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Democrats’ Wall of Jericho is falling: Trump declasses Obamagate, promises further revelations

Written By | Jan 15, 2021
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SAN DIEGO: President Trump has declassified major Obamagate FBI documents, from dossier author Christopher Steele and debriefing reports from Stefan Halper’s role as FBI Spy, reported Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Tonight. The documents reveal spying, conspiracy, plots, and efforts to overthrow President Trump. The long wait appears over for the American people soon able to see for themselves once classified information that supports the president and makes liars out of so many who denied it all. Democrats erected their own Wall of Jericho around their lies and criminality and it is beginning to tumble.

Just the News editor John Solomon reports on the show,

“The president has delivered a big way more than a foot-high stack of documents authorized by the FBI and Justice Dept. These are the things the FBI has tried to keep from the public for four years with “amazing big picture revelations.”

One of the biggest reveals is Steele’s debriefing with the FBI after he was fired for leaking. He admits he leaked “to help Hillary Clinton cover up her email problem” and to turn the attention to Donald Trump. Clinton paying to manufacture a dossier of deceit to escape prosecution for using a private server for State Department business, then destroying the evidence.

Not to mention other breaches of political power. There is also the web of treason that fans from the State Department to the FBI to people working with the FBI.

“The Russian Collusion was invented to protect Hillary Clinton from ongoing revelations about her email scandal.” Steele’s own words will chillingly tell.

Solomon’s sources say foreign policy scholar Stefan Halper “was told to spy on the Trump Campaign, was given a cover.” The declassified documents promise to “blow out of the water that the FBI was spying on the Trump Campaign as early as August 2016.”

The documents are expected to be released tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.

Obama Brennan coup involved State Dept., DOD, DNI, DOJ, CIA and FBI

Taking a look back at the Russia Hoax.

The Federalist reported in March 2020,

“Late July to early August—was when Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, in concert with and on the payroll of the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign, also began promoting the Russia-conspiracy hoax in earnest. While Steele worked the FBI, details from the dodgy dossier were also peddled to the press, as demonstrated by this July 26, 2016 text from Damian Paletta – then with the Wall Street Journal -show.” (following text provided by The Federalist)

Carter Page, a 2016 Trump campaign associate was surveilled by the FBI during the Russia collusion investigation, violating Page’s constitutional “and other legal rights in connection with unlawful surveillance and investigation of him by the United States Government,” reported World Tribune.

Carter Page names former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Kevin Clinesmith in a $75 million lawsuit filed November 2020 against the FBI and Department of Justice.

Interestingly,“ Carter Page was accused of doing the exact same activities that Hunter Biden did. Page likely was framed to take the focus off of Obama and Bidens’ crimes and prevent Hunter Biden from being outed, indicted and put in prison,” says Gateway Pundit.

Explosive stuff bears down on the Democrats.

“While they are attacking the president again they will have to defend their own wretched corruption,” says Fox Business show host Dobbs.

As Democrats try to impeach Donald Trump a second time in a rushed session of Congress, Solomon says we will see “enormous connectivity” between the Russia Collusion Hoax and the earlier impeachment of Donald Trump in 2020. Documents will show the layers of secrecy, lies, and treasonous schemes.

The “main guy” who gave Steele bogus information for the fake dossier later disavowed his participation. Yet was a star impeachment witness Democrats paraded around on camera, says Solomon. We will finally see these people for who they really are – criminals, conspirators, and liars.

Declassifying Russia hoax docs and the coming 2nd American revolution

Making 2020 election fraud more real than ever.

In the days after the Capitol rally, all hell broke loose to not only call Trump and his supporters “insurrectionists” but shovel out heaps of disinformation, ramp up the temperature through media allies. Democrats and some Republicans rattled their sabers to ban, persecute, and threaten. Liberals pushing the narrative to “reprogram” and “cleanse from society,” these lovers of God, their president, and liberty.

Revealed: Democrat set up at Capitol, starting with the arrest of one of their own.

Radical left-wing activist John Sullivan from Utah has been recorded saying that he was a provocateur inciting violence at the Capitol on Jan 6. In this chilling footage obtained by Gateway Pundit, we see the BLM and ANITFA anarchist doing what he does best. (Utah Man with a History of Organizing Violent Antifa, BLM Protests, Was Inside the Capitol)

Sullivan, the founder of “Insurgence USA” a group fighting for “racial justice and police reform” claims he was filming as a journalist. The FBI says that is “not true”, and they have arrested Sullivan for inciting the riot. (FACT CHECK- BLM/Antifa linked John Sullivan is not a journalist, told protesters to “burn” Capitol. According to  the FBI, he was encouraging people to “light things on fire, to take things.” The FBI in their affidavit said he will be charged with federal crimes, reports Soloman. But this proving that the Capitol riot was a false flag operation the FBI at first tried to cover for.

Police state traps for patriots. Stay away from DC.

Again the FBI lies by omission. A new report claims that the Federal Bureau of Investigation knew one day prior that extremists were planning to infiltrate the Jan. 6 protests in Washington, D.C., that ended in rioting at the U.S. Capitol,” reports Western Journal. President Trump did not incite the riot, as impeachment frenzied Democrats say. This is why there is such military power in DC.  Democrats are fomenting another crisis. Using the media, they are egging the Patriots to riot on election day. If they can cause another Jan 6 event they will have further proof in which to charge the President with crimes of sedition.  (It’s a setup: Patriots stay away from state capitol demonstrations)

As the dominos fell after Jan 6, Dem and Rep impeachers put Trump supporters into rhetorical concentration camps. Now they find it necessary to call up to 15,000 troops to stoke fear, flashguns, erect concertina wire, line the streets with military vehicles, and police cars.

This is the look of Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, and XI’s China. Not America.

And certainly not Speaker Nancy Pelosi briefing troops. Only their officers do that led by the president.

KEEP IN MIND, our military members will follow orders.

They are good patriotic Americans fighting the bad guys, protecting freedoms. They don’t get to pick sides. ‘Whose orders are deploying them to DC in such numbers’ is a fair question. Why does  DC with a geographical area of 68.3 square miles need troop levels twice as large as are in both Afghanistan and Iraq combined? ISIS and the Taliban yes – but Trump supporters?

Pelosi, what on earth are you and your band of corrupt political elites expecting? What do you need protection from? Trump supporters? We think not.

Then again what can anyone expect in the coming days? Particularly knowing the lies emanating from Democrats and a complicit media for years? Knowing we have traitors in our midst, running our Government?

Remember “NO Violence, NO lawbreaking, NO vandalism of any kind.” says President Trump.

Pelosi was oddly missing for the 2nd Impeachment hearings. A step Democrats are taking in an attempt to silence the President. Only by removing him could they stop what is to come.

The day of lawful reckoning is coming for the Democrats and their allies.  The Walls of Jericho in DC will be coming down.


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