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Dicky Durbin whines about Donny, the GOP moves forth a winning agenda

Written By | Jan 16, 2018

WASHINGTON, January 16, 2018.: Dicky Durbin makes it hard to not recall when my children were in grade school.  My youngest son, on a few occasions, came running into the house after school screaming that his older brother used foul language. “Donny said the S curse. Donny said the S curse.”

The most important thing to my young son that day was that his brother cursed and should be punished.  He just wanted to “tell” on his older brother.

Last Thursday after a difficult meeting of key Democrat and Republican lawmakers, Senator Dick Durbin came rushing out.  Instead of saying nothing or saying something positive to move the discussion forward, all Dicky could say was, “Donny said the S curse.  Donny said the S curse.”

It is as if he wanted to “tattle” on the bigger brother. This time the President.

Former President Obama’s silent Coup d’Etat conspiracy unraveling

Dicky and the Dems are in trouble in the November elections.

The fantasy of Dems and the mainstream media (MSM) is that the Dems will take control of the House of Representatives in November and may even take control of the Senate.  They site President Trump’s low approval rating, the inability of the GOP to govern despite majorities in both houses as well as the presidency and the explosion of the deficit.

The MSM says that even key Republican Senators are worried about losing control of government.  They also fear that Republicans will lose some state governs and will lose control of many state houses. While the MSM lives in this somewhat delusional world, exactly the opposite is likely to occur.

Depending on the outcome of key current negotiations, the Dems could vote to shut down the government and fail to adequately fund the military.

They unanimously voted against the recently passed tax cut so they are already not part of the coming prosperity.

What will the Dems campaign on in November?

So far, their only message has been “resist Trump.”  While they have been successful in stopping a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, they haven’t stopped much else.  Even though the polls, which are likely not an accurate predictor of the population’s actual views, show Trump with a low approval rating, by November things will be different.

Already Trump has reduced regulations, instilled confidence in all sectors of the economy and has increased Americans’ wealth.  Trump also pushed through his tax cut.  The result has been that economic growth exceeded 3% for the second and third quarters of last year.

The fourth quarter estimate will be released at the end of January and will likely show a 4% growth rate.

Tax hike or tax cut? CNBC’s misleading report on GOPs tax reform

In 2018, the tax cut kicks in.

Working Americans will see an increase in their take-home pay and corporate profits will increase by 20%.  That will lead to rapid economic growth in 2018.  That means more opportunity will be available for millions of underemployed workers who, because of the poor economy for the past decade, have settled for jobs for which they are overqualified and generally underpaid.

It also means discouraged workers will find opportunities that will draw them back into the labor market.  Corporate profits will increase further from the growth which will encourage more hiring and more expansion.  Companies that have moved operations outside of the US because of the previous high tax rate will come back.  And some foreign companies may be lured to the US by the low tax rate.

Prosperity will return.

It has been nearly two decades since the economy grew at a 4% annual rate.  It has been 12 years since the economy grew at even a 3% annual rate.  In 2018 the economy could grow at a 5% rate or more.  That means true economic prosperity will return.

It has been gone for so long that Americans have forgotten what prosperity feels like.

The stock market will continue to rise, likely seeing the Dow Jones Industrial average reach 30,000 by year-end.

Trump has also forced lawmakers to do their job.

Fixing the inherited messes of DAC, North Korea and ISIS

DACA was illegally implemented by an executive order.  Trump says it is time for Congress to pass legislation on this issue and he has set a deadline of March 5. No more kicking the can down the road.

Trump has confronted North Korea.  In 1994, President Clinton said the US had made a deal to prevent North Korea (NK) from getting nuclear weapons.  Presidents Bush and Obama did nothing to stop NK from getting those weapons.  Trump will de-nuclearize NK.

The President essentially wiped out ISIS although they continue to exist without the land they once controlled.  And he has gotten international respect for the US back again.

In November Democrats resistance will come home to roost

By November it will be clear that the Dems voted against economic prosperity since not a single one voted for the tax cut.  They may have also voted to shut down the government, and voted against full funding of the military.

If the Democrat’s message continues to be to vote for Dems because they will resist Trump, that is a losing message.  While they say it worked in 2006, things are much different now.  The result may be that the GOP increases their majority in the House of Representatives and ends up with 57 to 60 Senators.

“Donny said the S curse.  Donny said the S curse,” simply won’t matter come November 2018, or 2020.

Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.