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Fools, hacks, and liars: Democrats out to destroy America via Pres. Trump

Written By | Oct 3, 2019
Pres. Trump, President Trump, Liberals, Liars, Hacks, Fools

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WASHINGTON: Democrat’s obsession to impeach and destroy President Trump is corrupt. Corruption is a disease. Politics is corrupt. Ergo, politics is a disease.  There is no known vaccine for politics apart from volunteer service without pay. That cure leads to aristocracy and as per Aristotle, to oligarchy.

Shrieks for Destroying President Trump, are not really anti-Trump, they are anti-America

Democrats are anti-people. Those people who are sick of the oligarchy of political trash entrenched in their Washington money bin. A bin filled from the wallets of the people who elected Donald Trump.

However, the liberal Democrat shriekers don’t hate Trump as much as they hate those who put him in office.

They cannot bear their money bin being guarded by a man who is non-political by nature. He hasn’t their disease. So, they take it out on him, and America, through an ongoing impeachment assault.

Political fools, hacks and liars

It is not simply the vanguard of political hacks, fools and liars such as Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Gerald Nadler, Chuck Schumer or the so-called “Squad” (more appropriately, the Squalid); it is what had been captured in contemporary jargon as the Deep State. This includes the other guys such as Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and of course the gutless yellow-back spies in the White House.

With few exceptions, all are afflicted with the disease of politics.

Abortion Politics and the Progressive Left destruction of America

The Washington so-called Deep State is diseased and decadent. Spies, Lies, wealth from the public trough and free public relations from the media (not to be confused with reportage journalism) permeate so-called civil servants. Allowing the media to control the citizens of an American empire.

In 1787, this empire is a federated republic. Then, via force by bloodletting in 1861-1865, turning into a national democracy. All the while relegating the states to no more than counties. Now our republic is nothing less than a bureaucracy of money-grubbers and bureaucrats.

The Roman Empire flourished as a republic. It fell into corruption, decadence and finally destroyed itself as an empire. Democrats and liberals, the political fools, hacks, and liars that permeate our halls of congress and the fourth estate of journalism, are working tirelessly to do as they did in ancient Rome.

Politicians for the greater public good, or greater personal gain?

Almost without exception, most who run for political office, as well as their appointees, smile, and preen for the aforementioned media with lies of “I just want to serve.” No one stands up and says “I want to Destroy America.”

With idiotic civil rights laws and a national voting rights laws, all passed in the name of “all men are created equal” we see wretched bureaus like the CIA, FBI, a litany of cabinet-level tax-soaking offices running the lives of the citizens while smiling into cameras with phony dictums of having served the people.

More like serving the bureaucracy with the people’s purse.

And the service of most of these departments are not allowed by the constitution nor for the most part, do they perform the service for which they advertise.

As an example, The Department of Energy finds no energy source. The Education Department teaches no one. The agriculture Department grows nothing (but debt). The Commerce Department does not engage in commerce. They simply provide jobs for bureaucratic servants.

In the meantime, the corrupt (remember Lois Lerner) IRS squeezes every dollar it can from the people to pay for these bastardized bureaus. And if it can’t get it all, another monstrous unconstitutional buzz-saw, The Federal Reserve (it isn’t a bank) will print whatever the government needs and the people can just pay through devalued dollars via inflation.

Lois Lerner hijacks the IRS, fails America

It isn’t Donald Trump who they really want to run out of office. It is the “basket of Deplorables” who elected him hoping they could cure the disease. However, if they get him, they get the Deplorables. And they might. This disease of politics is like the black death. And politics goal is to Destroy America.

Once there were people who would pray for a solution, as did Benjamin Franklin offered at the Constitutional Convention. But not today. The deep state and its all-wise judges have decreed a wall exists between them and God.

If the British ever get around to burning Washington again, it’ll be curious to see if anyone calls the fire department. Don’t count on the Deplorables.

Pres. Trump, President Trump, Liberals, Liars, Hacks, Fools, Obama, Washington Burns

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