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Disgraced coup plotter “J. Edgar” Comey’s phony outrage

Written By | Dec 18, 2018
Comey, Coup, L.J. Keith

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Former FBI Director and seditionist coup plotter James Comey is lashing out at Republicans and Fox News. Comey’s  complaint is that he had had to spend another day discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Steele Dossier before the House Intelligence committee.

James Comey seems to think that the crime of spying on the political opposition in a Presidential campaign and then actively subverting and undermining a newly elected President, while simultaneously clearing a serial criminal of wrongdoing, all to advance a political agenda, is just fine.

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Comey is a central player in the coup against President Trump

Comey seems to think that using the FISA courts, corrupt FBI officials, and the illegal collusion of the American Intelligence agencies with foreign spies, intelligence agencies, and the Kremlin to launch a series of investigations to overthrow the duly elected President is perfectly OK.

Jim Comey is certain that no one would question his authority and veracity. That is if it wasn’t for the “constant lies” from Fox News. He sounded a little desperate there. After all, we know a lot more about the coup plot Comey launched with James Clapper and John Brennan to destroy Donald Trump today than two years ago, thanks to Fox News.

Comey and Brennan: Spying on the Trump campaign

How he colluded with Brennan to run spies into the Trump campaign as early as March of 2016. The fact that the British and Australian spy services were involved. The reality that the entire operation was coordinated by John Brennan. Brennan then personally saw to the distribution of the Steele Dossier to Harry Reed.

How they collaborated with foreign agent Christopher Steele to take a DNC/Clinton funded Kremlin disinformation dossier and used it to lie to a FISA Court. Used it to launch a counterintelligence investigation.

Documents that even reporter Michael Isakof says are still completely unverified. The leaked Isakof story about the dossier in Yahoo News was used to justify the FISA warrants to the FISA Court.

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Comey, FISA warrants and Peter Strzok

The Dossier was used to get not one but four FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page. And hence collect all manner of Trump associate communications.  The role of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe and Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr and their targeting of Donald Trump are central to the corruption of the FBI that Comey oversaw.

Peter Strzok, who initiated the counterintelligence investigation. Who was integral in clearing Hillary Clinton and framing Donald Trump. Who used the Clinton/DNC/Steele/Russian Dossier to lie to the FISA court with the full knowledge of James Comey.

Comey the sociopathic hypocrite

Comey is disgusted with being asked about his role in both this affair and in clearing Hillary Clinton. Tired of being asked about the disparities in how both cases were and are being handled. The man who leaked confidential and classified information to the New York Times and The Washington Post, who lied to Congress,  is somehow offended at being called to answer for his behavior.

The man who admitted he violated protocols and sent agents to ambush Michael Flynn in the White House because he could get away with it. Comey deliberately went around the Justice Department and White House to get to Flynn. His deputy, Andrew McCabe specifically told Flynn he didn’t need a lawyer.

Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

Jim Comey’s sanctimonious garbage

Jim Comey’s hysterical outbursts of sanctimonious garbage about truth and honor are the sad portrait of a man unable to come to grips with his own central role in one of the great crimes of the century. Of course there are questions about the Steele Dossier. It was central to the Clinton/Comey/Brennan/Mueller conspiracy to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

Why have 12 senior members of the Justice Department resigned in disgrace or been forced out for their sordid role in weaponizing the Justice Department and the intelligence agencies to destroy a sitting President? How is that possible? How did the discredited Steele Dossier become the center of repeated FISA warrants? Comey acts as if there was nothing wrong with anything anyone did in the process of crucifying Donald Trump. Really? None of that matters?

James Comey: Bond Villain

This is a man with no moral compass. Comey is either delusional or the greatest Bond villain the planet has ever seen.  The only people more myopic about what has been happening the last two years are the Trump hating cable networks and mainstream media. They embrace the very intelligence chiefs who are central to the crime.

Comey was right to blast Fox News. They are the only ones seeking to uncover the truth. They are the only ones actually reporting on the ongoing coup attempt against the President. But consider the irony of a man attacking the freedom of the press for reporting the truth. All while saying “I don’t know “or “I can’t remember” over 250 times during his testimony to Congress last week.

Then he goes back on his book tour and can remember every excruciating detail of any specific encounter. But he can’t remember crucial pertinent details of the two most important investigations of his entire life.

Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”

Weaponizing the Intelligence agencies against Donald Trump

Well here’s the truth. Comey and Brennan and Clapper and Mueller are at the center of a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the legitimately elected government of the United States. Comey is caught by the facts. They are all convicted by the truth of what has actually happened. Of their own misdeeds.

Everything Comey and his co-conspirators have done for years is to try to hide the truth of their criminal behavior. Only Fox News has covered it in any depth. Thank God for Sara Carter and John Solomon, and Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton. If not for them and Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy we would not know anything about this.

Hillary lost, and Comey and Brennan doubled down.

If Hillary had been elected we would have never found out anything about any of this. The true crime is that once Trump was elected, rather than respect the vote of the Republic, these same players have sought to unrelentingly attack, undermine, destroy and depose Trump as President. They have doubled down on their illegal activity, literally attempting to stage a coup d’etat. They continue to savagely attack and disparage their target with apparent impunity.

What is astonishing are “liberal” groups and a media that regularly disgraces itself by refusing to acknowledge the severity of the Obama White House weaponizing of the intelligence agencies. Refuses to report the White House collaboration with the Clinton Campaign to take Kremlin disinformation and feed it into the Justice Department through the CIA and State Department to spy on an opposition political candidate. All while simultaneously accusing Trump of treason, based on the fake Russian dossier. You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.

Coup plot leader Barack Obama just won’t go away

Mueller is the fruit of the poisoned tree

Everything that has flowed from that, and especially the Mueller inquisition, is fruit of a poisoned tree. The fact that it has gone on this long is not just disturbing, but is a threat to the Republic. Peter Strzok himself said that the Mueller Inquisition was his “insurance policy”.

He worked for Mueller until his text messages to Lisa Page were exposed. Mueller and Comey are allies in seeking the destruction of Donald Trump.  To prevent the proper investigations of their own crimes. Mueller is hopelessly conflicted. He is up to his neck in Uranium One. He is operating a Les Miserable, East German, Stassi style inquisition. A rampage through the rights and civil liberties of the American political system.

J Edgar Comey: Oblivious to his own pathos

J. Edgar Comey makes a mockery of everything this country stands for by continuing to behave as if he is a noble figure. He is a criminal co-conspirator at the nexus of the crime of the century. If you liked what the deep state did to John Kennedy, you must be loving what they are doing to Donald Trump.

For the Republicans to have squandered the last two years without being more aggressive in revealing the truth of this scandal is inexcusable. Comey thinks he can run out the clock. What an irony. A man calling for truth can’t seem to tell the truth. A man demanding transparency can’t or won’t answer questions 270 times.

The corrupt former FBI director can’t recall key details. But blathers on like a drunken sailor in front of a friendly audience. This while confessing his own lack of  moral and ethical structures. All to adoring applause from a sycophantic audience blind to the KGB tactics and Stassi sentiments at the heart of Comey’s seditionist actions.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

It time for Comey to be held accountable

A man blind to bias and corruption all around him reveals his own bias with his vicious attacks on Trump. Comey was clearly at one with his deputy Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, and Robert Mueller. For him to lash out when finally called on his overt behavior says more about his own panic than any campaign by Fox News.

Comey, and Clapper, and Brennan, and Page, and Strzok, and Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele, and Glenn Simpson and many others need to be called to account for their crimes. The Inspector General and US Attorney Huber have got to make sure the American people know exactly what has happened. President Trump needs to declassify all the documentation around the FISA warrants. The destiny of the Republic is at stake.

And Jim Comey needs to understand that we don’t need any lessons about decency and morality from him. He is central to a criminal enterprise seeking the overthrow of the President and belongs in a prison cell.

Lead Image by A.F. Branco, Comically Incorrect – used with permission


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