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Democrats, the McCarthyite Media, and the Ghost of Baghdad Bob

Written By | Mar 10, 2018
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Ghosts of Baghdad Bob

 WASHINGTON, D.C. March 10, 2018. – For the last 18 months the broad swath of the Democrat Party and the mainstream media have engaged in a McCarthyite smear campaign accusing President Trump of treason. Let’s not mince words. That’s what they are accusing him of.  Colluding with the Russians as Putin’s “Manchurian Candidate”. And it all began with the Obama White House.

The President, they scream, is hopelessly caught up in treasonous conduct, compromised by insane business dealings and nude photos with prostitutes. This non-stop onslaught of character assassination hasn’t been seen since Joe McCarthy and the Hollywood blacklists.

But now we know differently.

McCarthyite political conspiracy sedition and treason

Now we know that the only collusion with the Russians was between the Russians and Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and Foreign Agent Christopher Steele.  Also playing in the Red Swamp were The Podesta Group, Tony Podesta, The Obama White House, The State Department, the FBI, and Senior levels of the Justice Department.

Now we know that fake Kremlin documents and Russian dossier were paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Hillary and the DNC hired Fusion GPS, who hired foreign agent Christopher Steele.

Mr. Steele purchased unverified salacious disinformation from KGB and Kremlin sources. He then used it to form a series of documents that were funneled directly to the top levels of the FBI and Justice Department.

Former President Obama’s silent Coup d’Etat conspiracy unraveling

Not content to stack the deck with planted KGB documents, Clinton State Department officials and Clinton crony Sydney Blumenthal funneled their own information to Steele. Steele then willingly included it in the stream of fake, unverified documents he turned in to the FBI.

That same stream of information was under surveillance and encouragement  by Obama White House officials, who, KGB, Stassi, Mafia-style, conspired to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump.

McCarthyite Abuse by Obama White House of FISA Courts

They took the information they knew to be false, paid for by political opponents, from Russian KGB Kremlin sources. In a calculated conspiracy meant to undermine the integrity of the Constitution, they then used that false information to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

When Trump was elected they then spied on the Trump transition team and the new President of the United States. All the while they leaked information to friendly media outlets to smear Trump and portray him as a Russian stooge.

For 18 months Democrats and the media have been accusing Donald Trump of treason. But the real treason has come from the Obama White House and an octopus of co-conspirators.

Ordinarily, when one accuses someone of treason, you have the evidence in hand. You don’t make the accusation and then pursue the investigation to see if you can justify your accusation.

Yet that is exactly what has happened. There is a name for that.

It’s McCarthyism.

McCarthyite Criminal Treason – from Hillary to the Obama White House

On the other hand, there is ample, significant, openly incriminating information of the Obama White House, Justice Department, FBI, and State Department actively conspiring to use the organs of government, the intelligence agencies, and the courts to destroy Donald Trump.

Of course, they were sure they would get away with it. And then Hillary lost.

It is at this point that criminal activity became ratcheted up to open sedition and treason.

The fall of the House of Clinton

John Brennan, James Clapper, Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, James Comey, Sally Yates, Samantha Powers and others unmasked Trump associates over 300 times. They leaked wiretaps to the media illegally, set up Michael Flynn, and engaged in open warfare against the elected President of the United States.

A year ago these claims were  a laughable mockery. Now we know the largest major media entities in journalism were openly complicit in a McCarthyite smear campaign. A campaign whose only design is to destroy the Trump presidency.

Now we know that Trump was wiretapped. We also  know the judiciary was corruptly used. Judges were lied to. Political opponents were spied on.

McCarthyite collusion of the mainstream media with the Obama White House

But what is the response from media? Where is the coverage.

How is it that an outgoing lame duck President can use the levers of power in such an openly criminal fashion, and the media looks the other way.

For Democrats to continue to belabor this discredited fruit of a poison tree is blasphemous to everything the republic stands for.  For the media to act like its okay is Orwellian.

But then the Obama administration had already used the IRS to destroy tea party groups, and no one was accountable.
They conspired in a criminal manner to clear Hillary Clinton of compromising national security. She conspired with her cronies at the DNC to rig the primaries and tried to rig the general election.

Third World style McCarthyite corruption of the system by the Obama White House

In the biggest crime of all, they were using the intelligence agencies of the government to crush their political opposition. Like some Third World dictatorship.

Any attempt, by any President, to spy on the nominee of the opposing party is crypto-fascist and Stalinist by definition.

To do so with such flimsy excuses, to lie to the courts, to continually and criminally undermine an incoming President is an open act of war on the constitution.

It’s not right. It’s corrupt. And it’s anti-constitutional.

It destroys every sense of the meaning of truth and justice that America may have ever stood for.

McCarthyite media stooges of John Brennan and the Obama White House

But for the media to be complicit is beyond excusable. It has rendered the establishment media irredeemably damaged. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, CNN and dozens of journalists were actively complicit in an unconstitutional attack on a Presidential candidate.

They were bought and paid for. Stooges of John Brennan.

The only thing a journalist has is his credibility as an honest broker. When they actively participate in a McCarthyite smear campaign they know is false, and politically motivated, then they are actively destroying the fourth estate and acting more like a fifth column.

Hillary Clinton invokes a “New McCarthyism” against Trump

McCarthyite criminal treason – a Reckoning is coming

Because a reckoning is coming. A series of Grand Juries are going to be empaneled.

Democrats can bray at Devin Nunes. They can deny the obvious fact that FISA Courts were a means to spy on Donald Trump.  To destroy and try bring about his demise.  The evidence is incontrovertible.

At this point you are either a truth-teller, or a total damnable liar.  And co-conspirator.

Because the Justice Department inspector general’s report on Hillary Clinton’s “exoneration” is about to come out. It is almost certain to be cutting, explosive, and had better be the unvarnished truth.

A separate investigation into FISA abuses will begin under the same office.

McCarthyite Obama White House treason conspiracy unraveling

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is confirming that a series of investigations into national security leaks and the “unmasking’ of Trump associates is underway.

When a grand jury is empaneled in these cases there will be indictments.

When Andrew McCabe, James Comey, John Brennan, Ben Rhodes,  Samantha Powers, and Valerie Jarrett are under arrest and frog-marched before the media, they will have to cover it.

Even CNN.  Rachel Maddow. Joe and Mika.

The IG report, the criminal referral on Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele, the unmasking and leaking of classified intercepts.

There will be a reckoning.

McCarthyite smear campaign – The Ghost of Baghdad Bob

At the end of the Iraq war, Saddam Hussein’s information minister, Baghdad Bob, stood on the steps of a palace in Baghdad surrounded by Media and cameras.  He loudly declares that the Americans have not entered Baghdad. They are being  being routed by Saddam’s forces.

This lie, so openly blatant, earned him the moniker Baghdad Bob.

This is a harsh lesson for the media, for the New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN. It is an indictment of the media at large. At long last, their McCarthyite smear tactics are in the open.

Because we don’t believe you anymore. We don’t trust you anymore.  You actively hide the truth.

You, dear media and Democrats, are co-conspirators in a deadly and unconstitutional game of sedition and treason.

Sorry, you lost the election. It doesn’t mean you get to tear up the constitution. You are the ghost of Baghdad Bob. Not to be given any level of trust. Openly lying. Openly biased.

No one believes you anymore.

The truth is coming out and you were on the other side. You’ll have to cover events when the indictments come.  You’ll have to pay attention to the IG Report.

By then it will be too late for you. You are discredited.

We don’t need you anymore.

L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.