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Democrats unholy quest for Washington’s political power and corruption

Written By | Feb 15, 2020

WASHINGTON: From the miserable surface of the Washington landscape, we view lying thugs like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and largely most of the rest of the cluster or 535 rulers calling themselves representatives. It is a landscape of corruption and diseased minds that is difficult to comprehend if, in fact, man truly has a conscience.

And it shows up in the entire bureaucracy throughout the “ruling” government class. At least Orwell’s “rulers” were animals. Washington isn’t up to the level of pigs. The life -forms inside the beltway are more like the bacteria of the waste droppings of animals.

Washington: It isn’t a swamp. It is a sewer ripe with Political Power

The newly released report that Andrew McCabe would not be charged is noted, not because it was unexpected, but because it was. (Top Mueller prosecutor: DOJ starting new investigation into James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok – 02-14-20)

Broadcast date April 16, 2018

When the first president George was around, the name Washington stood like a beacon of integrity. Honesty, within the limits of fallen man, carried its name to the heights of dignity. Now it is a ten-letter word with an eponymous meaning of a four-letter one.

Now, and no surprise here, McCabe is freed from a charge that has sent others to jail and financially ruined others. The verminous national government laughs at the people who pay them. (NEW: Federal Judge Slams Feds Over Indecision on Andrew McCabe, “This is Not a Hard Case!”)

Lisa Page, adulteress cause celebre (once this sort was called a whore), lifts a wine toast in glee to McCabe. More bureaucratic trash laughing at the people.

Note her T-Shirt. There are plenty of folks in the Senate and DOJ that would love to hear what you have to say.

The assumed vestige of political power that lies inside the Beltway

This earthy crowd gets their power and prestige (guffaw) from a so-called federal system wherein the congress of the people (another guffaw) authorizes these bums. It is like the Godfather assigning contracts to hitmen.

These 535 people pretend to be congressmen or senators, representatives of the people, while criminal courts like FISA rule like star chambers at the behest of these mobsters. This full caravan of followers sucks the lifeblood of taxpayers through bloated budgets paid for by an unconstitutional printing press.

The Constitution is, of course, no more than a joke to these people. They all swear to uphold it while most probably have never read it.

At the same time, these liars and public trough enrichers seek idiotic schemes of impeachment and long-term prison sentences for minor offenses for those whom the establishment is displeased.   (Roger Stone Becomes 6th Trump Associate Convicted Under Mueller Probe)

This goes on while racketeers like the Clintons use a political office for public enrichment and their henchmen George Soros buy offices for more corrupt state officeholders, pretending to be servants of the people enriching themselves with federal lucre provided via bloated budgets.

They feed on dishonesty and deceit. No? One of Charly Reese’s most-read columns had a line in it in 1995 about the ruling class of 545 (435+ 100 + 9+1=545) giving us a 4 Trillion-dollar debt. Now it is 22 Trillion. (545 people are responsible for the mess, but they unite in a common con – 2/3/1984)

Trashing the Bill of Rights with the rights of ideology

And this bunch of high class (or low class) pickpockets are masking their theft with so-called transgender rights, and gay rights and criminal rights and ever right these idiots can dream up save perhaps the Bill of Rights.

Of course, The Bill of Rights are God-given and don’t compare with LGBQT rights.

Meanwhile, in the wings, we have a collection of pitiful humanity ready to run to be our president. Each one stumping across this fat indebted unhappy land preaching free food, clothing, housing, education, medicine (which includes abortion, of course), money, freedom of debt.  All of which will be free, free, free.

These liars are not even deceitful—an oxymoron—the unconcealed liar’s lies. They propose theft and remain free.

Meanwhile when some attempt by a portion of the people who are still visited with sanity, and some sense of morality tries, to copy-coin a phrase, to “Make America Great Again,” they are not only attacked verbally by the slime that inhabits Washington. And none of the bad guys ever go to jail.

As Mark Steyn routinely reminds people on one venue or another, only the innocent are punished, and wrongly arrested and bankrupted for their trouble.

Political Power puts liberals above the law

And none of them go to jail. Not the Clintons, none of the crooked FBI hierarchy, nor James Clapper or John Brennan (God only knows how many of heir underlings are crooked). Andrew McCabe is the latest beneficiary of the Liberal Get out of Jail free card.

And while Roger Stone gets a 7-9-year recommended sentence by “career” prosecutors, bureaucrats such as Lois Lerner gets a nice retirement package for her vicious criminal activities of blackmailing taxpayers who dare to call themselves conservatives. (The crimes of Obama’s corrupt IRS: Contempt for America, Congress, law)

And Hillary and Bill, and even little tot Chelsea live off ill-gotten gains while Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have been bankrupted via the equally corrupt court system of indecent lawless judges. They have lost their homes, pensions, insurance – the basic comforts of life – for themselves and their wives.

And dolts on cable clown shows like MSNBC and CNN promote this indecency. silly little girls like Katie Couric from the network cabal, babble juvenile nonsense about one of the few news outlets that attempt to provide some semblance of journalistic integrity. (Katie Couric says she is ‘shocked’ by Fox News, and watching it makes her ‘crazy’ – TheBlaze)

Congressional oligarchs have created a monster of injustice.

One of their own even publicly admitted that the bureaucracy is in charge. Chuck Schumer said that the intelligence community has a six-ways to Sunday for revenge. (Schumer to Trump: Intel officials have ways to strike back)

Now, these same people need to study the history of vigilante justice. It is not as simple as a handful of drunks grabbing a rope and having a good old-fashioned lynching. Vigilantes go back as far as Genesis. And history speaks over and over: when justice fails, the next step backward is vigilantism.

We have been told as much by the little gal who is Speaker of the House that the 535 don’t need to read bills. They just need to pass them.

Well, if they don’t have time to read the bills, maybe the few that are literate should consider reading a little history—at least.



Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

Born in Mississippi, now calling Texas home, Paul H. Yarbrough is bringing his writing talents to the political arena. Yarbrough has completed three novels. He is also the humorist behind the weekly column, Redneck Diary.