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The Democrats irrational spin on illegal immigration

Written By | Jan 23, 2018

SAN DIEGO, January 23, 2018:  Much misinformation about DACA and other current related immigration discussion dominates the news, to the point where Democrats temporarily shut down the funding of our government over this tiresome discussion.

For this reason, some clarity is in order.

Five Points about Illegal Immigration to consider

The 5 points below will look obvious to any thinking person, but they need to be reviewed and clarified in the wake of the many attempts to camouflage the obvious.

1) A person can support immigration without supporting illegal immigration.

This has absolutely nothing to do with race inasmuch as many LEGAL citizens who immigrated from other countries, including Hispanic countries, are very much against ILLEGAL immigration.

It is so predictable and so disgustingly dishonest, when certain pundits with an amnesty agenda (far beyond dreamers, and often in favor of sanctuary cities) come on TV, paste that obligatory, smug smile on their faces, and begin with, “Well, Sean, America is a nation of immigrants. Immigration is a proud part of our country’s history.”

Very informative! We already know that. We already agree with that. And what’s more; YOU already know that we agree! The problem is your slight-of-hand attempt to conflate LEGAL with ILLEGAL immigration.

DACA and immigration under the Trump agenda

2) You can be in favor of present Dreamers, but not want a new generation of dreamers

One can be in favor of allowing the “dreamers” to stay in our country and at the same time, express concern that this problem does not repeat itself in the future. That does not make a person compassionless. It makes a person wise; wise enough to understand that a country without borders is no longer a country.

America can be generous and America can provide a pathway to citizenship for those who embrace our ideals.

In that vein, people can be in favor of a wall and in favor of discontinuing chain migration despite Dick Durbin’s shameless insinuation that the term “chain migration” is racist. He knows what Trump means when the term is used. He also knows what the term means in general. We are simply saying that allowing a “dreamer” to stay does not give automatic entitlement to Auntie, Uncle, and cousin! Where would it end?

Every human being is related to somebody and those people are in turn related to others. Durbin understands all of this. Durbin may be a posturing politician who says stupid things but that does not mean he is stupid. It just means he’s hoping there are a lot of stupid people out there listening to him.

Paul Krugman is wrong about DACA’s impact on America

3) Allowing the “dreamers” to stay without over-glorifying them.

First of all, it’s a misplaced name when designated to only s specific group of people. Many other individuals in our country are also dreamers in the sense that they too, dream of a better life. Living in the country legally does not make you less of a dreamer.

Democrats and RINO Republicans would have us believe that virtually every “dreamer” is a military war hero. Or a medical researcher on the verge of curing cancer. However, many of them are living average lives. They are our neighbors.

Then there are those, a statistically small portion, that are committing heinous crimes and joining gangs.

While it is common for the Left to quickly scold any person who would paint every “dreamer” with one broad stroke, such as conflating criminal dreamers with law-abiding dreamers, it is just as disingenuous to paint all dreamers as wonderful, virtuous and accomplished.

Some are. Some are not. It is just that simple.

Paul Krugman is wrong about DACA’s impact on America

4) Time to hold “dreamers” to a certain level of accountability.

Maybe it was not their fault that they were brought into the country as children but many of them are adults now. Sympathetic as their situation may be, the adult “dreamers” have been aware for quite some time that they are here illegally and they should have taken steps to become citizens.

5) For Democrats, its voters not Dreamers they care about

One can also be in favor of letting the “dreamers” stay but still call into account the dishonest motives of those who speak most passionately about them.

Democrat politicians talk about “diversity” and “compassion” when in fact they are interested in a brand new, grateful voting block of people who just received amnesty.

In the meantime, they are behind sanctuary cities and legislation that would forbid asking for I.D. at the voting booth, both to ensure they have a voting block of people who have not yet received amnesty.

When Democrats put this issue on the forefront, even to the point of shutting down the government funding, it is despicable.

From Durbin to Schumer, Democrats dangerous game of abstract-distract:

Returning U.S. land back to Mexico

And let us not forget organizations such as La Raza, who believe California, Texas, Arizona and other states should be returned to Mexico. They sell their agenda to the P.C. suckers by hiding the game plan, like a Trojan Horse, inside words such as the tired, overused “diversity” and “compassion.”

Listen carefully to most people in favor of extending DACA and you will find very little interest in border security or eliminating chain migration all together.

Already, we are hearing that the “dreamers” should at least be able to keep their parents in the country. I hope you’re catching this brilliant circular logic! The argument begins by saying,

“Let’s not punish the poor dreamers! After all, they didn’t choose to come here illegally. Their parents did. Don’t punish the kids for what the parents did!”

And now, they continue with:

“The poor parents, being separated from their kids. They should be able to stay too.”

Those who support the deportation of illegal aliens are not Politically Correct. For many, the response to the charge is simply, “I don’t care.”

Some claim the term “illegal” is not appropriate. It is appropriate because it’s accurate. Let’s speak the actual truth once in a while. It is the person who does not want to call situations for what they truly are, who speaks volumes.

This is Bob Siegel, making the obvious, obvious.


About the Author:

Bob Siegel is a weekend radio talk show host on KCBQ and a regular CommDigiNew columnist. His novel “The Dangerous Christmas Ornament” is a 2017 “Distinguished Favorite” of the Independent Press Award and the New York City Big Book Award. The book is also listed by About Read as one of the Top 30 Recommended Action Adventure Books for 11-Year-Olds!



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