, anti-middle-class regulations Obama imposed upon us and on the banking system. He promoted legislation and enacted rules that punished small business with more than 50 employees, and whose workers worked more than 30 hours a week. That is why one could only find part-time work under Obama.

The ongoing Obamacare disaster and other follies

Of course, at the same time Obama rammed through a compliant Congress his and the Pelosi-crats’ disastrously underfunded and mismanaged nationalized healthcare “plan” that ended up devouring an increasing amount of our wages to provide “free” healthcare. Free, except for the middle-class that largely paid for it. This ate up even more of middle-class and working-class wages.

Soaring gas prices, ruined farmers, unemployed workers

Remember when gas soared to over $4.00 a gallon during the Obama presidency? Obama openly admitted that he wanted it the price of fossil fuels to soar, forcing Americans to consider supporting unreliable “green energy” sources as an alternative. He wanted to price the middle- class out of fossil fuels entirely. It badly damaged the household budgets of middle-class workers, most of whom needed to commute to work, or made a living out of a car or truck. (Barack Obama’s economic delusions continue unabated)

Even farmers suffered until the phony Obama energy policy, which effectively decreased household income even more than the export of good-paying American jobs and businesses to Communist China. This was all part of the plan. That misguided, energy-hostile environment alone ruined many industries and put even more people out of work. All by himself, Barack Obama, with the help, at least initially, of a House majority, created a new and bigger Rust Belt in flyover country from what had once been a prosperous and high earning middle America. (Bill Gates is reportedly the largest farmland owner in America).

Whatever happened to all Obama’s “racial healing”?

At the same time, most Americans suffered like no other time in our lives. But even this was not enough for Obama. He added to the national strains by pursuing what we can only regard as his racial war. Instead of serving as the racial “healer” he’d promised black and white Americans he would be, he and his equally divisive Attorney General Eric Holder instead exacerbated the division of black and white Americans to the extreme.

This renewed racial agitation – in reality, a flavor of Marxist class-struggle – occurred at the very same time Obama began to instigate a powerful hatred of police, largely among inner-city black Americans. Simultaneously, he deftly began supporting opposition and protests targeting the police to deter them from enforcing the law. This immediately led to the obvious result of holding back the police while inner-city crime and violence increased at a dramatic rate.

The deterioration of safety, particularly in our major cities, further weakened law enforcement. It was the catalyst necessary to change widely differing opinions into a hatred of those who actually supported law enforcement and held opposing points of view against Obama’s “racial justice” memes.

The hatred grows, providing an opening for the radical, violent left

This focus strongly affected the left, whose hatred grew more every time Obama and Holder escalated a racial incident into a phony cause. Causes like Trayvon Martin’s, in which a Hispanic man with an Anglo name, George Zimmerman, shot a black man in self-defense and was attacked as a “racist” for doing so.

This also proved the key that permitted the radical leftist mainstream media to transform any racial incident into a riot. Or, in current terms, a “mostly peaceful protest.”

Not long after the Trayvon Martin propaganda-fest, Obama and the so-called mainstream media struck again in Ferguson, Missouri. They turned a violent armed robber into a national black hero when a white policeman killed him in self-defense. This served as the catalyst for the pro-Marxist (and still majority white) Black Lives Matter movement, actually, the successor to the equally Soros funded 2012 “Occupy Wall Street” movement. BLM-instigated “peaceful protests” divided America along racial lines even more, which was the intent. It created one more avenue of hatred, this time along racial lines.

At every opportunity, the Obama/Holder team created division and hatred among groups of Americans, intentionally driving them into the kind of tribalism that supports class hatred.

The decline and fall of politics and race relations on Obama’s watch and the real reason behind the Hilary Clinton candidacy

Thus, taken as a whole, during the eight long years of the Obama administration, this country suffered economically, even as the left-right divide grew as differing political opinions hardened into sheer hatred, particularly on the left side of the spectrum. (Answering the question; Why Progressives hate so much?)

Obama schemed to secure his “fundamental transformation” program with the election of Hillary Clinton. She would effectively serve as his third and potentially fourth term. 16 years was the quietly agreed-upon time frame Obama and his supporters felt they’d need in order to complete transforming America from a nearly 250-year old democratic republic into a soviet-style one-party Communist dictatorship.

Had Clinton won, we would already be the Communist capitol of the world. But true Americans did not allow that to happen. Instead, they defied the voter suppression polls to elect a political novice named Donald J. Trump as president.

Lulled to sleep by polls giving Clinton as much as a 98% landslide victory against Trump, the Democrats never bothered to do their usual ballot box stuffing. As a result, Clinton suffered a stunning defeat, particularly in the reliably pro-Democrat Rust Belt, which had suffered the most from Obama’s anti-working class and anti-middle-class policies.

A shocking defeat for the powers of darkness

That astonishing 2016 presidential election defeat was the breaking point for the left. Furious at Trump’s decisive electoral victory, they became radicalized beyond reason. All they knew after their loss was pure hatred. Hatred of Trump and everyone who voted for him. All Trump supporters were soon called every name in the book. That actually started with Clinton’s snide, offhand remarks calling most Trump supporters “deplorables” during her failed run for president.

After Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th President a new, violent resistance force swiftly acted out their hatred rage and hate in the nation’s capital city and across the country. They called themselves anti-fascists, Antifa for short. But they were actually Communist thugs pretending to be anarchists, and they had existed as a clearly well funded underground movement even before they surfaced in public.

The #Resistance and the Kavanaugh debacle

Before Trump left the reviewing stand this new #Resistance movement (whose members were never banned by Twitter) was rioting, burning, and looting D.C., which was eventually replicated across the land.

Meanwhile, for four painful years, conservative Trump supporters watched the media lie about us and President Trump continuously and “without evidence.” Democrats went on a perpetual rant, whose initial stage included the slanderous show-trial they put on during the Kavanaugh hearings.

The same held true during the fake “Russia collusion” investigation carried on by Robert Muller, with details periodically leaked, reputedly by his hard-left “assistant,” left-wing attorney Andrew Weissman. Having failed at this ploy, the indefatigable #Resistance tried again, transforming a lawful and illegally leaked conversation between Trump and the President of Ukraine into an unconstitutional but damaging impeachment trial that had no chance of success.

The Democrats’ non-stop attempt to mount an anti-Trump coup

Throughout President Trump’s entire term of office, we witnessed racially motivated riots and looting across the country, verbally instigated or supported by Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many others.

At their instigation, leftist thugs confronted any and every Trump supporter they could find. If any “deplorable” defended himself, the leftist thugs, the Democrats and the media lied to the public, claiming that the MAGA supporter started things.


Similar attacks occurred involving young student Christopher Sandman and the Covington, Kentucky school kids. Over and over for four long years, out-of-control Democrats and leftists mercilessly attacked us. They never paid a price for their criminal behavior. That just built up the animosity and anger among Trump supporters. Our hatred grew in proportion to the merciless attacks against us. There was an unrelenting attack against anyone and everyone who stood up for right over wrong.

The move to suppress free speech. But only for deplorables

By this point, our voices are being suppressed by Big Tech, which unanimously supported radical leftists but suppressed conservative voices ruthlessly and without cause. The total unfairness of the forces aligned against justice, freedom, and the American way, became unbearable.

Our anger slowly turned hatred. And things blew up at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021 as the result of an obviously stolen election that neither the Democrats nor the media will even allow to be reported.

A fateful, misreported rally becomes a cause for both sides

At a last-ditch Washington White House rally for his supporters – in town to peacefully ask Congress to intervene in the electoral outcome on behalf of the man who very likely won that 2020 election – there was a crowd of between 100,000 to 500,000 enthusiastic and peaceful Trump supporters who watched the President speak.

Of that huge crowd, an estimated 165 to 200 souls eventually “invaded” the Capitol building, causing considerable disruption. In point of fact, the demonstrators were actually let into the building by the Capitol police. No one to this day will admit who gave this respectable police force the orders to stand down, a pattern reminiscent of the situations in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and elsewhere.

Once inside the Capitol, some demonstrators broke windows, others stole trinkets. But at least two of those demonstrators and perhaps several more were far-left radical provocateurs. (Known Violent BLM/ Antifa Member Caught on Film Inside Capitol) Either members or associates of Antifa, they worked hard to influence a few hotheads among Trump’s mostly peaceful supporters to turn the disturbance into a full-blown riot.

Contrary to media propaganda, however, that did not happen.

Nonetheless, Democrats/Socialists, now the majority in congress, transformed this action from a peaceful protest into a “riot” and now into an “insurrection.” This by a political party and a press corps that to this day still terms the deaths and multi-billion dollars of destruction wrought on major American cities by Antifa / BLM over the past roughly 8 long months of never-ending violence. It’s all about the narrative.

By contrast, five people died on January 6, mostly indirectly, as a result of that occupation of the Capitol for four short hours, during which minimal damage occurred.

One unarmed Patriot, Ashli Babbitt, was shot by a Capitol Policeman. (Patriot Blood is Shed: AF vet Babbitt 1st to die in effort to save Republic)

Another, Brian D. Sicknick, was a Capitol officer who probably died from health complications, though the media, without evidence, claims he died from injuries received while protecting the building. Yet another victim, MAGA supporter Rosanne Boyland, of Kennesaw, Georgia, was apparently trampled to death as rioters allegedly fought with police to gain entry.

Information on the rest has not been forthcoming.

When it was all over, the damage done was cleaned up by 7 p.m. and congress went right back to work. Democrats/Socialists demonized the incident, calling it an insurrection. The media still insists on calling it a “riot.” And the full weight of federal law enforcement was set out to round up “rioters.”

The blatant hypocrisy of RINOs and Socialists

Useless Republican RINOs went along with the charade. The hypocrisy was blatant, hardening the growing divide between patriots and radical leftists. The repercussions of the protest have ruined the lives of many who went to hear the president speak, regardless of whether they took part in the riot or not. Major corporations, large businesses, police and fire departments are firing anyone who went to see Trump, without knowing if they broke any laws. More radical hypocrisy.

Now we learn that Nancy Pelosi attempted to organize the growing military presence in D.C., without consulting the Commander-in-Chief, President Trump, beforehand, This is a clear-cut violation of the separation of powers as defined in the Constitution.

Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, Patriots, War, Protest, Obama

Nancy Pelosi review’s the troops. A violation of the Constitution. The troops do not answer to Congress.

Pelosi, of course, has no fear of impeachment. This kind of double standard, hypocrisy, and unfairness has turned conservative dislike of the anti-American left into outright fury. It’s the same kind of rage that the left feels toward conservatives, the same kind of rage that’s spurred on from Obama and onward.

Where do the Patriots go from here?

With both sides in a state of permanent outrage, it will not take much to spark bloody violence between them. It is why there are upwards of 25,000 National Guardsmen positioned in D.C. awaiting the inauguration of Joseph Biden as the Nation’s 46th President. That presence demonstrates the fear that the left has of the conservatives whose fundamental rights they continue to deny.  It is also a clear signal of Democrats’ plan to enact Martial Law.  The Troops are already in place. (The American Patriots 2021 cry for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness)

Old Joe will be sworn in this coming week. But his presidency will not be smooth or easy. That’s because the left wants to destroy every patriotic American once and for all, no matter who is in the White House. They will continue to foist their treasonous behavior on an already reeling America.

Will their next outrage be the spark? A war between Americans will not only end the experiment in democracy begun 277 years ago. It will change the world, leaving China as the only remaining superpower, and the world’s de facto leader.

What will a new American Civil War accomplish?

A new civil war will be a losing proposition for everyone. But the rage both sides feel today has clouded rational judgment. It will only take one small spark to ignite a tragic bonfire.

Unfortunately, we are close to civil war in this country. Some are already calling for it. But civil war is not the answer. The answer lies in the organization of a new political party, one that is neither the Democrat nor the Republican party.

Among us, on both sides, we understand that our politicians have let us down. So it is a time to regroup and reform. There is more that unites most of us rather than what separates us. It is time for a new American Party, and the time is now, before that fearful spark finally ignites, burning down all our hopes and dreams for the future.

Common sense must prevail over hatred. For the future of our way of life, MAGA!


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About the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

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Headline Image: Screen Shot – Fox News Brett Bair

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.