Did the Koch Brothers hijack Malaysian Flight 370?

Charles and David Koch - John Chiasson/Liaison and file Images
Charles and David Koch - John Chiasson/Liaison and file Images

SOUTH FLORIDA, March 26, 2014 — While the Koch Brothers and Malaysian Flight 370 do not appear on the surface to be related, the way they are treated in the news shows startling similarities.

Flight 370 is a tragedy. A plane is nowhere to be found; all 239 people on board are presumed dead. The only thing we know for sure is that we do not know anything. This has not stopped the media spending every waking minute of the last two weeks confusing speculation with actual news.

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Most people who are speaking about the incident know nothing. The few people who may know something are refusing to say anything.

The Malaysian Prime Minister finally claimed that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean without offering any evidence. He acted like a climate change zealot or anybody else pushing a theory without any evidence. He declared the matter settled and then acted as if his saying so meant anything.

Nothing about this story is settled. His imitation of President Obama saying “the time for talk is over” means the right to ask hard questions needs to be increased, not lessened.

While the media love sensationalism and the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality, nothing sends them into a frothing wolf pack mode like powerful conservatives.

While everyone knows about the tragedy of Flight 370, most people have never heard of the Koch Brothers. For those people, the Koch Brothers are private citizens who worked hard and became billionaires. They have broken no laws, and seek to participate in the political process by supporting causes they agree with. This includes everything from the arts to music to free markets and limited government.

For this, an entire political ideology has become unhinged over these men simply due to the fact that Koch Brothers are wealthy and active in supporting economically conservative policies.

To MSNBC, the New York Times, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, it is this and not Benghazi that constitutes an act of war. And they can’t blame either George Bush or Sarah Palin for whatever they are rallying against.

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Rachel Maddow spends most nights raging against these men as being evil right-wingers responsible for everything from Millennials caught in trees to kittens with Restless Leg Syndrome. Ironically, Maddow neglects to mention that the Koch Brothers support gay rights. This does not fit her narrative even though she is a self-identified lesbian.

Another target of the liberal media is Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson. The casino magnate supports mainstream Republican candidates who are pro-Israel. Adelson is Jewish, and he uses his money to support those who share his beliefs.

This should not be news, but for the left needing a villain, Adelson would be invented if he did not exist.

Liberals in Congress and in the media have referred to these conservative activists as “un-American” and other uncivil names. The irony is that liberal billionaires own the entire Democratic Party without a hint of irony or shame for anyone involved.

Senate Democrats held an all-night talkathon about climate change because hedge fund manager Tom Steyer ordered them to make climate change a priority. He is prepared to spend $100 million to advance junk science because he directly benefits financially from the regulations that would be enacted. Politicians who obey his orders receive money.

In the real world, this is called bribery.

An entire political party is focused on an issue most Americans do not care about because one wealthy liberal stomps his feet and says it does. Steyer is also a hedge fund manager, which Democrats keep claiming to hate except when the person is a leftist.

The bribery angle has been applied to the Koch Brothers over the Keystone Pipeline, except for one problem. They have nothing to do with the project beyond that the Koch Brothers made their money in oil, and the Keystone Pipeline would transport oil.

For liberals, the Keystone Pipeline makes them Keystone Cops. Morton’s Steakhouse and Burger King both sell beef, but they are two separate entities.

Non-MSNBC fans grasp this.

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This is before getting into George Soros, who funds virtually every liberal entity in America. He does this through a series of shadow groups loathe to opening their books. Soros is a convicted felon for insider trading.

The Democratic Party takes marching orders from the very one per centers they rail against. The liberal media looks the other way.

When a proud Jew like Sheldon Adelson invests in Jewish causes, liberals panic. When race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pretend to fight for racial justice, liberals make excuses and give one of them a television show.

Sheldon Adelson builds things. Jackson and Sharpton shake down corporations and break things.

Steyer forces his folly on the senate. The Koch Brothers put people to work.

What it all comes down to is what unites us and divides us. On the left, people who have no idea what they are talking about speak the loudest and the shrillest. People who do know what they are talking about often stay silent.

Real news gets ignored while ordinary people suffer from a stagnant economy and global terrorism. The one per centers that spread liberal news are wealthy enough to enjoy their own Fantasy Island, where conservatives who produce jobs are derided as evil while liberals who produce nothing are heroes.

The Koch Brothers? What do they know? Aren’t they the guys who hijacked that plane to help spread global warming and deny Sandra Fluke free birth control?

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  • W_R_Monger

    A fact that the liberal media ignores is that as far as political donations go the Koch Brothers are well down the list at about number 58 of those who spend the most politically. Not so well known is that of the 57 entities ahead of them 18 are union. So who’s pushing agendas and who’s supporting candidates for people? The Koch Brothers create jobs while unions just suck up resources.

    Before you start on all of the good unions have done know a few things first. I have been in many unions and only one worked for the worker, no dues were required to be a member.As for the other four that I’ve belonged to, they were the perfect mafia mob model. Interpret that however you like. Next thing to know is that wage increases, package benefits, and 40 hr work weeks ( the creation of the ” weekend”) was NOT a union innovation. Ford raised wages to keep the best employees while later on when the democrats in congress saw that some companies were scooping up the best of the best workers leaving under qualified workers for start-up companies they capped a workers salary. To give incentive to stay employers offered healthcare. After that companies offered shorter weeks for the same pay and added time off for vacation for exemplary workers.

    Unions jumped on this and claimed it as their own with a twist. You MUST join the union as a condition of employment, you MUST pay dues, and you MUST agree with the collective (basically extortion). Union members ‘ pay slowed to increase their population and to retain sloths with seniority while private companies kept pace.

    Unions are dinosaurs that have outlived their alleged usefulness. I’ve been employed longer at a higher pay working in nonunion companies than I’ve ever been in unionized companies.

    The Koch Brothers myth as the boogie man is just that, a myth created by a leftist media. They, the media, will eventually be America’s undoing.

  • Ken Harris

    Are the Koch brothers zionist? Before there are any jumps to conclusions I am not anti Israel I am simply anti war and would like to see America stay out of future conflicts. So are the Koch brothers pro zionist or neoconservative? I think highly of both Ron and Rand Paul but want more information on who backs them. I also think like Ron Paul that we should dump the Federal Reserve.

  • Valorie Vaca

    Are the Koch brothers zionist? Before there are any jumps to conclusions I am not anti Israel I am simply anti war and would like to see America stay out of future conflicts. So are the Koch brothers pro zionist or neoconservative? I think highly of both Ron and Rand Paul but want more information on who backs them. I also think like Ron Paul that we should dump the Federal Reserve.

  • World Scam

    It’s jewish zionists (masonists) who did this. They are also responsible for the polish plain crash in Russia, earthquake in Japan, chemtrails that injfluence your brain, climate modifications that can cause storms, floods and huricaines, they tried to take control over Europe through Poland and now they want to initiate a World War III through Ukraine. They also faked the explosion in US in 2001 to get president’s signature for US army to go to Syria and Iraque, they also tried to attack on Pakistan and China. Now the goal is Russia but first they want to make Russia weak, when in fact they are the ones who provoked this Russia and Ukraine conflict because they want war everywhere just to discourage people attention from the real scam, that is the biggest scam on earth, the system that takes the money form the people as a tax and parts of the bank deposits and earnings from credits just to finance war. America has been hidjacked by Israel and it’s economy is going to collapse totally in 2016.
    Jewish are also running the Foreign policy in US, you will never see any Jew doing some hard phisical jobs that are considered as low and mostly are done by people without higher education. In Jewish culture even the most poor person gets support and ideas from the riches how to make his own business, so that he will never be poor.
    Now they are planning to take control over Malasian government, so that they can do there whatever they want. Many of them may not like America anymore because of the blacks, Chinese, French, Spanish, Brazilians etc. who have been flooding America all over these years. That could also be the reason why Obama promised to stop requesting visas that are too much hard to get for Polish who want to live in US and he didn’t keep his promise. Looks like firs they want to destroy polish economy and education system to make the population of Poland as decreasing as in Lithuania (Lithuanians don’t need to have visa since 2009). LIthuania consinsts of mainly Lithuanians while there are also polish, jewish and Russians. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is the town were many buildings belonged to jewish and the president of Lithuania gave back to them the money due to what they built there.
    Hitler was killing Jews because he believed that they are not trustworthy and that the standard of living for Germans will be very low because Jewish were trying to rule German and the government. However Polish also asked German Nazists to kill Jews and they were robbing everything that was left from them. Those who are scared of Germany are likely to be Jews. The question is how could Hitler truelly recognize who is a Jew and who is not. So many Jews became pure Russians, Germans, Polish, Americans, Lithuanians etc., so they should not be considered as Jewish. The problem is Zionists. However we cannot follow Hitler by blaming Jewish on every evil that is going on on Earth but on the masonic stone in US there is a written that it’s necessary to reduce the world’s growing population from 6 bilions to 0,5 bilion.
    The most rapid population growth is being noticed in Africa and Asia and Ukraine is the country where so many Africans can come easily to get with Ukrainian women where even 13 year old girls are quite advanced in the prostitute business because the country is poor, so many Polish can buy a driving license in Ukraine even when they cannot even drive while Poland is like an American dream to them when they come to study there after they learned polish, they are there to cover the gap of missing poles who left Poland to work in England, Germany, Netherlands for good. Ukraine wants to join European Union, but EU (including Poland and Russia) definitely don’t want the flood of blacks due the cultural racism. British already kicked out many blacks by not giving the social aids for those who don’t work in 2011.
    As zionists know that American Army will not start the fight against Ukraine, it’s likely they used Russian army instead to start depopulating European Union beginning from Ukraine. By the end of the XIX’th century there was a plan to depopulate Africa by making vaccines. Vaccines against ebola virus are going to be ready in 2015.
    America is the Nation, who wants to think they are the best and the green card lotery system is just to get money. So many naive people participating in the lotery for many years and not getting and if they get they cannot leave America or they will lose their entrancy.
    Before America was the Land of the dreams for anyone from outside and now it has nothing, everybody can have guns at home, so many people dying everyday. The history of US has a very long list of president who died in office. Zionist so many times tried to take control over America and now they did it but the increasing contiousness of America about the real truth is making them want to go away because they can more or less predict what is going to happen. The video of the “terrorist” who killed a missing american journalist is faked. This was done just to discourage people attention what is happening, while muslims are good people, sometimes even better that Christians and those who are real Christians, they know very well about the common roots of Muslim, Christian and Jewish religion, that’s why Muslim men are allowed to marry muslim, Christian or jewish women.
    It’s ridiculous that Obama knows very well how many Americans were trained by islamic terrorist while he hasn’t even been there and the video of agressive russians that are the reason why US placed it’s army in Estonia is also likely to be faked because if Russia is dangerous for US then who was taking the movie? Another russian who pretends to be american or vice a versa? The reason why US didn’t place it’s strongest army to Ukraine to protect Ukrainians from death is because US and Russia have agreement from 1997 and in 2010 Obama was in Russia to negotiate a plan of the modernizations of Russia. The question is: WHAT DID HE WANT TO MODERNIZATE???!!!! Russia had enough of it’s own tanks and weapons in case of war.