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Destroying America though race wars and fake conspiracies

Written By | Aug 30, 2020
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When you listen to media coverage, liberal commentators are repeating the phrase “this is Donald Trump’s America.” They are forgetting that the civil race wars they are fomenting are in places that have been under democrat control decade after decade. John Antaramian, Mayor  Kenosha, Wisconsin, Democrat.  Lori Lightfoot, Mayor Chicago, Illinois, Democrat. Ted Wheeler, Mayor  Portland, Oregon, Democrat. Jenny Durkan, Mayor Seattle, Washington, Democrat. Frank Jackson, Mayor Cleveland, Ohio, Democrat.

It may be Donald Trump’s America with its rebounding economy, strong stock market, prison reform, minority investment, but these cities belong to the Democrat mayors. Mayors who refuse to allow the Federal Government to enter “their cities” to quell the violence and protect American homes, families, and businesses.

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has kept silent on the protests, and the violence, emerging only once they agreed on the “Blame Donald Trump” narrative.  Despite the President offering the full participation of the Federal Government to quell the unrest. (‘We are not safe in Donald Trump’s America’: Biden, Trump campaigns spar over blame for violent protests

Liberal media pundits are lying to their watchers.

Downplaying the violence, repeating over and over again, that it is a peaceful protest.  Even as blood runs in the streets.

Democrats and liberal media are, knowing or unknowingly using military Psychological Operations to convey information that propels their narrative that America is bad. To create fear by influencing emotions, motives, and objective reasoning. To control the behavior of the governments, military organizations, groups, and individuals.

According to Psychological Operations/Warfare:

All three types of psychological operations – – Tactical, Strategic and Consolidation— can be employed to produce the following desired effects:
      1. Reduce moral and combat efficiency within the enemy’s ranks.
      2. Promote mass dissension within and defections from enemy combat units and/or revolutionary cadre.
      3. Support our own and allied forces cover and deception operations.
Promote cooperation, unity and morale within one’s own and allied units, as well as within resistance forces behind enemy lines.

Psyop warfare may be the tool of the Socialist Liberal. Democrat hordes destroying our cities, hating America. Lying about America. Only now, with Kyle Rittenhouse, we see those we will call “patriots” fighting back.  And the results are deadly. First in Kenosha. (Kyle Rittenhouse and death in Kenosha: What this tells us about America) Last night in Portland, a man participating in a counter-protest, wearing a patriot hat and a Blue Lives Matter patch was, according to witnesses, not just shot, but executed.  On the streets of America.

This is what Soros funded liberal Democrat leadership is fostering for no other reason than they want political and economic control over America to meet their goals of turning America into a socialist wasteland. Just like they did in Cuba.  Don’t believe me? Or your own eyes? Listen to a person that escaped Cuba.  Who says the lies of the Socialist Dictator emerge after Castro gained power.

The first Civil Race War

One of the stark differences between the Democrat and Republican future for America is summed up in the fact that past Presidential candidates, the parties, while they disagreed on how to get to an endpoint, they believed in America and Americans. This is no longer the belief of Democrats in Congress, particularly the squad – Ilhan Omar, Aryanna Presley, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib.

Democrat leadership, who have been in Washington, D.C. for decades.

Democrats: Destroying America from within for 159 years

When America wanted to change to be inclusive to all Americans, including African Americans enchained by physical slavery, we entered into four years of unrest, pitting American against American, brother against brother during the Civil War.

That war began when the Confederates of the Democrat south attacked Northern Union troops at Fort Sumter, South Carolina on April 12, 1861. At the time America had a total population of approximately nine-million persons.  Union soldiers numbered over twice as many as Confederate soldiers 2,128,948 to 1,082,119.  Of those more than three million men, and women, some 620,000 soldiers died from combat, disease, starvation, and accidents.

How many will die during the Racial Civil Wars Democrats are enabling today? so far, the numbers of people who have died during the protests are growing. (Shooting in Seattle’s ‘CHOP’ protest zone leaves 1 dead, 1 injured). Best estimates are that over 30 have been killed, many more injured. (Deadly unrest: Here are the people who have died amid George Floyd protests across US)  Every death and injury senseless, leaving behind a wounded and grieving family.

It is important to remember the children’s names:

Secoria Turner, 8, Atlanta, GA. Davon McNeal, 11, Washington, DC.  Ryota De’Marco Giles, 8, Hoover, Alabama. Natalia Wallace, 7, Chicago, IL.  Jace Young, 6, San Francisco, CA. Horace Lorenzo Anderson, 19, Portland Chop Zone, OR.

One of the strongest speakers about the senselessness of the Protest Death is Ann Dorn, widow of David Dorn, killed in St. Louis over “television sets.”  Mrs. Dorn’s anguish absolutely asking the question – are these riots for police justice? Or to honor George Floyd? Or to propel a Democrat foisted narrative that America is racist, by giving free rein to looters, rioters, thieves, and killers.

Democrats are simply destroying America’s treasurers, the people who are good and the children who have promise, to promote a race war in order to discredit and destroy our values. In order to invoke the Biden-Sanders manifesto to move America into a socialist country.

To take the lives and peace of all Americans away in order to destroy the Constitution and for the Democrat political class elites to gain power and control – both politically and economically.   (Trump isn’t the biggest threat to the Constitution. Democrats are.) All to usher America into a borderless global economy ruled by a few and lorded over by the anti-semitic Hungarian billionaire George Soros. (Connoisseur of Chaos – The dystopian vision of George Soros, billionaire funder of the Left)

George Soros’s plan to create an Empire and destroy America from within

How many will die during the Soros liberal funded race wars being fomented in Democrat cities across America.?

Tens of thousands of acres of land, much of it soaked in American blood and the final resting place of Civil War dead, have been preserved and will be further preserved for future generations by the Trump-Pence administrations “Great American Outdoors Act.:”  This is legislation to preserve and restore America’s public lands, American Battlefield Trust President Jim Lighthizer saying:

“This measure will benefit our nation’s most beautiful and meaningful landscapes for generations to come. Our children and grandchildren now have a better opportunity to visit those sites, preserved in perpetuity, and appreciate the sacrifices made by our forefathers as we continue their work to create a more perfect union.”
Democrats destroying our “more perfect union.”

They have fostered violence through the George Soros Open Society foundation.  Liberal anarchists assault people as they left the final night of the convention. But only after they attempted to disrupt the Republican political event with large groups that included musicians and bull horns.

They then attacked attendees leaving, including Rep. Vernon Jones, UFC Dana White, an elderly couple and Senator Rand Paul.  Democrats are demanding a new America – one where fifty percent of the population and our elected representatives are no longer safe.

Washington D.C. is now as dangerous as Bill DeBlasio’s New York Times Square is. Where even just wanting to watch a fireworks display will get you beat up.

This man wanted to see the fireworks at the RNC. As he was walking to a place he could see them, he was attacked by…

Posted by Roger Gorham on Saturday, 29 August 2020

Democrats’ destruction of America is all about Hillary losing the presidency to Donald J. Trump

Just as politicians and the media had a tactic agreement to not speak out against a president traveling internationally, so as not to embarrass and demean America on an international stage, so much has changed.

Been changed by liberal, anarchists and the Democrats push toward socialism.

Old Guard Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerrold Nadler, and Maxine Waters

All Americans must stand up, regardless of their political party, and denounce what is happening.  Political changes does not come from anarchy.  Our Constitution protects our Freedom of Speech and to “Peacefully Assemble.”  Both stalwarts of American Democracy Democrats have tried to erode from the conservative class.

Democrat Maxine Waters being very vocal about harassing Trump Cabinet Officials.  What would have been her excuse had Senator and Mrs. Paul not narrowly escaped the mobs outside the RNC?  Is not her, and other Dems, the rhetoric behind the unrest?

Are Democrats not responsible for this unrest with their inability to accept the results of the 2016 election?

With Hillary Clinton encouraging Joe Biden not to accept the results of 2020, unless he wins?

That Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, not accepting her loss, have done everything they can to unseat President Trump and destroy anyone who voted for him.  (Sanders Campaign Organizer: Free Education, Gulags Needed To “Re-Educate” You To Not Be A “F*cking Nazi”)

The assault began before the 2016 election with the Obama-Biden administration’s spying on the Trump campaign and morphed into the Russian dossier.  From Russia, it was the Mueller Report.  The assault on now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. From Kavanaugh, we moved to Ukraine and Impeachment.  Then China released the COVID-19 virus and the attacks on the President have been not only relentless but the media information from liberal sources has been contradictory.  Knowing that the only way to defeat Trump is to defeat the Trump economy, Joe Biden claims he will shut down the economy.  Again.  And he will keep it shut down until America relents and dies.  (Biden says he is willing to ‘shut down’ US to contain Covid-19)

President Trump must protect Americans and assist those suffering in Texas and Louisianna

The President must protect and assist Americans who stand for America.  The National Guard and military force must stop the riots.  We need to turn our focus on the Gulf States and help Americans in need.  And this must be done now. Tomorrow is Monday.  We will see what the President’s response will be.

But like a parent with misbehaving children, and using as much care and compassion as possible, the President must stop the violence in our streets and turn the resources of the government to repair the lives of those affected by Hurricane Laura.

We do not have the time, energy or money to continue to combat the Democrat’s temper-tantrum that is only going to get worse

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