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Did China hacking of Clinton emails lead to death of CIA spies?

Written By | Aug 31, 2018
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WASHINGTON, DC: It is no surprise that Hillary Clintons email server was allegedly hacked by a Chinese front company, and compromised by the Chinese government. Reports say every email on her server was sent to an external server in China for a period of four years. Every last Hillary Clinton email, including the 33,000 emails deleted by the former Secretary of State.

Somehow, in spite of contradictory statements from both Peter Strzok and James Comey, the FBI is denying that foreign governments, much less China, were able to hack Clinton’s personal server much less acquire her private and official emails. What a crock.

Sadly, what should also not be surprising is the fact that almost all CIA operations in China were wiped out between 2010 and 2012.  Today the question is whether the killing of human assets links to information, such as names, locations, or meetings, found in Clinton’s emails.

The connections between Clinton’s emails and China are recent,  the evidence is striking.

Hillary emails compromised, 18 to 20 CIA informants exposed.

According to the New York Times, at least a dozen CIA informants at high levels of the bureaucracy in China were executed, and a total of 18 to 20 killed or imprisoned over a 3 year period. The damage done was compared to what the Aldrich Ames‘  spying for the Soviet Union had done to CIA operations in Moscow in the 1980s.

The rolling up of CIA assets coincided with Hillary Clinton keeping her emails on an unsecured server to circumvent her obligations to legal transparency. This unfathomable decision meant that her communications were accessible to Foreign Intelligence agencies around the world.

The infamous Peter Strzok himself admitted that it was probable that State actors had attempted to penetrate her server. But Strzok acknowledges that penetration of an unsecured server would probably leave no evidence. The FBI continues to fall back on the unintelligible mantra of “no evidence of penetration” of Hillary’s server by foreign actors.

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Hillary’s emails in the hands of numerous foreign intelligence agencies

The fact is that Hillary Clintons email server was penetrated not just by China but by numerous state actors. Hillary Clinton would have been the target of every intelligence agency on planet Earth.

When she transmitted communications for four years across an unsecured server she guaranteed that every last email would be intercepted. Anyone with even a rubric of understanding of intelligence operations would agree.

Whether by stupidity to hide the activities of the Clinton Foundation, or stupidity about the realities of operational security, Hillary Clinton provided a road map in real time of everything the Government of the United States and the Secretary of State was planning.

Hillary made it easy for China, and Russia, and Iran, and North Korea

It sickens the mind that anyone could possibly be so irresponsible. It sickens the conscience to see these concerns dismissed by our Justice Department in its “investigation” of the Hillary email scandal.

The truth is Hillary’s email server was almost certainly hacked by China, and Russia, and Iran, and North Korea. It was almost certainly also hacked by Great Britain, France, Israel and German intelligence.

It would only make sense. So the Chinese, and the Russians and the Iranians and North Korea, and Great Britain, and France, and Germany and Israel all hacked Hillary’s server. They all have copies of her emails, including the 33,000 deleted ones.

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The fallout from the intercepts: The death of CIA  informants

It was obvious from the moment we learned she had left her communications vulnerable to foreign intercepts. These are the premier cyberspace and intelligence agencies in the world. It is inconceivable that an unprotected server would not have been penetrated.

So the Chinese begin intercepting emails in 2010 and continue in real time for four years until Hillary leaves office. Around that same time, CIA informants in China begin to be uncovered.

Seeing how the Chinese had an open book into Hillary’s private communications, it is highly likely that the identity of CIA spies and operations in China were compromised by her communications.

Intelligence agencies in the United States were dumbfounded at how their operations were unraveling. Now it all makes sense.


Hillary’s 33,000 emails in foreign hands

Hillary compromised information to governments around the world to cover up the illegal activities of the Clinton Foundation in an ongoing pay for play scheme. There are no reasonable explanations for the use of a private unsecured server.

There are many nefarious ones.

Her actions to destroy the 33000 emails that are the treasure trove of her corruption was a blatant attempt to prevent the truth from coming out. But at the root of the problem is the essential miscalculation.

The truth is China, and Russia, and Israel, and Great Britain, and Iran and North Korea all have copies of Hillary’s 33000 deleted emails. One can be quite certain that the NSA has copies as well.

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The only people who don’t have Hillary’s emails are the American People

This means that the only people who are being kept in the dark on what is in the 33000 deleted emails are the American people. The Chinese and the Russians and the Iranians and God know who else already has them.

When the unfortunate target of the Brennan/CIA/FBI targeting of the Trump campaign, George Papadopoulos, spoke about Hillary’s email’s being intercepted by foreign actors, he was saying what any intelligence professional would reasonably believe, knowing she was using an unsecured server.

That this innocuous knowledge was used to launch a counterintelligence operation against Trump is ludicrous. By then Hillary’s server had been in the media headlines for months. Anything on that server had been intercepted. Everyone with a brain knew that instinctively.

CIA informants killed and imprisoned

So in China, these intercepts lead to the real-time dismantlement of the CIA network of internal informants in the Chinese government.  (Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations – NY Times).  At least 12 key CIA sources were executed. One unfortunate victim was murdered in the courtyard of a government building in front of his colleagues.

10 current and former officials of the CIA confirm these events, according to the New York Times. They claim surprise as to   the source of the Chinese information.

Despite the answer being obvious.

But more significantly, the possession of Hillary’s emails gave the Chinese incalculable blackmail opportunities had she become President. She and the U.S. Government were compromised electronically, however, Clinton has also been compromised personally.

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Hillary: Criminal activity and the damage done

The damage she has done to the intelligence community is incalculable. The fact that every major intelligence agency in the world has her emails, and the American people don’t, testifies to the bizarre political environment we live in.

A Secretary of State compromises national security for 4 years, rigs the primary elections, and launches a coordinated assault on her Presidential rival with the cooperation of the FBI, CIA, State Department, Justice Department and the White House.

This unprecedented crime against the American people has done more to harm the integrity of our elections than anything the Russians could have done in 100 years.

Brennan, Comey, Strzok, Yates: Where were they?

And where was John Brennan while the Chinese are openly spying on Hillary Clinton. Where was the Justice Department when Judicial Watch presented information about her compromised server.

Why did Sally Yates and Peter Strzok, who had first-hand knowledge, directly,  not take it seriously? Every question leads to a dozen more.

The upshot of her criminal activity was that the Chinese used that information to roll up the entire CIA informant network in China.

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Hillary: Blood on her hands…Again

She has the blood of dozens of CIA sources on her hands, just as Aldrich Ames was responsible for the deaths of dozens of CIA informants in Russia two decades earlier.

Two unrelated events occur. One is the result of the other. I see no other rational explanations. As the fallout from Hillary’s emails become more apparent, people will accept that she was compromised. That a number of foreign governments have her in a compromising position. That the information gathered from her private server has and will be used against the interests of United States.

And the lives of CIA informants.

The only potential silver lining is that the Chinese, and others, have the 33000 emails. Maybe President Trump can get his good friend Xi Jinping to hand them over. Nothing can bring back the CIA operations in China. They died with the agents she betrayed.


L.J. Keith

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