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Democrats next hoax “Donald Trump is too crazy to be president.” (Crazy like a fox)

Written By | Feb 10, 2020
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Nancy Pelosi tears up President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address. CNN screen capture.

CHARLOTTE, NC:  As Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, sees it, the next gambit by the Democrats in their on-going never-ending quest to rid the country of Donald Trump will be to claim that the president needs to be measured for a straitjacket because he’s “too crazy to be president.”

The observations were implied by Speaker of the House and “Jacqueline the Ripper”, Nancy Pelosi, who said on the day following Trump’s State of the Union address that “he looked to me like he was a little sedated” during the speech.

Apparently Ms. Pelosi, who by the way, was sitting BEHIND the president, was too busy doing her own 90-minute impersonation of “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” to realize that it was she who looked like a reject from an open casting call for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

In professional sports when a team keeps losing the solution is simple; fire the manager and move on.

However, in Washington, the mantra seems to be to just keep banging your head against the same wall over and over and over again. And while you’re in the process, be sure to explain that your opponent is the one who is crazy.

Anyone who watches the Democrat’s debates, which resemble replays of the barroom scene from Star Wars, already knows that there is an ample supply of Fruit Loops in their own party without ever challenging the opposition.

How bad is it? Even former Bill Clinton strategist James Carville is going viral with dire warnings to his party.

Not to worry however, because Democrat’s perpetually petulant political Pollyanna, Nancy Pelosi, says it’s the president who should be a candidate for the nuthouse rather than the White House.

Difficult as it may be to believe Pelosi’s posse and her ever-so willing media advocates somehow, after all this time, still don’t “get it.”

Still your President

For the moment at least, so long as Donald Trump is at the helm of the ship of state, the president is going to keep right on defeating his Democrat enemies at their own game because he wrote the strategies down in the ship’s log himself. Then he perfected them by using them in real-world applications rather than in the vacuum of a theoretical Fantasyland world.

It’s almost like watching a long drawn out real-life Roadrunner cartoon to the extent that if the Democrats weren’t so downright dastardly and dishonest, you could almost feel sorry for them. That would then make them truly frightening, however, because then they would clutch and claw-like a wounded animal for each and every ounce of survival.

Trump’s unique ability to keep his foes divided, in disarray and confused about what he will do next is a masterstroke. While Democrats continue to internally pummel each other in debate after debate and the endless trite “symbolic” photo op imagery of Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, who is equally childish with his own set of playground antics at times, relentlessly stokes the ashes of the burning tactical Democrat playbook serving to increase the intensity that already fuels the flames of their hatred.

Remember the scenes of Pelosi and her “gang” of misfits marching through streets of Washington carrying an oversized gavel? Or what about her little pen passing party following the signing of the Articles of Impeachment?

Certainly, nobody missed the tearing up of the State of the Union address.

It’s all part of Pelosi’s modus operandi. It’s showtime. Political gamesmanship.

Conservatives fighting back – finally

With the proliferation in recent years of sources for conservative rebuttal combined with 24/7 cable news outlets, what is truly confounding is why Democrats and liberal media cannot get used to the idea that their age-old tried and true methods of the past no longer work as they did before.

Americans have become increasingly politically savvy.

Some analysts say that Trump possibly never saw Pelosi reach out to shake hands with him prior to the SOTU on Tuesday. Many have gone so far as to justify the president’s reaction by saying that he didn’t shake Vice President Pence’s hand either.

There have been other interpretations as well, but one that has not been suggested is that the president knew exactly what he was doing and Pelosi took the bait “hook, line and sinker.”

Just remember, if Robert Spencer is correct and Democrats choose to play the “crazy card” next, chances are that the Mad Hatter in the White House will win once again. If Donald Trump is crazy, then he’s “crazy like a fox.”
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