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Democrats, the Electoral College, and the rule of law

Written By | Dec 21, 2016

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., December 20, 2016 — The Electoral College met yesterday, and despite the fervent hopes of Hollywood and the losing left, the electors voted for Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

All the drama from the radical left proved to be much ado about nothing, as it must be in a constitutional republic. The system still works, even after eight years of abuse.

One lesson to take from this is that the left will never give up. They view every victory as ground won, never to be surrendered; every defeat is a temporary setback to be rectified as soon as possible. Nothing can be allowed to stop the inexorable march to Utopia.

This is common knowledge to those who grew up in the era of the Soviet Union and Maoist China. They learned of Stalin’s forced collectivization and Mao’s Great Leap Forward. They know that Hitler’s genocide of 6 million, while horrible, is dwarfed by the 20 million Russians killed by Stalin or the 45 million Chinese by Mao.

That’s not taught in school any more, allowing socialists with their utopian dreams to rise out of the ash heap of history to attempt to impose their dreams once again.

Trump victory sours Hollywood’s loony left

How do revolutionaries topple a stable system to replace it with a socialist one? These socialist programs always degenerate into dictatorship and totalitarianism, which no one would knowingly vote for.

We’ve seen how in the last eight years.

Undermine the rule of law, destabilizing the system. Twist the law so that a puddle becomes the navigable waters of the United states and the law written to regulate telephones is made to regulate the internet. Blame the police every time a thief is shot. Nudge. Bully. Publicly shame.

Invalidate an election by attacking the process. The left has been gunning for the Electoral College since Al Gore lost to George Bush in 2000.

The Electoral College is one of the brilliant compromises of the Constitution. It is an acknowledgement that the several sovereign States created the federal government. It also balances the power of the large, populous states with the smaller ones. In the 1780s, New York and Virginia could have otherwise dominated the other eleven. Today, New York and California could. In the election, Trump was ahead in the overall vote totals until California. Does anyone (outside California) really want that state deciding for the other 49?

Under the original Constitution, the people directly elected only the House of Representatives; the Senate was appointed by the States and the president was elected by electors chosen in the same proportions as the states and the people are represented in Congress. There was never any notion of the president being elected by popular vote.

Electoral College nonsense over, Trump-Santa Claus Rally resumes

The whole idea of the popular vote is a fiction created by the left and funded by George Soros. His National Popular Vote organization seeks to convince states to give up the power and influence given to them by the Constitution. They have been moderately successful—especially with Democratic-leaning blue states.

What’s new this election cycle is their attempt to get individual electors to change their votes.

It worked somewhat in blue states. One-third of the Washington electors didn’t vote for Hillary, instead choosing to accept a $1000 fine. In other states, faithless electors were ruled out of order or replaced. The result was that Donald Trump actually increased his Electoral College margin.

What did the left hope to gain by this stunt?

Anyone truly concerned about the outcome listens to far too much left-stream media. Worst case, had the election been thrown into the House of Representatives, could anyone imagine Trump not being elected?

That was perhaps not why the left took this approach. Certainly, some believe in the popular vote mythology and others just couldn’t accept the outcome psychologically. Those who are setting the strategies on the left play the long game. They were seeking precedent. Today a few; tomorrow maybe enough to swing an election.

It didn’t work.

Yes, in Washington State, four electors ignored the will of the voters and voted the way they pleased. (This, by the way, must be what the left means by “democracy.”) But there was a price to pay. Those electors will likely never again get the chance to act out as they did yesterday and if it happens again, the voters through the legislature may well tighten the laws.

A second lesson to learn is that for the left, the only thing that matters is winning. For them, the ends do justify the means and all is fair in love and war. For them, this is all-out war. Lose the contest? Challenge the rules. It’s like a certain notorious tennis player who threw his racquet and shouted at the judges, challenging every call.

Americans in a majority of states got tired of politicians not playing by the same rules as everyone else. They got tired of Democrats and establishment Republicans, too, telling them how to live and how to think. They elected an outsider to restore the rule of law and drain the swamp.

So far, he shows every sign that he’s going to do so.

Al Maurer

Al Maurer is a political scientist and founder of The Voice of Liberty. He writes on topics of limited government and individual rights.