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Democrats smear Kavanaugh: Lynch mob saddles up

Written By | Sep 19, 2018
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Top Image: Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Fox News screen capture.

WASHINGTON, DC: With the onslaught of sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh from the repressed memory of Democrat activist pawn Dr. Christine Ford the media frenzy of character assassination from this 11th hour act of desperation has been unleashed. The lynch mob of Democrats and their media cronies are lighting torches and saddling up for the hanging.

These are memories Dr. Ford repressed from the early 1980’s until 2012, that emerged only after Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Court of Appeals. In vague and changing recollections to her husband and therapist, she recounted memories of an episode she claimed happened 30 years ago.

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Dr. Christine Fords repressed memories

Only she doesn’t know where the party was. She doesn’t remember when the party was. She doesn’t even remember what year it happened. Sounds less than convincing.

She doesn’t remember the house or every other crucial detail about the evening. How she got there? Who was she there with? Was she drinking? How much did she drink? Was there drug use at the party? What was she doing there?

How did she know it was Brett Kavanaugh? Do any of us remember the names of the people you went to high school with thirty-seven years ago? Would you be able, with pinpoint accuracy to, say who and what was done at a party that many years ago?

Assuming this happened, why didn’t she tell her friends? Why is her recall not consistent? Most people would remember significant details about a traumatic incident.

However, she is dead sure that Brett Kavanaugh and his buddy Mark tried to rape her.  No other details stand out. She has no verification. No one, not her mother or a friend, was told at the time. She can’t remember anything else about the party.

Lynching Brett Kavanaugh with unprovable smears

Dr. Ford is asking us to derail the nomination to the Supreme Court of the most qualified person in modern times, with a clear record of empowering women. A man with a completely unblemished record for 30 years. Kavanaugh is a judicial star on the bench.  A force of nature.

A man who mentored female law clerks throughout his tenure. A devoted husband who coaches his daughter’s soccer team. Judge Kavanaugh is a man whom every woman who has known him since he was a teenager, except Dr. Ford, speaks glowingly of. Unreservedly. Without exception.

With no evidence, and a prominent political motivation, Democrats have shown the extent to which they are willing to debase the political process.

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Democrat sewage, treachery, and hypocrisy

Diane Feinstein had this letter for months. It could have been brought up at any time, in two days of televised public testimony, or in the 95 private meetings Kavanaugh had with Senators.  Anytime since July, when she first received it.

It certainly should have been shared with her colleagues, in both parties. It absolutely never came up in Kavanaugh’s six previous exhaustively grueling FBI background checks.

So to bring it out at the last minute, with such lack of substantiation, with media leaks, reeks of political sewage. There is nothing Democrats will not stoop to with this good and decent man to try to destroy him and brand him a sexual predator. This leftist smear campaign is unconscionable.

So let me get this straight. The party that venerates serial rapist Bill Clinton, and whose Vice Chairman, Congressman Keith Ellison, is accused of abusing his live-in girlfriend is visciously propagating this ongoing smear campaign against Kavanaugh. All in the name of political vengeance.

Dr. Christine Ford and the perils of taking the stage

Professor Ford is now set to take the world stage on Monday, for the glare of worldwide media to hear her story. Right now it appears she isn’t planning on showing up. That speaks volumes.

Her lawyer, and prominent media spokesperson, Debra Katz,  was an integral player in helping Hillary Clinton cover-up and denigrate the women involved in the Bimbo eruptions of the Bill Clinton era.

She is heavily involved in a George Soros funded anti-Kavanaugh group. Dr. Ford’s lawyer’s commitment to partisan Democrat politics is evident, and sadly, so is that of her client.

Professor Ford risks a great deal in stepping in front of the cameras Monday. Chances are she will disappoint her Democrat handlers, and horrify the American public.

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Student evaluations of Dr. Christine Ford paint a vengeful picture

If the comments of her students in her college classes are any clue, she will not come off as an engaging, sympathetic person. Instead, they speak repeatedly of vengeful, demeaning, antisocial, angry, unhinged behavior.

“The worst professor I have ever had,” said one past student. Others warn of getting on her wrong side. Another talks about being afraid of her.

She risks damaging her own image irreparably, even more so than she has done already.  The Democrats risk more than that. More than consequences of the apparent unfairness to Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

What this says about the Democrat Party

Worse than the accusations being made in such an irresponsible and visciously political fashion. The worst of this entire episode is what this means about the Democrat Party as a whole. What it says about the whole process.  How shameful that process has become.

Democrats want to block Kavanaugh so much that they will openly smear him with unprovable accusations. Not only unprovable but laughable.

A man is to have his life destroyed because someone with a pronounced political motivation is willing to invent accusations, or implicate him in allegations, or worse still, be paid to invent accusations that will potentially destroy everything he ever worked for.

Red Wave: The coming Republican – GOP Midterm Election Victory

Democrats miscalcuation

Democrats have miscalculated the effect this will have on this  fall’s mid-term elections. They have used this playbook far too often. Clarence Thomas rightly described his confirmation hearings as a modern day lynching.

Democrats smeared the reputation of the first black man on the Supreme Court since Thurgood Marshall 30 years ago, and they are doing it again today to Brett Kavanaugh.

Any reasonable person will be disgusted by their tactics. I don’t see how this helps them in the 2018 midterms. The war on women and white supremacy seems to be the only thing they have.

Their tactics against Judge Kavanaugh, and the constant repetition of accusations of misogyny and racism towards  the American public are revolting.  I think people see that. There is simply no level to which they will not stoop. I think the voting public understands that too.

Good for the Gander: Kamala Harris, Cory Booker,  Pocahontas

This from the party that coddled Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. The party that ignores, belittles, and shuns Keith Ellison’s extremely credible accuser.

Now they are eagerly saddling up the horses to lynch Brett Kavanaugh. Smear him with horrific unfounded accusations, without regard for the impact on his family, or the integrity of the country.

They had better be careful. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker may soon find that the same standards of innuendo and smear may apply to them.

What kind of porn do they watch? Who have they had affairs with in their lifetimes?  What nasty habits lurk in their closest? One needs to look no further than Gavin Newsome and Keith Ellison for hypocrisy on a stick when it comes to impropriety with women.

The whole process of service to the American people has become so impossibly demeaning, its a wonder anyone is willing to go through it. If Dr. Ford testifies, she had better hope she is a credible witness. The glare of public testimony is a keen revealer of the underlying truth.

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Dr. Christine Ford’s credibility as a witness

My understanding of her functionality would suggest that she may have a lot more problems than we may be aware of. Her political motivations may be a lot deeper than they appear. She may end up looking like a bitter partisan hack.

The diabolical nature of this entire smear campaign is obvious, like a greasy shower of maliciously salacious, unfounded, unprovable lies.  The rollout and the media storm is all too reminiscent of Anita Hill.

At the time, Mary Jo Kopechne’s unpunished killer, Senator Edward Kennedy, railed about decency and condemned Judge Thomas. Modern Democrat dogma today embraces Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, and Harvey Weinstein, but lashes out to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

The Unambiguous defense of Kavanaugh by women who know him

Judge Kavanaugh denies it happened. Completely. Unambiguously. His high school friend Mark Judge, who is being pulled into the sordid affair, denies it ever happened.

Every woman Brett Kavanaugh has ever known, gone out with, or worked with in his entire life has come to his defense. Eagerly. Consistently. Overwhelmingly.

They defend him without question or reservation.

So, in the end, it will come down to whom you believe. Everyone else who has ever known Brett Kavanaugh, or this one person, Dr. Christine Ford,  who says he did something that every other person who has ever known him insists he would never do, or could ever be capable of doing.

Barack “Coup d’Etat” Obama: The gift that keeps on giving

The smear is in. The damage is done. Who cares about the truth. The only saving grace is that he will be confirmed at some point later this month. Regardless, he will be forever scarred by the accusation, as Clarence Thomas has.

We as Americans have been scarred by this process, because it is unjust. It is a mockery. And the reaction from the voting public will not please those who made a circus of these proceedings.

The lynching of Brett Kavanaugh by Diane Feinstein and her Democrat cronies will backfire on Democrats, with both women and independents.

You do no good for the cause of women’s safety when you bring forward such flimsy, politically motivated charges in such a devious visciously political fashion. It isn’t right.

Its all about the 2018 Midterms

This is all about 2018 mid-terms. To charge up the base over Roe vs. Wade.  All a part of the ongoing repetitive Democrat game plan, year after year. Racist accusations and fear mongering about abortion, the supposed war on women, and white supremacy. Just like in every other election for the last 10 years.

It is not new, and it is not going to work.

It didn’t work in 2016, or 2014. Not even in 2010. It is both sad and pathetic that Democrats keep doing it. Over and over. It’s sickening.

Moreover, it is demeaning. To them and the American public. Voters are smarter than that. The American public is smarter than that. It is all so pathetically desperate.

It won’t be Brett Kavanaugh that ultimately pays the price for these Democrat smear tactics, although what he and his family are being put through at the moment is unconscionable.

Donald J. Trump and a record number of SCOTUS appointments

The Supreme Court was a major factor in the election of Donald Trump in 2016. There will be a  backlash against Democrat smear tactics from mainstream voters in swing districts, from women and independents, and from all Americans concerned with fairness.

The entire issue cannot help but will energize Trump supporters, who will surprise pundits and pollsters as they swamp the 2018 Midterm elections with near-Presidential turnout.

By then Brett Kavanaugh will be Justice Kavanaugh.  Trump Republicans will be celebrating a major victory at the polls. And President Trump can then look forward to appointing Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s replacement.

L.J. Keith

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